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Online Cannabis Classes Are Here, Could You Teach One?

Can You Benefit From These Cannabis Courses?

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BehindTheWaves on Friday Feb 17, 2017
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Can You Benefit From These Cannabis Courses?


online cannabis classes


These great schools take higher learning to another level 



More institutions are acknowledging the need to provide formal training and education on all things cannabis, a great sign of changing attitudes towards the plant. This week, we’re rounding up 2 schools that are offering exciting cannabis-related courses that will come in handy for consumers, (aspiring) budtenders, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike who want to better understand the plant and how it works - especially if you’re high on the idea of making money from pot.



These institutions are also a great investment for dispensary owners, especially for those who want to help their employees further their career in cannabis.




Trichome Institute Offers Cannabis Education Certification


The Trichome Institute, based in Colorado, offers courses that are designed to take your learning to another level. Online courses are also offered - so you don’t have to be in Colorado to participate in their classes. Through their cannabis education certification program called Interpening, students can learn about the many uses and applications of cannabis in order to become “cannabis sommeliers”. This unique program trains students how to professionally dissect the cannabis flower, and they take pride in providing education about the full spectrum of cannabis varieties. Students get to learn by studying 50 kinds of flowers to determine a good plant from a bad plant, and how to communicate this information to others. The Interpening course is designed to give the same depth and quality of understanding to students about cannabis that baristas have with coffee, and wine sommeliers with their wine.




The Trichome Institute also partnered up with THC University for online cannabis education. These include the Cannabis Products and Sales Training for Budtenders (recommended for current and aspiring sales associates) and the Cannabis Products Course (ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of cannabis products).



They also have a number of other excellent courses. The Responsible Vendor training course curriculum was designed with some government agencies in Colorado. It’s also the first course of its kind to provide students with a textbook as well as other materials that they can take home after the class and access anytime. Subjects covered include state laws, customer service, cannabis chemistry, marketing and advertising, how to protect your dispensary from a sting operation and more.



The Trichome Institute has been around since 2008 and has tirelessly been working to break the stigma about stoners by collating the most recent scientific data about cannabis. They also have an in-house team who has been committed to marijuana law reform, and advancing the industry in the process. 



UC Davis Offers Course On Physiology Of Cannabis By Spring 2017





This spring, students can look forward to a new course offered at UC Davis called the “Physiology of Cannabis”, also the first of its kind in the university. UC Davis joins the growing number of studies geared towards better understanding of cannabis that’s quickly gaining traction around the country.



Undergraduates can take up the physiology course as a requirement to graduate from Science and Engineering, but by next year medical students will have the option to take more advanced version of the class. UC Davis is also planning a course that will be open for the general public, and is geared towards law enforcement, civic leaders, and others who want to learn more about cannabis.



“We feel it is important at this moment to educate students about the physiology and medical indications of cannabis and cannabinoids,” says Yu-Fung Lin, an instructor and associate professor of physiology and membrane biology at the UC Davis School of Medicine.





The course will discuss cannabis plant chemistry, the medical chemistry of cannabinoids and THC, the  human endocannabinoid system, the CB1 and CB2 receptors, therapeutic applications, and more.



“The timing could not be better to give students the opportunity to have a profound understanding about the physiology and medical implications of cannabis use,” says Luis Santana, chair of physiology and membrane biology as well as a professor at UC Davis. They also hope that the school’s program will serve as an educational model for future programs studying cannabis.



Other schools with existing cannabis programs include Oakland’s Oaksterdam University, University of Vermont, Vanderbilt University School of Law, Harvard Law School, Massachusetts Medical Society, and Ohio’s Moritz College of Law.











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