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Cannabis Facts

20 Cannabis Facts We Swear Are True

Facts You Need To Know And Use At That Next Party

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Nov 30, 2016
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Interesting Facts About Cannabis




The most famous drug in the world, and certainly America’s favorite, has hundreds of medicinal properties and dozens of practical uses that have been known since antiquity. But did you know these interesting facts about cannabis too?



  • The very first transaction made online through e-commerce was a bag of pot. It was in 1971 when Stanford students used the Arpanet accounts at their school’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to make the first e-commerce purchase in history.


  • In Bhutan, cannabis plants are so common and prolific that the locals actually consider them as pests and aren’t smoked. Cannabis plants grow freely along the roadside, out of cracks in the pavement, wildly in the forest. Cannabis is so common in Bhutan that it’s said they’re even more common than grass itself. The cannabis is mostly used to feed livestock.


  • The 33 Chilean miners who got stuck underground were given cannabis to get high as they waited for rescue operations to complete. Smoking cannabis helped the miners relieve them from the stress of being underground for so long. Aside from cannabis, porn was also handed down to the miners.


  • Suicide rates have decreased in Colorado ever since cannabis was legalized, according to a study. The findings said, ““Our results suggest that the passage of a medical marijuana law is associated with an almost 5% reduction in total suicide rate, an 11% reduction in the suicide rate of age 20-29 males, and a 9% reduction in the suicide rate of 30-39 males.”


  • Botanically speaking, beer and cannabis are actually cousins. They both belong to a family of flowering plants called Cannabaceae.


  • The word “canvas” comes from the word “cannabis”, because in older times canvas was derived from hemp fibers.


  • Cannabis is legal in the Hermit Kingdom AKA North Korea. There are no laws about it, and usage isn’t frowned upon at all. North Korea is seen as the most conservative and strict of all the countries in the world, but we have reason to believe that its citizens actually do consume a lot of pot.




  • The first recorded use of cannabis in history was in China, and it dates back to over 4,700 years ago. Cannabis was used by Emperor Shen Nung to treat several conditions including rheumatism, malaria, and gout.


  • The first book ever published, the Gutenberg Bible, was actually printed on hemp paper. This happened in 1456, when Johannes Gutenberg first developed the printing press. Some people also believe that the Declaration of Independence was also written on hemp paper.


  • Aside from America, there are other countries in the world that are known for producing large volumes of cannabis. These include Mexico, South Africa, Paraguay, Afghanistan, and India.


  • In India, pot milkshakes known as Bhang are very popular. Bhang has been used since antiquity and is widely accepted in India. Bhang was also used as an aphrodisiac and was also used by Indian prostitutes to help them feel aroused. Anthony Bourdain is a fan of Bhang.


  • Cameron Diaz admitted to buying pot from Snoop Dogg back when she was in high school. The actress is open about her support and usage of the plant.


  • Shakespeare loved his pot. The world’s most famous poet and playwright may have even gotten some of his inspiration by toking up. Researchers from South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand analyzed 24 of Shakespeare’s tobacco pipes from his Stratfod-Upon-Avon home and discovered that 8 of them tested positive for pot residue.


  • The great astrophysicist Carl Sagan wrote about how he loved cannabis, but under a pseudonym Mr X. He wrote a book in 1971 called “Reconsidering Marijuana”. However, it was only after his death that his true identity was revealed. One of the quotes from the book says, ““The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”


  • In 1619, the Jamestown colony passed a law forcing their settlers to cultivate cannabis. Back then it was actually against the law if you didn’t grow pot. Hemp was a primary crop that was used to make ship sails, rope, and fabric.


  • You don’t need soil to grow cannabis. You can use aquaponics to successfully grow the plant, provided that you also feed them with the right nutrients. Hydroponics and aquaponics systems can be bought or even made at home.


  • Former American presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had their own hemp farms. It was a known fact that the 2 men were big fans of pot, even the smoked variety.


  • In 1976, an art student named Danny Finegood changed the Hollywood sign to read “Hollyweed”. It happened on the same day that California relaxed their cannabis laws.












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