edibles that taste like weed
edibles that taste like weed

How to Make Edibles that Don't Taste Like Weed

How do you make great tasting cannabis edibles that also do the job?

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DanaSmith on Sunday Jul 14, 2019

How To Make Edibles That Don’t Taste Like Weed

how to make edibles that don't taste like weed

Enjoying cannabis consumed through a variety of mediums is one of the best things about legal cannabis.


There are also so many tools and tips out there for making delicious edibles.


However, for newbies, one of the biggest challenges is making edibles that don’t taste like weed. Whether you’re eating edibles for medical or recreational purposes, most people don’t actually enjoy the taste of grass. There are also some strains of cannabis that are so potent, resulting in oil-rich resins that make you feel like you’re eating a pure twig of fat.

The good news is that you don’t have to eat edibles that taste like grass.


Here’s how:


Reduce the fat you use: By making extra potent oil or butter, a concentrated fat source that has been mixed with fresh oil makes the taste less harsh. When fat is infused with cannabis and exposed to high heat, especially when using virgin oils before cooking, you’ll get a much tastier edible that doesn’t taste like bong water.


Make savory edibles: When you make savory dishes such as mac and cheese, dips, and other treats, having a mild cannabis flavor is actually welcome as compared to using them on sweets. You can even experiment mixing its taste with other herbs such as thyme or rosemary, and you might be surprised at how well the pungent flavor of weed can combine with them. The same goes for savory recipes that use large amounts of butter.


Use full flowers when making cannabutter instead of trim: While using up your trim in cannabis edibles is a cost-efficient way to use up your entire stash, if you are sensitive to the taste of weed this is one thing you’re going to want to omit entirely. Using full flower instead of trim may be more costly, but this does result in much better flavor. Trim may also have a woody flavor that can give a bitter aftertaste, especially when used in baked food.


Use high quality butter and high quality weed: The quality of your overall ingredients does play an important role. For best results, try using a premium unsalted butter with top shelf cannabis strain. It isn’t cheap, but you’ll have a much tastier experience.


Brown cannabutter if you’re going to bake: Browned butter is basically butter that has already been toasted on a pan in low heat, which turns it a bit darker in color. Once cooled,  you can use this as regular butter in a baking recipe. Browned butter has a tasty, nutty flavor that goes well with cannabis-infused baked goods.


Use clean pot: Taking some weed and throwing it into a crock pot is an amateur mistake. When you do that, you’re basically making edibles that are mixed with any toxins or impurities that have been in the pot. So if you’re tasting something that isn’t good, this might actually be some pesticides. Reduce this risk by cleaning your weed out properly. Do this by soaking your cannabis in distilled water for a few days, then blanche it. The process of blanching ensures you get pure flower that you can infuse with oil or fat later on.


Don’t cook in temperatures higher than 170C: While a majority of recipes tell you to cook in temperatures around 176C, this would be fine except for the fact that most ovens actually fluctuate between 10 and 25 degrees. This means that if you’re cooking or baking at 176C, you will start to degrade the THC in the cannabis. You also have to be extra careful when you’re cooking in a pan. If you’re cooking with cannabutter or oil, you can’t treat it the same way as cooking regular food. The right thing to do would be to shut off the heat, mix the oil around to effectively cover everything in it, while the pan is hot. You’ll be able to get evenly coated food without sacrificing potency.

Once you try these techniques, you’ll be able to make cannabis edibles that are much more sumptuous – you’ll want to wolf it down in no time. It will be a huge difference from cannabis that tasted like mulch, and you’ll see how easy it is to create infused foods that are actually enjoyable.







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