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Knob Creek

Weed and Whiskey Part 5 - Kentucky Power With Kush'N'Cheese

100 Proof Sweetness Teamed Up With Potent Power

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Oaktree on Sunday Feb 21, 2016

Weed and Whiskey Part 5 – Kentucky Power With Kush’N’Cheese


We are going to take a walk on the wild side today, and by wild side, I mean getting into some straight Kentucky bourbon whiskey produced by Beam Suntory called Knob Creek.  Knob Creek is a small batch bourbon aimed at the higher end of the whiskey market.  Its claim to fame is that it I bottled at 100 proof (22% higher than US legal standards) and aged for 9 years.   This bourbon is legit and has a nice deep dark brown color that comes from absorbing more sugar than most brands over its’ nine year aging process.  Most people describe this potent whiskey as “rich, sweet, woody, with an aroma of toasted nuts, grain, and oak”.

So we are going to pair this up with a stain that is similar in its potency and also has a nice dark, deep feel to it like the whiskey.  Do not forget though, we need some sweetness to it to match the dark and sugary flavors in the whiskey.  When looking for an indica based strain that has strong flavors to match up, yet a sweetness to go with the whiskey, I looked no further than Kush’N’Cheese.  You can review Kush’N’Cheese in our strain guide, by clicking here.

Kush´n´Cheese has a very strong flavor right of the first hit. There is a strong cheese with almost a lemon peel mixed with diesel fuel.  The stain is complex and mixes sweetness and flavors well together. This strain has won awards based on its flavor without sacrificing potency. It has the sativa Cheese growth pattern so it quite stretches in bloom, with an open structure and wide internodes. Kush´n´Cheese strain shoots are firm and thick and produce great amounts of resin with a strong cheese flavor but with OG Kush’s lemony retro taste. This mixture of is great for this whiskey.  Potent, intense, and with complex flavor and sweetness at the end. In fact, it is more powerful than the pure Cheese strain and has a more stimulant effect too.  

The strong herbal aromas of the Knob Creek will go very well with the lemon peel aspects of Kush’N’Cheese.  Both the whiskey and weed will end with a nice sweetness in the mouth as well as the sugar from the whiskey is the final after taste of this particular brand.

As always, try the whiskey first, take a small glass, add ice if you prefer or a few drops of water.  Take a sip, let it sit in your mouth and see if you can detect the subtle flavors.  Is there a wood taste underneath the sweet sugar taste? 

As you swallow, the fire, or burn you feel in your chest, throat and into the nose should we short, sweet, and powerful with the aged bourbon.  Take a few breaths to see if the fruity aroma lingers in your nose. 

Next, take a puff of your Kush’N’Cheese and see how the fruity flavors and sweet endings play off each other.

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