marijuana enlarge penis
marijuana enlarge penis

Does Marijuana Make Your Penis Bigger Or Just Look Bigger To Your Partner If He or She Is High?

Is marijuana an ED medicine or does it just feel that way when you are high and making love?

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DanaSmith on Friday Nov 3, 2023

marijuana makes your penis bigger?

Using pot for pleasure – especially to intensity and enhance one’s sex life – is one of the most powerful effects of marijuana.


In fact, one could even say that pot is nature’s most effective aphrodisiac!


There certainly is nothing on the market that can match pot’s ability to relax you enough to enjoy sex and make the overall experience much more fun. And it’s no secret: people all around the world can validate the effects of cannabis for sex. That’s why the cannabis sex product industry is huge: you’ve got everything these days from THC-infused lubes, chocolates, suppositories, candles, and massage oils – each carefully designed to make everything about sex so incredible that you can’t imagine ever having a sex life without weed again.


But did you know there’s another possible effect of mixing up pot with your intimate routine?


For men, it could actually make your penis bigger.


Or at least look bigger, to your partner.


Can Weed Really Help You Get Bigger Erections?

Truth be told, the feedback on the matter has been mixed.


Most clinical studies done on the subject yield negative results, but then again, we also have to consider the fact that there may be a bias. “The effects of cannabis are not guaranteed,” Joshua Ahn, a researcher for the International Cannabinoid Research Society, told Vice. “Effects differ drastically according to an individual’s biology, more than other drugs. It literally causes both excitation and inhibition on a molecular level, whereas other compounds tend to cause one or the other. In some people the excitation will be more pronounced, and in some people, the inhibition will be greater,” he adds.


But anecdotally speaking, countless men can tell you that consuming pot in various forms is the most effective natural aphrodisiac.


In fact, last 2020, a news story of a 32-year-old man who had an erection lasting 12 hours went viral. The erection was actually noted to be so painful that he had to go to the emergency room, only to be discharged and came back later with another 6-hour long erection. Long, painful erections are a hallmark symptom of a condition known as priapism, and his doctors blamed his cannabis use for this case.


However, cases such as these are rare and few in between.


If you have been struggling with erectile dysfunction or erections in general, weed just might be the answer. According to Perry Solomon, MD, HelloMD’s chief medical officer, cannabis is effective for men struggling with erectile dysfunction as well as other sex-related conditions, including premature ejaculation. “The way I see it, why not try cannabis?” he tells Men’s Journal. “There are side effects to Viagra and zero side effects to cannabis when dosed properly,” Solomon explains.

“Maybe it’s just making them feel better and relaxed, and that’s making it easier for them to enjoy sex, but it’s still working,” Solomon added.


After all, if you study the properties of pot – it’s a natural vasodilator, which means that it helps to open up the blood vessels in the veins and arteries. It promotes blood flow, which is necessary for relaxing our private parts enough for sex. And that means that when men have found the perfect dose, weed can definitely make your penis bigger or even look bigger for your partner. And that, my friends, is something that sounds like a benefit no matter which way you look at it!


Dose Carefully


While there is a significant amount of research out there pointing towards cannabis’ sexuality-enhancing properties, keep in mind that the dosage always matters.

Especially for men.

Sorry, men: but women can tolerate pretty much just about any dose of THC in the bedroom, and still enjoy it without worrying about lack of libido or being turned on. Whereas women can likely get away with having stoned sex and not worry much about how it will affect performance, for men, it’s different: getting too high can have the opposite effect – making you too high and lazy. It can even make it difficult for you to get an erection.


It’s best to start with low doses of THC products, if you are consuming orally. Start with 5% THC and gradually work your way up, and as always – start slow. One or two hits from a joint or vape pen may be enough, and a bong hit can be too much. Remember, you’re looking to get a little high – not completely disoriented.





When you are super high on weed, your penis can definitely look bigger to you. And having sex high will make your partner feel that you’re much bigger because the blood vessels in your penis are dilated and more relaxed! While scientific research is always great, this is one of the many areas we definitely need more research on but then again – the anecdotal evidence may just be enough for the countless men who have already benefited from the erection-enhancing properties of marijuana!





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