Dabbing Cannabis
Dabbing Cannabis

Why Dabs will Eventually become Mainstream Consumption

Dabbing Marijuana Is Not Main Stream Yet, But It Will Be

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jun 17, 2016

Why Dabs will Eventually become Mainstream Consumption

Why Dabbing Cannabis Will be the #1 Way to Consume Weed in the Future from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Dabbing is quickly becoming one of the major methods of consuming marijuana. (To find out what dabbing cannabis is and how to do it, click here )  Sure, buds are still the “all-time favorite” for most stoners, however don’t knock dabs and dab rigs quite yet. Most of the stoners of today started off smoking herb, not extracts.


In fact, most people start off with a shittily-rolled joint or a pipe when initiating their journey with Mary Jane. Nowadays, as certain states have legalized marijuana, extracts have become an appealing option.


While buds will still always be prevalent in society, I believe that dabs will become the mainstream product of the near future and below will explain my reasoning. I myself still love the smell of some sweet herb, but I have also seen the major benefits that dabbing or extracts will bring to the marketplace, especially for newbie stoners.


Less is More


When it comes to dabs, less is more! Since it’s got a high dose of THC in it, people require less of it to get the same amount of stoned as they would with a joint or a pipe. A gram of herb can last you up to three days, whereas a gram of dabs can last you between five and seven days. Obviously this is less for heavier stoners, but I’m talking about your “average Joe” here.


Because of this, the eventual price of dabs versus herb becomes cheaper than the latter. I purchase an ounce of weed and pretty much smoke it in a month however, ten grams of wax can last me several months. In both cases I consume daily, but the wax just lasts longer and gets me the same amount of high as with the ounce.




Stash Storage becomes easier


Secondly, with weed you always can run into potential problems of mold, reduction of potency over time and the smell. I once had some reefer that stank through three zip lock bags. I eventually put it into an hermetically sealed jar yet still could catch a whiff of the aroma seeping through the jar.


With wax, your required storage space becomes infinitely smaller. I keep ten grams of cannabis rosin or wax in my fridge in a small non-stick silicone case and nobody is the wiser. There is no smell coming from the container either. I can also keep the wax there for months at a time without worrying about the quality or potency of the concentrates disappearing over time.


For any stoner that likes to keep a decent supply, wax is definitely a big win!


Consumption becomes inconspicuous


With all the vape pens out there, people don’t really know when you’re vaping wax or vaping tobacco. I have walked down the streets in places where weed is absolutely illegal and taken monster hits without being noticed by anyone. People automatically assume that I’m vaping nicotine, when in reality…I’m toking on a powerful elixir from the family of Jane.


In fact, I have done extensive testing to see whether I’d make someone notice. I waxed on a bus, in front of a police station, public park, movie theater and so forth and every single time…nothing happened.


People kept on going without batting an eye.


I’m sure some other stoner was like, “Holy Shit! Someone is toking up in here” but couldn’t identify “who that person was”.


This is the beauty of waxing, it removes the stigma of smoking marijuana and places it on the same level of “vaping nicotine”.


Thus for the mainstream this becomes the crucial element that separates “smoking weed” from “smoking weed.”


For these reasons and many more, I believe that “Amber is the new Green” and that once prohibition is repealed, that this will become the mainstream way of consumption.




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