what is twaxing
what is twaxing

The Incendiary Art of Twaxing

What is twaxing and does it create a better cannabis experience for the user?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Jul 27, 2020

The Incendiary Art of Twaxing

What is twaxing cannabis blunts

The world of cannabis has certainly come a long way from the initial years of much disdain and apathy to users of cannabis both for recreational and medicinal use. The fight for acceptability is still far from over though seeing as many regions are still yet to allow their members to legally harness the multiple benefits deposited in cannabis. However, even with these conditions, users of cannabis have found ways to gradually improve the experience of cannabis with the use of edibles, consumables, and infusions of cannabis into numerous dishes. They have also found ways to make better the all too normal method of smoking joints and blunts. One of the ways that is possible  is via twaxing.

What is Twaxing?

For the sake of simplicity, twaxing generally involves the incorporation of a cannabis concentrate to a bowl or a roll-up to increase its potency. Twaxing is not a concept that has been around in the cannabis world for too long, but it is one that is gradually gaining prominence and seems to be increasing day by day. Twaxing generally helps the user to take a regular joint to a new level in the cannabis experience and sort of produce a cannabis cocktail.

Twaxing makes the bowl or joint more potent and with the presence of the concentrated cannabis introduced into the mix and sort of serves as an alternative to dabbing. Unlike dabbing, which involves the dabbing rig, twaxing generally requires the use of a waxy cannabis concentrate like kief, shatter as commonly found in the US, or the use of BHO derivatives as commonly found in parts of Europe. For twaxing, all a user really needs are just the rolling papers, cannabis buds, and melted concentrate which explains its popularity among old-school stoners.

Process of Twaxing?

As exciting and exhilarating twaxing sounds, it is still an art and for anyone interested in getting the required results from it the proper process has to be followed. The entire process of twaxing depends largely on care and finesse which are common features expected of old-timers who are very particular with the use of joints and blunts. All that is needed after steady and assured hands is the proper knowledge of the best way to maximize twaxing to all but ensure the beauty of the process.

Twaxing with respect to joints can be done in several ways but we will be looking into four common ways that have been found to produce desirable results to users. Twaxing done in the interior of the joint, the exterior, the tip, and dusting on the surface of the joint are the more common forms of twaxing and a breakdown of how it is done is sure to help the user get a more assured experience.

Interior twaxing of a joint

Twaxing a joint in the interior seems to be the most accepted form of twaxing among users and it is one that can be easily achieved by any user. The user simply needs to get the desired cannabis concentrate of choice and a waxy concentrate is commonly used for the sake of adherence. The cannabis concentrate is melted and manipulated with the fingers to produce a string with the length of the joint to run from the bottom of the joint to the top. The grinded buds are then carefully lined into the joint around the concentrate and care should be taken to ensure the concentrate is not on the rolling paper which can produce an uneven burn when the joint is lit. The combination of the cannabis concentrate and the cannabis buds in the joint increases the level of the high after the joint is lit and gives an exceptional feel.

Exterior twaxing of a joint

Twaxing of a joint on the exterior is also a beneficial way of improving the experience of the joint. The grinded cannabis buds are rolled carefully into the rolling papers as a normal joint while the waxy cannabis concentrate is manipulated to be very long. The melted concentrate then rolled around the joint in a spiral form to give an exterior tax to the joint. The joint is then lit and the user gains access to a slow and even burn with a unique experience.

Twaxing at the Tip

Twaxing a joint at the tip is the simple process of making a network of any cannabis concentrate of choice at the tip of the joint. This gives the user an instantaneous blast off right from the start with the concentrate being at the tip of the joint. The only possible drawback that could be seen is the duration of the experience as the special high is seen at the beginning and not till the very end.

Dusting off at the tip of the exterior

Another unique form of twaxing is by smearing the tip of the outside of the joint with hash oil before dusting it with kief to open the user to a special feel as the glued kief works with the buds and concentrate in the joint to give a special feel which further shows the beauty of twaxing.

Twaxing is definitely a wonderful way to maximize a joint and make the experience more unique. What do you think of this exciting technique, drop your opinion in the comment section below.








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