how to grow cannabis outside
how to grow cannabis outside

The 7 Key Steps to Having a Successful Outdoor Cannabis Grow

What should you do in order to have a great outdoor cannabis garden?

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Chiara C on Saturday Sep 25, 2021

The 7 Key Steps to Having a Successful Outdoor Cannabis Grow

guide to growing cannabis outdoors

Cannabis cultivators will agree that the best experience with planting cannabis is planted and monitored outdoors. 

This is an excellent time to prepare your plants for the outdoor experience and to do that successfully, you will need the most fail-proof tips and strategies. Here are the top seven ways through which you can have a flourishing outdoor marijuana garden. 


Select the right strains

 First, you’ve got to decide on the cannabis strain you should grow. You want high but healthy yields, and you also want to have a stress-free harvest. The strain you choose should be able to flower fast, have good resistance to pests and molds, has a great aroma, flavor, and a fantastic effect. 


Climate check 

Some strains do well in particular climates, and others do not. For instance, the Blue Dream strains are not ideal for places with high humidity and temperature. They may require up to 14 weeks to enter the flowering stage while in a hot space. Indicas such as OG Kush can flower in 7-10 weeks and prefers dry climate areas. Always think about the climate before planting and consider the strain you will be using. You can also use clones from crops you got from a dispensary. 


Consider space and soil.

When the seeds look like they are growing, you will have to choose from planting the plants into the ground (your backyard or an open field will be ideal) or transplant them into buckets. Think about the amount of sunlight the plants will get with both options as you don’t want too much or too little sun. 

If you want to plant into the sol directly, test the pH of the soil first before doing it: the results should be 6.0-7.0. If you want to use buckets, check the soil’s pH level and a contaminant test and think of the kind of soil you want to use. 


Bring the plants out.

After one month, the seedlings will become small beautiful cannabis plants with some sets of leaves. Then you can transplant them again, but this time, it will be into 5-10 gallon containers. The plants need enough room to spread, grow and dig their roots. Just dig a hole inside the big container, turn the small pot with the plants into it and pat the dirt down. Then generously water the container.  


The fertilization and watering process

Organic fertilizers such as worm castings, fish meal, and compost are beneficial when added to the soil just before planting begins and as the plants grow. All fertilizers and watering tools can be purchased online and in gardening stores. 

But be careful with fertilizers because cannabis plants may die when they are over-fertilized. Don’t use soil with too much fertilizer content, as it can cause damage to young plants. Water the plants based on your climate: if it is rainy, you may need perlite and gravel to keep fungus away. If the climate is dry, you may have to water the plants daily (especially in pots outdoors). 


Keep pests in check.

After all your hard work with the planting process, you don’t want to let it all go to pests, which is why pest control is mandatory. You also do not want to rely on pesticides, especially when it is so close to harvest time. But not using pesticides doesn’t mean you should allow critters to eat your cannabis crops. 

A natural way to keep the pests out of the way is to use Diatomaceous; this is effective for those pests with exoskeletons such as cicadas. Just sprinkle it around your plants, and it will keep pests away. You can also grow other companion plants like marigold, basil, and rosemary: plants with natural repellents that are unappealing to pests. 

Sex your plants 

The sex of the plants is identified as they grow into maturity. The plans becoming either male or female will happen after a few months when they have gotten a good sun-darkness ratio. The sun to darkness ratio also triggers flowering, and that is when you will know the sexes. 

The males will have pods like popcorn seeds with the branch stem connecting with the main stalk. At the same time, the female will have two small white hair sprouts made to get pollen. 

To sex them, remove the male plants before they begin to pollinate as this will enable the female to give more energy to making THC instead of seeds. If you don’t do this early enough, the male plants will go right ahead and pollinate the females, which means you would have seedless plants. The goal is to have plants with seeds, which means the sexing of the plants needs to happen on time. If you begin with clones, then you have females. 


Bottom Line 

To grow your cannabis successfully, you will also need to get seeds that are not very expensive. Cannabis seeds can be sold for $10 per seed, and you can get it for far less if you are buying a lot more seeds. Get clones at legal stores for as little as $15 for one clone. Pest control is a must-have as you get set for your outdoor garden, and a bag of your preferred pest control may cost $12-$25. 

Soil is not expensive as well as you can get dirt for $8.99, which is the price for 16 Qtrs. (please make sure it is organic oil). You will also need up to five packs of 10-gallon containers. The containers cost $37.99 (you can get them on Amazon) and if 10 gallon containers are too big for a start, please get the five-gallon container. 

Fertilizers are essential, and a 15-pound bag of worm castings is ideal. The bag can cost up to $19, while liquid fish fertilizers (these contain seaweed) will also be great; they go for $15-20. Don’t forget to get a pH Meter with which you will carry out a soil test, and these are available on Amazon for $10-20. 

With tips on how to successfully plant and insight into all you will need, it is safe to say that you are ready to reap the rewards of a fantastic agricultural experience with cannabis. 








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