Travel and Get High?
Travel and Get High?

The Top 5 Travel Destinations For Getting High

Looking to travel but don't want to leave your bong at home?

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Oaktree on Saturday Jun 13, 2020

Best Travel Destinations for Getting High

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Times have never been better for cannabis enthusiastic travelers, as more and more countries in the world decriminalize or legalize weed. Most travel destinations offer exquisite wines, a selection of fine cheese, and interesting architecture, while others offer beautiful scenery and fantastic exploration of ancient monuments.

The focus of this article are all the travel destinations that allow you to explore their touristic attractions while enjoining some cannabis along the way. You can even plan your entire vacation or a holiday to get high while enjoying natural beauties and historical landmarks. So, without further ado, here are the top 5 travel destinations where you can ride the magic dragon: 


Jamaica: Historically speaking, cannabis is a significant part of Jamaican culture, and probably one of the main reasons for Jamaica’s popularity in today’s pop culture. Regardless of weed prohibition that lasted for 102 years, the locals tied ganja to their many traditions, believing that it’s the cure for the soul.
Today, Bob Marley's hometown is looking to make weed into the country's brand, and potential tax revenue. The government allowed the cultivation of up to five plants, while possession of up to two ounces isn't a criminal offense but remains a petty offense. Carrying that amount in public will land you a $3 fine, while the possession of larger amounts remains a criminal offense. Despite being illegal, Ganja tours remain ever popular in this tropical paradise, allowing tourists to explore more than sandy white beaches, and stunning waterfalls. Besides literal fields of cannabis, you can explore many of Jamaica's beauties, culture, and music – all with a spliff between your lips.

Colorado: The legalization of cannabis sparked a new "gold rush," as many flock to Colorado to try their hand in the cannabis industry. Besides investors and ganjapreneurs, Colorado’s new, more liberal laws are attracting cannabis enthusiasts, benefitting the local tourism.  According to these new laws, non-residents can now buy up to 7 grams of cannabis per transaction. The rule applies regardless of the form you're purchasing, be it flowers, edibles, or concentrates. However, residents can buy and possess up to 28 grams, which is much more than tourists can get. So, if you're having friends or relatives in Colorado – now's the time for a visit.
Keep in mind that locals appreciate a little discretion, so you're better off smoking in the privacy of your hotel room before going out on the town. Unfortunately, there aren't any cafes or bars in which you can smoke cannabis publicly, but you can consume all the brownies you want.  Even so, Colorado offers booking options on several cannabis tours, including classy ones where you get to ride a limo.

Washington: Unlike Colorado, the home of grunge music allows all weed enthusiasts to purchase and possess up to 28 grams, even tourists. Even so, the culture here is more conservative than Colorado, so the same rules of discretions also apply here. Despite legalizing cannabis, Washington State is amping up its cannabis laws, which affects everyone who uses or works with medical marijuana.  Patients with a doctor's prescription can now home-grow up to four plants and purchase up to 18 ounces of high-THC products. Dispensaries, on the other hand, will have to meet the medical marijuana endorsement to stay in business and work with medical-grade cannabis only.
As a tourist, you’re better off smoking in private, before setting off to explore Washington’s colorful history.

Amsterdam: Visiting the weed capital of Europe is almost every stoner's dream, since the city is best known for its famous coffeeshops that feature various weed consumables. The coffeeshops have been part of Dutch culture since the '70s, and they specialized in all-things cannabis since then. Nowadays, they mostly attract tourists from all around the world, allowing weed enthusiasts and connoisseurs to sample and enjoy cannabis in all forms and sizes. Keep in mind that they feature some strong stuff, which will likely hit hard, so pace yourself. Besides its developed marijuana tourism, the city itself is a touristic attraction, with elaborate canals, lovely streets, and beautiful architecture. It's best explored by another thing Amsterdam's known for – a bicycle. Just like cannabis, bikes are a huge deal in Amsterdam, though we wouldn't recommend indulging and cycling. At least not without training wheels and a helmet.

Siem Reap: The capitol of Camobia’s 10th largest province is well-known for its surrounding temples, most notable of which is the stunning Angkor Wat. But the beauty of Siem Reap isn't limited to the ancient temple complex; there are many touristic attractions you can enjoy while visiting.
For touring weed enthusiasts, we recommend visiting happy pizza parlors, before going on a temple run, or visiting the Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre. Many restaurants offer edibles like happy pizza, as a somewhat legitimate way of getting high. We advise caution, however, as the THC content in edibles may vary significantly from one restaurant to another. Smoking cannabis is still officially illegal in Cambodia, but it's readily available everywhere and to anyone. Luckily, the police rarely interfere, so there's virtually no chance of getting caught. If you do get caught, by some unfortunate turn of events, you might have to grease some palms to get off the hook.


Honorable mentions

Argentina and Chile: Though they went through some hard-fought battles against drugs, Argentina and Chile both legalized marijuana for medical use, and decriminalized recreational use. With these changes, you can enjoy blissfully warm weather, beautiful scenery, and a joint when either Argentine or Chile.

New York: The State of New York made some significant changes in 2019 when the full decriminalization bill passed the legislature. Furthermore, the New York City Council passed a law that prohibits employers from requiring their potential and current employees to be tested for THC, as Jonathan from MedSignals commented. This law does not apply to drug testing required by the US Department of Transportation or federally funded organizations. You should keep in mind that possession of cannabis is still illegal unless you have a doctor's prescription.

Sri Lanka: Thanks to the traditional Ayurveda system of medicine, the people of Sri Lanka have many spiritual traditions and medical practices closely tied to cannabis. Medicinal use of marijuana, as wells as government-sanctioned cultivation and sale, are legally protected activities in this South Asian country. 


Final Thoughts

Most travel destinations described in this article legalized weed, or have pretty liberal views towards cannabis, promising fantastic and high times for tourists. So, smash the piggy bank, pack your stuff, and hit the airport. We wish you a bon voyage and don't forget to pass that joint.







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