medical properties of cbdv
medical properties of cbdv

Does Cannabidivarin (CBDV) Have Any Medicinal Properties?

CBDV is getting a bigger market share, but what can it help the body do?

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Lemon Knowles on Wednesday Nov 3, 2021

What are the Medicinal Properties of Cannabidivarin (CBDV)?

cbdv medical properties

You've most likely heard about tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Similarly, you may have also heard about the fantastic health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), and that it is a non-psychoactive chemical in marijuana. 

However, did you stop to think that the medicinal benefits of marijuana go beyond CBD and THC? Presently, a minimum of 80 cannabinoids have been discovered in the cannabis plant. And these cannabinoids interact with specific receptors in the human body, offering tremendous health benefits. An excellent example of these cannabinoids is Cannabidivarin (CBDV) 


What Is Cannabidivarin?

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is a chemical compound or cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. Both CBD and CBDV have the same molecular structure. However, instead of the pentyl chain present in CBD, CBDV has a propyl chain. This slight difference implies that CBDV is considered a propyl cannabinoid, which makes it slightly different from CBD. 

CBDV, just like CBD, does not induce any psychoactive effects in humans. What this implies is that CBDV does not get you "high" or cause any hallucinations. As a result, patients who don't want any form of mental impairment when using their medication can make the best of CBDV. 


Where does CBDV Come From?

CBDV is mainly found in landrace Indica strains from Pakistan, Mexico, and India. CBDV is usually found in strains with a higher percentage of CBD than THC. This makes it uncommon to find CBDV in strains accessible at the dispensaries since these strains are cultivated to be high in THC. 

However, given the notable anti-nausea and anticonvulsant properties of CBDV, many scientists are now taking the compound seriously. To this end, scientists are looking to produce CBDV via cellular agriculture or producing it synthetically in the lab. 


What Are the Medical Benefits of CBDV?

Given the slight differences in molecular structure between CBDV and CBD, they appear to have similar health benefits. But, CBDV still has some unique health benefits it offers. CBDV works perfectly as an anticonvulsant which means it helps to reduce seizure activity. A lot of studies have also proven CBDV to help relieve nausea. CBDV also helps to rebuild bones when they fracture or break. 

A study in 2013 reported that the anticonvulsant effects of CBDV in animals were practical. It significantly reduces the severity of pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced seizures. Pentylenetetrazole is a stimulant of the central nervous system utilized to experiment seizures in animals.

Also, another study in 2014 further suggested the anticonvulsant properties of CBDV. The study discovered that both CBD and CBDV could be used to treat neuronal hyperexcitability. Another research that evaluated nausea in rats inferred that CBDV has therapeutic capability in reducing nausea. 

Pharmaceutical companies and researchers continue to focus on the anticonvulsant properties of CBDV. Today, GW Pharmaceuticals - a firm that produces cannabis-based medicine, has acquired a patent for CBDV medicine for epilepsy. This confirms that the firm has sufficient evidence to start using CBDV to develop drugs for epilepsy patients. Currently, research on CBDV as a suitable treatment for autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy is being carried out by GW Pharmaceuticals. 


Conditions Treatable With CBDV

As asserted earlier, CBDV shares similar medical benefits and applications to CBD. But pharmaceutical companies take advantage of its distinct features and strengths and use it to treat conditions such as; 


●     Epilepsy

CBDV helps to improve seizure symptoms by reducing the frequency and severity. 


●     Severe nausea

Nausea is a prevalent symptom of various diseases such as gallbladder disease, emotional stress, etc. CBDV can reduce the frequency and severity of nausea regardless of the condition. 


●     Cancer

Nausea is also attributed to cancer chemotherapy treatment. Some kinds of cancer are also known to cause nausea. CBDV can help lessen nausea.  


●     HIV/AIDS

Antiretroviral therapy is also known to cause nausea in HIV/AIDS patients. CBDV can help reduce nausea. 


●     Seizures

Several conditions can result in seizures. These include heart diseases, head injuries, alcohol withdrawal, and drug abuse. With CBDV having the potential to lower seizure activity, it is used to treat patients recovering from opiate abuse and alcohol. 


●     Anxiety disorders

CBDV can help to relieve sickness and effects of social anxiety disorders. Also, since CBDV isn't psychoactive, it's better for patients who are more inclined to have panic attacks to consume CBDV instead of THC. 


●  Motion sickness

Anybody can get motion sick. But, it mainly occurs in children, persons on medication, and pregnant women. Motion sickness can be a result of travel in planes, cars, and most especially ships. It causes dizziness, vomiting, and nausea. CBDV can assist in reducing the severity of these symptoms, most especially nausea. 


●     Nail-patella syndrome

CBDV also helps with bone regeneration and repair. Nail-patella syndrome is an unusual disease condition caused by a genetic mutation. An individual with Nail-patella syndrome experiences modifications in elbows, nails, hip bone, and knee caps. Gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome are among other symptoms of Nail-patella syndrome. CBDV can help to reduce the severity of these symptoms. 


●     Autism

A lot of studies and research are being carried out to understand how CBDV can effectively treat autism. Presently, there's no cure or treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But as CBDV and CBD share the same health benefits, they provide hope for a future drug or treatment. Presently, the University of California San Diego is researching the effects of CBD on 30 children between age 8 and 12 years with moderate to severe ASD.


Final thoughts

Not much is known about the medical properties of CBDV. But, researchers and pharmaceutical firms have high expectations of its ability to treat conditions such as autism and epilepsy. Medical marijuana patients will have to be patient enough for CBDV medication to be available at local dispensaries until further studies and research is carried out. 

For the time being, you can get in touch with your dispensary employee or cannabis-certified physician to get CBD-based treatment of similar effects. CBD has been certified to relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation, among various signs and symptoms. 








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