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How To Keep Your Stash Safe From Your Kids

As Adult Marijuana Use Climbs, Keeping Cannabis Safe Is a Key

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Sep 13, 2017
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How To Keep Your Stash Safe From Your Kids



While it seems like it should be common sense for tokin’ adults to keep their pot away from their kids, many parents still forget to do so. Or maybe you have ultra-clever and ultra-curious kids. Although there’s no harm if your kid ends up eating raw weed, it’s a whole other ballgame if we’re talking about edibles. After all, there really isn’t much to tell the difference between a normal brownie and a HIGHLY medicated one. Having your kids accidentally ingest a potent edible is enough to make any parent freak out and maybe even send them to the emergency room, such as what happened in Colorado.


To prevent this from happening, we’ve rounded up some tips and products that can help you be a more responsible tokin’ parent while keeping your kids safe:


  1. Use a lock and key for your closet or drawer. This is a simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective solution for making sure that your kids don’t accidentally stumble on your stash when you turn your back. Using a lock and key is especially helpful if you have older kids who might snoop around, find your stuff, and try it for themselves. If you are looking for a more portable lock, LockMed makes excellent fire-resistant lock bags that you can take anywhere. SentrySafe provides another great lock and key option; this time in the form of small chests that you can keep at home.


  1. Don’t keep edibles and paraphernalia in common areas that are frequently accessed by the family. If you have edibles, keep them far out of sight of children; it might even be in your best interest to avoid eating edibles that have to be refrigerated in order to avoid the risk of your kids discovering them in the ref. Purchase edibles that you keep in room temperature in a place that is unlikely to be discovered even accidentally. Check what your state’s requirements are for childproof packaging and go from there.


  1. Opt for novelty items that make perfect disguises. This special category of stealth items is meant to trick the eye into thinking they’re actually something else, like this genius Hidden Wall Safe developed by the US Patrol. It looks just like a regular electrical outlet that will certainly fool your kids. Just open it with a screw in the center, and the “socket” opens up with a small space perfect for hiding some bud. The Hidden Wall Safe is best attached behind a nightstand or inside a closet, anywhere a seemingly mismatched light socket won’t be noticed. Another great idea is a secret book safe which is disguised as an actual book although it’s hollow inside, creating an invisible box compartment that you can hide on your shelf. Secret Storage Books makes them, but you can also make your own hollow books at home.


  1. If you’re a serious cannasseur with a lot of paraphernalia such as big bongs, you might want to consider a safe. While heavier and more expensive than lock boxes, there are still many affordable safe options in the market. This option might be worth investing in though, especially if you’ve shelled out some cold, hard cash on your greens and a load of equipment – you’ll want to keep them out of the eyes and hands of prying kids and spend on protection. The Barska Biometric Wall Safe is one of the best safe models in the market; it’s built to be installed into your wall but its sleek design adds to the aesthetics in any room you use it in. Since it’s hidden, no one will really know it’ there. Barska Biometric Wall Safe requires a fingerprint match to open the door, so you can be assured it’s kid-proof.


  1. Don’t be dank: All your efforts to hide and disguise your weed would be futile if your teenager can detect your pot a mile away because it’s so damn dank. Do what’s necessary to ensure that the cannabis smell is masked as much as possible. All it takes is a single whiff and your secret’s been discovered. Don’t take the chance; instead, purchase odor-resistant bags such as ReeferKeeper and SmellyProof which are designed to control the smell of your pot.



What are your favorite techniques for hiding your stash from the kids? Share with us in the comments below.









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