THC infused beverages at bars
THC infused beverages at bars

Sorry, We Don't Serve Alcohol, Just THC-Infused Beverages - Is the Miami Music Festival the Canary in the Coal Mine for Booze?

Millions are saying no to booze and yes to THC-Infused beverages, and bars are starting to take notice!

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BostonBakedPete on Tuesday Apr 9, 2024

thc beverages at bars and clubs

The latest studies covered at show that 18 to 25 Year-Olds have the same affinity toward cannabis as they do for alcohol. A dramatic shift for cannabis in such a short time of patchwork legalization, and those numbers were taken before THC-Infused beverages have even come close to hitting the mainstream clubs and bars.


Interestingly, amidst the ongoing festivities of Miami Music Week, a subtle revolution in festival refreshments quietly emerged, signaling a pivotal shift in nightlife culture. A groundbreaking moment occurred within the walls of Club Space's Factory Town as Milonga Yerba Mate launched. It became the first cannabis-infused beverage to grace Florida's club scene, ushering in a new era of social enjoyment and wellness.


Factory Town, under the endorsement of Club Space, has long been a coveted destination for dance music lovers. However, amid the customary array of DJs and dance anthems this year, a new sensation captivated attendees' attention. Milonga's Peach Ginger and Citrus "light" versions quickly became popular because they give a fun feeling without alcohol.


At the forefront of Milonga's innovative journey are Shadi and Samer Atassi, a father-son duo united by a shared vision to challenge convention. "We take pride in pioneering the world's first functional cannabis beverage," remarks Samer. Their effort to formulate Milonga reflects their ambition to fuse creativity, wellness, and social enjoyment into each can.


This visionary approach resonated deeply with the music industry and its diverse audience, perpetually seeking fresh experiences. "Our aim is to elevate the festival experience," Shadi asserts, alluding to a future where hangovers do not mar memories of music festivals but are vibrant and jubilant, courtesy of healthier alternatives.


Milonga's debut found its perfect stage against the vibrant backdrop of Miami Music Week's cultural event. Amidst the pulsating energy and elation of dance, the Atassis unveiled a concoction that echoed the event's dynamism while offering a gentle, euphoric lift devoid of alcohol's sharpness.


Their timing was impeccable. Emerging data indicate a shift in Gen Z's preference from alcohol to cannabis, coupled with projections foreseeing a burgeoning market for cannabis-infused beverages. Milonga's arrival felt like the inception of a new era in festival culture. "This is exactly what I need; alcohol makes me tired," resonated among many attendees, reflecting a broader yearning for alternatives that align with a more conscientious approach to revelry.


The reception was resounding. Milonga's supplies flew off the shelves, a testament to its immediate allure among both cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers alike. For Samer, moderation remains paramount: "I advise newcomers that 5mg is akin to a gentle kiss on the cheek; light and euphoric."


This transition towards cannabis-infused beverages such as Milonga at live events sparks a wider discourse on safety, enjoyment, and wellness in social environments.


Research shows that people who use cannabis have better composure than those who drink alcohol. THC drinks like Milonga might help prevent dehydration and problems with moving that often happen when people drink alcohol. If Milonga does well, it could make festivals and live events safer and more fun.


Looking ahead, Shadi hopes that in the future, when people think about music and creativity, they'll automatically think of our drinks.

What To Know About Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Cannabis-infused drinks provide an alternative to usual edibles or smoking. However, there is general curiosity about their production, safety, and the recommended consumption guidelines.


Making Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Cannabis-infused drinks are made by extracting cannabis with liquid carbon dioxide, which involves subjecting raw cannabis to high pressure and heat. This process isolates the concentrated cannabis extract while releasing the carbon dioxide as a gas. Subsequently, a nanoemulsion breaks down the cannabis oil into nanoparticles, which are blended with a liquid base to create the infused beverage.


Typically, a serving of cannabis drink contains 5 to 10 milligrams of THC, with effects noticeable within 10 to 15 minutes and peaking within 45 minutes to an hour. Comparatively, the effects of cannabis drinks differ from those of alcoholic beverages, but understanding dosage equivalence can help newcomers.


A microdose of THC (2 to 5 mg) is akin to consuming a light beer (3% to 5% ABV), while a stronger dose (25 mg) is equivalent to the effects of a bottle of wine. However, it's essential to adhere to the "start low, go slow" guideline due to individual variations in tolerance.

Potential Positive Health Impacts

A rising trend, particularly among younger demographics, is reducing or abstaining from alcohol consumption. Cannabis-infused beverages offer an alternative for socializing, providing a pleasant experience without alcohol and the ensuing hangovers. These drinks ensure a consistent experience with pre-measured THC and CBD amounts, allowing consumers to control their intake. Compared to alcohol, this may encourage more responsible consumption.


Moreover, cannabis drinks are gentler on the lungs than smoking or vaping, which is crucial for individuals with respiratory conditions. Smoking and vaping deliver THC faster, potentially heightening the risk of adverse effects like anxiety.

Cannabis beverages enable gradual consumption, facilitating a cautious approach to dosage adjustment. Overall, they offer a healthier, controlled, and enjoyable alternative to traditional methods of cannabis consumption.

Potential Negative Health Impacts

Despite being derived from a natural plant, cannabis can have profound and varied effects on individuals. Reported side effects of cannabis-infused drinks range from rapid heart rate and dizziness to anxiety, disorganized thoughts, memory loss, and nausea. Individuals are encouraged to start with low doses and increase gradually to manage risks.


A significant concern arises from the limited understanding of CBD and THC. The Food and Drug Administration underscores the need for more research on the safety and science behind cannabis products. It remains unclear how sustained CBD consumption may affect health, including potential risks and impacts on fertility in males.


While animal studies suggest potential concerns, conclusive evidence for humans is lacking. Thus, further investigation is imperative to delineate the long-term effects of cannabis on human health.


In the midst of Miami Music Week's festivities, the debut of Milonga Yerba Mate marked a pivotal moment in nightlife culture. It introduced the first cannabis-infused beverage to Florida's club scene.


Amidst the pulsating energy of Club Space's Factory Town, attendees embraced Milonga's Peach Ginger and Citrus variants, offering a buzz without alcohol's aftereffects. Spearheaded by Shadi and Samer Atassi, Milonga represents a fusion of creativity, wellness, and social enjoyment.


This innovative approach resonated deeply, reflecting a broader shift in Gen Z's preference for cannabis-infused beverages. As Milonga's success illustrates, this trend not only transforms festival experiences but also sparks crucial discussions on safety, enjoyment, and wellness in social environments.





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