common dabbing mistakes
common dabbing mistakes

8 Common Dabbing Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing Right Now

Dabbing Cannabis Mistakes That Are Hurting Your High

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DanaSmith on Monday Oct 29, 2018

Stop Doing These 8 Common Dabbing Mistakes

Dabbing is a fairly new way of enjoying cannabis. It’s quickly gaining popularity too; not only is an innovative way to medicate or get high, but dabbing is also very potent.


But considering how new dabbing is to most cannabis consumers, there are bound to be mistakes along the way. Dabbing can be a complex consumption method in the beginning, even overwhelming to some. However, learning about the most common mistakes and how to solve them minimizes the chances of you making these mistakes again – or ever:


  • Overloading: Using too much material will prevent the concentrate from vaporizing fast enough for heat. The more concentrate you use, the longer it takes to vaporize. This will only lead to harsh smoke, burning, wasted concentrate, and even combustion which can result in a broken nail.  Be conservative with how much concentrate you use. It is called dabbing after all – you only need a dab. Less is more when it comes to dabbing!


  • Taking a huge hit: Concentrates are leaps and bounds stronger than flower or even vapes. Even seasoned cannabis connoisseurs can easily be wiped out from the sheer potency of concentrates, so it’s no surprise that overdoing your hit is one of the most common mistakes dabbers do in the beginning. Taking too much will not result in a pleasurable experience; it might even be closer to what you would feel if you ate too many edibles and its effects set in all at the same time.  Start small and slow, and keep in mind that most concentrates contain around 93% THC!


  • Burning yourself: The nail part of the rig is what holds the concentrate. Nails are usually made of titanium, quartz, or another conducive material. The most efficient way to heat it is by using a small butane torch so that it heats the nail enough in order to vaporize the concentrate. As a result, the nail gets VERY hot. Most amateur dabbers don’t realize this, and try to remove the nail right after they take a hit – just like how you would do with a bowl. Naturally, you’ll end up cursing from the pain! Avoid touching the nail altogether.


  • Dropping the concentrate: At first, it might take some time to get used to the very sticky texture of concentrates since it’s very different from herbs. It can easily fall off your tools but by keeping in mind how much you need, you can prevent dropping it. Beginners may be tempted to rush the process to preserve the heat of the nail, but it will take a while so don’t rush it.


  • Missing the rig: This tends to happen with concentrates like shatter and crumble. Instead of dropping the dab right next to the nail, it completely misses the rig. It’s more of a hand-eye coordination problem than anything else, especially if you’re already stoned. A good dab tool can prevent this, and many other common dabbing mistakes. A good dab tool would have one scoop end and one pointed end. Just use the scoop for shatter and crumble, it would make getting the concentrate into the right place in a jiffy. A silicone dab tool will also prevent material from sticking to the tools.


  • Choking and coughing:   This is a common mistake especially when you overdo a hit. Uncontrollable coughing and choking can last for minutes, or it can last for a brief moment. The bigger the hit, the longer it would take to recover. Practice by taking smaller and slower hits; unlike a bong, you don’t have to suck as hard as possible when dabbing. Eventually, you’ll be able to get a good hit without coughing.


  • Vomiting: In some cases, your cough may be so strong that you may end up puking. It may also happen that you try to burp, which triggers your gag reflex. This tends to happen to people who have a sensitive gag reflex especially when taking a huge hit; a cough suddenly turns into a desire to expel. This can be solved by trying your best not to burp. Burping is part of swallowing, so when you swallow smoke, it irritates soft tissues and the throat and the body reacts to this with the gag reflex.


  • Dropping the rig: This might sound easier said than done, but when you have the tool, torch, rig, and concentrate in your hands all at the same time, it’s too easy for something to go wrong. And if you cough or even puke, then things can go wrong really quickly. With one swift movement, the rig can fall to the floor and break into a million pieces. However, you can prevent this by putting the rig on a table instead of holding it in your hands. Make sure that the environment you’re dabbing in is glass-friendly; place a carpet on the floor or some pillows just in case of an emergency. Try to reduce the number of times that you change hands as you dab, since most of these accidents happen when you pass the rig to someone else, since it requires attention and coordination.



All these common dabbing mistakes can pretty much be summed up in two words: be careful! Dabbing is supposed to bring you fun and joy – just try to avoid these mistakes next time!


Dabbing Cannabis Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing Right Now from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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