cannabis cheese
cannabis cheese

How To Make Cannabis Cheese

Cannabis Cream Cheese You Had Me At Hello

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Mar 30, 2017

Snack on Cannabis Cheese


cannabis cheese


Eating is most likely the thing that consume the most of our time on any given day. It would be best if that time spent is focused on eating healthy snacks.  As we are creatures of habit, we often fall in a rut where we daily eat the same-old-same-old. But maybe with a little time and effort, we all can come up with amazing recipes or ideas for something different.



Now when it comes to creative cannabis recipes for snacking in between or including them as part of the meal, there is no shortage. Today I would like to look at Cannabis Cheese. In fact we will turn our scope to Cannabis Cream Cheese.



As cheese are mostly made from dairy products, for this specific venture we will us just that. As this might be the first time experimenting with making cannabis cheese yourself, it might be wise not to go too big too soon. With this in mind then, you are going to need a quart of milk, preferably whole milk. You also are going to need a cup of buttermilk and 2 – 3 grams of cannabis. Add also some lemon juice and sea salt to the equation and do not forget cheese cloth.



You could use the cannabis of your choice to make the cream cheese with. It could be a Hybrid, Indica or Sativa strain if you wanted a more up feeling. You could also play with the amount of cannabis you want to use. For the sake of this recipe, about 2 to 3 grams will be used. This would leave you with about a 4 serving block of cheese.





The first step is to grind your cannabis. Grind it not too fine, but with about a medium fine consistency. The first step then is to decarb your cannabis for about 2 hours at 220 degrees. You can cover the pan with foil if you so wish to reduce the smell a bit.



While the weed is in the oven prepare the next step, because after the decarb process, the infusing will start.



How to Infuse the Cheese – For this step a double boiler is needed. Let the water heat up to a slow boil and pour the nice lightly browned activated cannabis into the double boiler. Be sure that it doesn’t boil to high. It should be a nice and slow process.



Add about 2 cups of the milk to the mix. Now the lid could be closed and the mixture should be infused for about 2 hours over a low heat. During the 2 hours it would be necessarily to stir the mixture every once so often to prohibit a film to form on top.



While all this is going, squeeze out the lemons to get about 2 teaspoons full. It is wise to have a little bit more though, because sometimes the recipe asks for more, especially when it doesn’t want to curdle that well. Constantly keep an eye on the double boiler so it doesn’t run out of water.




After 2 hours, take the cannabis infused milk off the heat and strain it carefully through some cheese cloth. Use about 4 layers or so because that makes the straining much easier. Be sure to separate all the plant material from the milk. You will then have a strong smelling, almond colored milk. You will notice that during the boiling phase, some of the milk evaporated. Fill up the cup with the rest of the milk to get to 2 cups again. Pour the 2 cups of milk into a sauce pan with a thick bottom. Over a medium to low heat, bring the milk to just before it gets to simmer. Here a thermometer could come in very handy as it could be used to measure the temperature to about 175 degrees. When it gets to just before it simmers, add the half a cup of buttermilk.



The lemon juice will now be added to start curdling. This is necessary to separate whey (liquid part) and curd (Thick part). Once the ingredients are all in, take it off the heat and let it curdle for 10 minutes.



Take about 4 layers of cheese cloth and gently scoop the cottage cheese looking-like curd onto it. Use a colander to strain the cheese and to separate it totally from the whey. The whey that stays over could be used in pancakes or other recipes.




After you let the cheese strain a bit, the cheese cloth could be tied to enclose the cheese and hung over a pot big enough for it not to touch the sides. Some wooden sticks could be used to let it hang from. It should hang for about 30 minutes to get all the moisture out.



Untie the cloth and break the cheese up a bit. Add some sea salt to flavor the cheese and out it in a pottery bowl. Cover it with plastic film and let it stay overnight in the refrigerator.



Be sure to enjoy your most delicious Cannabis Infused Cream Cheese!









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