carbon lining tech
carbon lining tech

Weed Odor Eliminator - The Guide to Carbon Lining Technology

What is carbon lining tech and how does it help hide the smell of weed?

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Laurel Leaf on Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

carbon lining tech

The days of being uncomfortable under curious stares due to the apparent smell of cannabis are about to be over.

Have you heard about RYOT's odor-proof cases and bags for transporting cannabis while traveling or strolling? If you haven't, sit tight and prepare to be blown away.

RYOT recently launched its smell-proof carbon-based bags and cases, which are perfect for moving, shipping, or delivering cannabis and the necessary delivery devices for interstate or intrastate travel. These cases literally keep the smell from filtering out. These cases and bags are ideal for moving cannabis without drawing weird looks. They are also perfect for holding cannabis in vehicles. For instance, if the police flag you down, there's no way they'd be able to detect cannabis in the car unless they have other reasons to search.

Cannabis has a distinct odor that makes it stand out anywhere. On a typical day, the only reason a person would be unable to smell the telltale scent of cannabis is if they have issues with their sense of smell. Cannabis lovers could be about to have a new normal. Ryot's ingenious innovation using carbon lining tech is about to make the telltale aroma of cannabis non-existent. It only works if the cannabis is stored within the bags or cases. It won't stop the noticeable detail from being evident if you're smoking or using the cannabis product.


Ryot's smell-proof Bags and Cases

The production of these carbon-lined cases and bags was made possible with the latest technological equipment for neutralizing and trapping odors. These cases are ideal for cannabis and narcotic products. The designs of these bags and cases are trendy. And they can be used to move everything needed to smoke or light a blunt without drawing unwanted stares or attention.

In all sincerity, RYOT's carbon-lined cases are the best solution to stop smelling like you just arrived from a jazz music concert. You can purchase their brand's signature bags if you live with people who are uncomfortable with sitting in a house that smells like a skunk. Or you could just buy it to discreetly store your cannabis stash without compromising its quality and longevity.


Carbon Lining Technology

Carbon, commonly known as charcoal, is currently the latest raw material being utilized to neutralize odors. Not only is carbon used to mask the smell, but it is also used for its nourishing and detoxing properties. In the past year, it has been added to day-to-day products like face masks and toothpaste. Some even add a sprinkle of this power to their morning drinks.

The science behind these ideas is that carbon or charcoal is a super absorbent compound or material that soaks up unwanted smells and materials. They are capable of effectively removing odors from the home and surrounding area.


How This Works

Carbon has many small holes, which makes it porous. The tiny spaces soak up and trap odors regardless of whether they stink or not. The material is crushed and used to coat the inner parts of bags and cases. This way, whatever material is placed within the bags loses its smell after being locked in for about 60 minutes. The bigger the size of the products, as well as the stronger the scent, the more time it would take for them to lose their scent.

Put in mind that the flowers are not to be put directly in the bags. It would be best if you first stored them safely in airtight bags before placing them within the carbon-lined bags. This way, the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of the flowers will not be compromised. RYOT '


SmellSafe Carbon Series

The bags and cases in this line are extensively padded with carbon fiber. In addition to the carbon lining, the producers incorporated a weather-proof fabric and a moisture-sealing zipper to help prevent moisture, weather, or dust from penetrating the bags.

The exterior shell material prevents air from entering or escaping the bag. This means the scents of products kept within the bags cannot escape into the surrounding areas. Moreso, when the bags are opened, very little or no smell gets released.

The Smellproof carbon series also includes a line of pipe and vape cases suitable for cannabis enthusiasts who use different delivery methods to consume their cannabis. The Ryot team says they are committed to providing bags that can discreetly hold cannabis while maintaining style at the same time.


Why You Need a Smellproof Bag?

No one wants to walk around smelling like what they are about to smoke. These smell-proof courier bags are durable and sleek. With them, you can be confident that your smokables and gear are protected. They come in different sizes, perfect for large and smaller smoke cases. Breakable cannabis smoking equipment can be carefully transported from one area to another.

RYOT bags are not just for carrying cannabis flowers and devices. The bigger bags and cases can carry other essential equipment and clothes. Ryot says that versatility is a priority for all their bags' designs. Some of the bags can serve as backpacks as they come with straps. Non-smokers can use the bags to protect their gear and even food products.


How to Maintain Carbon-Lined Bags

Maintenance is very straightforward. The carbon-lined bags do not have to be washed constantly, nor do they have to be scrubbed with harsh soaps to maintain their pristine condition. The only action you need to take is to properly air the bags or cases about four times a year. It'll also be good for the bags to get as much sunlight as possible.


Bottom Line

Carbon lining technology is here to stay. Their smell-absorbent qualities are unlike any other technology on the market. Ryot bags, cases, and bags are long-lasting. You can keep your pot stash in premium condition till you're ready to enjoy it. For an increased level of security for your delicate stash and devices, you can purchase the hard cases in the line. These cases come in large and small sizes depending on the things to be packed. Don't worry about dark stains from the carbon materials. Carbon-lined bags and cases, specifically Ryot's smell proof line, do not leave dark stains on the stash.








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