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The 5 Hardest Cannabis Strains To Grow

These Strains Are Not For Rookie Growers

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christalcann on Saturday Mar 11, 2017

The 5 Hardest Cannabis Strains To Grow

What are Hardest Marijuana Strains to Try and Grow? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


If you’re looking for a challenge in growing cannabis, there are some strains out there with fantastic medicinal benefits and an amazing high which are considered much harder than the average plant to grow. Some are even considered very difficult for the grower, so they aren’t popular in commercial farms especially because of the long growing periods, complex feeding requirements, and low yields. Landrace sativas are particularly notorious for being difficult to grow because of unusually long flowering times.


However if you’re looking to explore for personal consumption, check out these 5 strains – or avoid them completely if you’re a novice grower!

headband strain

  • Headband is well-loved for delivering a long-lasting relaxing high. This strain is called such because users tend to feel some pressure around the crown of their head after smoking it, although it’s a great strain medicinally and has a high THC content. Headband prefers to grow in warm, sunny climates but during rain it needs to be sheltered especially if you’re already in a wet climate. Growers need to pay close attention to the humidity levels and make sure that there is no frost. It can take up to 10 weeks for Headband to flower in the best conditions, and can yield an average of 18 ounces per square meter. This strain should be harvested in the middle of October.




  • Thai is a landrace sativa representing numerous strains that were originally grown in Thailand. In fact, many of the original Thai strains can no longer be found today. The Thai strain enjoys hot outdoor environment and can grow quite tall. Growers need to be meticulous with pruning, topping, and training this strain. Thai strains grow best with organic soil and compost, so to successfully grow this plant you’ll need a godo supply of quality natural food. Flowering time for Thai strains usually take 65 to 98 days.


trainwreck strain

  • Trainwreck is excellent for anxiety, pain, PTSD, and ADD but can sometimes be considered difficult to grow. It’s one of the most dank strains out there and will definitely have the entire room smelling like cedar and pine. Trainwreck requires trimming to avoid it spreading far out although they grow tall and with thick stems. This strain grows pretty prominent resin. If you want to grow Trainwreck well, it will have to be indoors because the outdoors will make it extremely difficult. If you do grow this strain well, you will be rewarded with a generous harvest of up to 25 ounces per plant. The best harvesting times for this strain is late October to early November.



jack herer

  • Jack Herer is a legendary strain named after a legendary cannabis activist. However, it’s been known as one of the most difficult cannabis strains to successfully grow. Flowering time takes 70-80 days but it will be well worth your effort. Jack Herer grows best in dry Mediterranean climates, and it can produce up to 18 ounces of bud in each plant. Despite a long flowering time, Jack Herer is resistant to a number of diseases so if you’re willing to wait, then you should try growing this strain.

  • Lemon Haze tends to give users a good case of the munchies, but it’s a great strain if you’re looking to get energized and euphoric. This strain has yellow and green buds as well as some amber hair on the trichomes which is where this strain got its name. Smoking Lemon Haze will fill the room with a delicious lemony smell! Lemon Haze grows well in the indoors as long as it’s exposed to a lot of light, and it’s resistant to pests and mold. However, it produces just 15 ounces for each square meter when grown indoors. It can also grow well outdoors as long as it’s sunny and dry. Harvesting time for Lemon Haze is in the middle of October.


Which strains have you experienced difficulty in growing and why? Share with us in the comments below!








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