how to tell good marijuana seeds
how to tell good marijuana seeds

The Cannabis Seed Guide - What to Look For, What to Stay Away From, Best Seeds to Start Your Grow?

What are good cannabis seeds and how do you know what to look for in a marijuana seed?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Saturday Jun 17, 2023

guide to cannabis seeds

High-quality marijuana seeds play a crucial role in nurturing thriving plants and reaping bountiful harvests. Although proper nutrition, watering, and optimal lighting are important factors that influence plant health and yield, commencing your cultivation with superior genetic strains is equally, if not more, important. You may have plenty of questions about cannabis seeds, so lets try to answer a few in this article.


So, how can you distinguish exceptional cannabis seeds from ordinary ones? This article provides you with precise guidance on identifying premium cannabis seeds, avoiding poor options, and commencing your cultivation journey on the right note.


Appearance and Texture - Assessing the Seeds' Color, Size, and Shape.

Cannabis differs from other agricultural crops like vegetables, fruits, or grains, given its lack of standardized breeding techniques that ensure consistent crops. As a result, even seeds labelled under the same "strain" can produce visually distinct plants. This variability in appearance has led some growers to believe that a seed's size, shape, or colour determines its quality.


However, we advise against considering size or shape as indicators of seed quality. Some strains naturally produce smaller seeds, and even within the same plant, seeds can vary in size and shape. It's crucial not to discard a seed simply because it appears smaller or differs in shape compared to others.

Examining the colour and texture of a seed can provide insights into its maturity and potential for successful germination and healthy seedling growth. A good guide to marijuana seed sizes and colors can be found on European cannabis seed bank sites as well.


Mature cannabis seeds generally possess a firm outer shell, which can range in colour from very dark (almost black) to light grey, sometimes exhibiting tiger-like stripes. These seeds should withstand firm pressure between your fingers without damage.


On the contrary, immature cannabis seeds are typically green and have a soft outer shell that breaks when subjected to any pressure.


It's important to note that packaging and storage processes can also impact the appearance of cannabis seeds. Sudden changes in humidity, temperature, or exposure to light may cause some seeds to appear darker or lighter, but these variations do not affect their quality.


Remember, similar to animals and other living organisms, cannabis seeds possess biological differences, even within the same strain. Hence, relying solely on physical characteristics such as larger size, roundness, or darker colour to determine seed quality is misleading. A lighter, smaller, or more oval-shaped seed can be just as high in quality as a larger, rounder, or darker one.

The Physical Features F1 Hybrid Cannabis Seeds.

F1 hybrid seeds can display a distinct appearance compared to traditional strains. When you receive a packet of F1 hybrid seeds, you may notice that the seeds appear small, slightly open, or cracked. However, there's no need to worry as this is completely normal.


F1 hybrid seeds are created by crossing two inbred lines that have undergone multiple generations of self-pollination. This process can sometimes result in inbreeding depression in the inbred lines, leading to reduced seed production and occasionally yielding small, open seeds. Nonetheless, these seeds exhibit exceptional germination rates and give rise to vigorous and healthy plants when they are germinated.

Gender of Cannabis Seeds

It is impossible to determine the gender of a cannabis seed based on its appearance alone.

If you search the web, you will come across various myths about distinguishing female cannabis seeds from males. One popular myth involves a chart that claims female seeds have a specific round depression at the bottom where they were attached to the plant, resembling a volcano.


However, this claim is entirely false. As we mentioned before, cannabis seeds naturally vary in appearance, and no single physical characteristic can indicate whether a seed will develop into a male or female plant. The only reliable way to determine the sex of a cannabis plant is by observing its flowers once it starts to show sexual characteristics. It's important not to discard perfectly healthy seeds just because an internet chart suggests otherwise.

Sourcing Your Seeds

To ensure the quality of your seeds, it is highly recommended to seek out a reputable seed bank before you buy ganja seeds. These companies prioritize their breeding expertise and ensure that customers receive precisely what has been promised. As they value their reputation, they are committed to maintaining high standards and would not compromise their image by delivering subpar products.

The Float Test

If you're uncertain about the quality of your seeds even after assessing their appearance and toughness, there's a simple test you can try. All you need is a drinking glass or glass jar filled with water, preferably spring or distilled water. Place your seeds on the water's surface and observe.


Seeds that float on the surface are likely of poor quality and should be discarded. On the other hand, seeds that sink to the bottom, like a botanical cannonball, are more likely to be healthy and suitable for germination. Keep in mind that the results of the float test may not be immediate, and you'll need to wait approximately 1-2 hours before confirming the outcome.


It's important to note that you should only conduct this test if you plan to germinate the seeds immediately. The viable seeds that sink to the bottom of the glass will have absorbed water, signalling their readiness to begin germination.


The quality of the seeds you choose plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome of your cannabis harvest. It's essential to take into consideration the tips mentioned earlier to effectively evaluate the quality of the seeds you purchase. By carefully examining the appearance, toughness and conducting additional tests like the float test, you can make informed decisions about the viability of the seeds.


However, it's crucial to understand that cannabis plants exhibit natural variations, resulting in slight differences among the seeds they produce. This natural diversity adds to the charm and uniqueness of cultivating cannabis. Each seed carries its own genetic potential, which contributes to the plant's characteristics, including aroma, flavour, potency, and growth traits.


Therefore, while it's essential to prioritize seed quality, it's equally important to embrace the inherent variability of cannabis plants. This diversity allows for exciting exploration and discovery, as you may encounter unexpected phenotypes and desirable traits within your cannabis garden. Remember to approach each seed with an open mind, appreciating the potential for variation and embracing the delightful surprises that nature offers.





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