Will Biden try marijuana
Will Biden try marijuana

What Would Happen if President Biden Smoked a Joint? - Democratic Challenger Dean Phillips Says He Should Try Cannabis!

Democratic presidential hopeful Dean Phillips suggests the president to smoke some weed to see his own hypocrisy.

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Karhlyle on Monday Nov 20, 2023

will biden try marijuana at his age

U.S. Representative Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), vying for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination against President Joe Biden, has thrown a unique challenge at the president—to share a joint. Phillips contends that such an experience might help Biden grasp the "awfully hypocritical" disparity in the U.S., where alcohol consumption is accepted while cannabis use remains criminalized.


During a New Hampshire town hall with students from New England College, Phillips commended Ohio's recent move to legalize adult-use cannabis, drawing a sharp contrast to Biden's firm opposition. Phillips suggested that Biden, who he believes may be unfamiliar with the scent of cannabis, should partake in its consumption.


Phillips argued, "The fact of the matter is, I think he should because he would find it hypocritical that you can drink a half gallon of Jack Daniels at night and report to work in his White House — but if you ate a [cannabis] gummy and it was discovered, you’d be fired and maybe even imprisoned because you’re breaking federal law," as reported by Marijuana Moment.


The congressman referred to Biden's White House policy, which tolerates alcohol consumption while penalizing cannabis use. This policy, implemented in 2021, resulted in several staff members losing their jobs.


As Phillips, who recently declared his presidential candidacy, consistently supports drug policy reform, he advocates for federal marijuana legalization, relief for individuals criminalized for cannabis possession, and research into the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.


Following the Ohio elections last week, Phillips criticized Biden for his dwindling support among Democrats, citing an exit poll where only 25% of Ohioans who voted for the legalization of abortion and cannabis believed Joe Biden should run for re-election. According to Phillips, this exemplifies the gap between the political establishment in D.C. and the majority of Americans.


Navigating the President's Firm Opposition Amidst a Tolerant Alcohol Policy


In the intricate landscape of drug policy, President Joe Biden finds himself in a peculiar position regarding the stark contrast between alcohol and cannabis. While the White House maintains a lenient approach towards alcohol consumption, cannabis use remains strictly penalized under Biden's administration. This paradox, identified by Representative Dean Phillips, underscores the need to examine Biden's stance on cannabis and its implications on federal law.


Despite the societal acceptance of alcohol, Phillips contends that Biden's reluctance to embrace cannabis legalization perpetuates what he deems an "awfully hypocritical" double standard. The ongoing White House policy, implemented in 2021, not only tolerates alcohol but also penalizes cannabis use, leading to the dismissal of several staff members. As the debate surrounding cannabis legalization gains momentum nationwide, this subheading delves into the intricacies of Biden's stance, shedding light on the complexities surrounding the prohibition of cannabis in a society where alcohol is readily accepted.


Amid this discrepancy, questions arise about the rationale behind the President's steadfast resistance to cannabis legalization, especially in light of the evolving attitudes toward marijuana use across the country. The contrasting treatment of alcohol and cannabis within the White House policy framework becomes a focal point for scrutiny. Exploring the reasons behind Biden's position on cannabis sheds light on the broader societal attitudes, legal considerations, and perhaps even personal beliefs that shape the administration's approach to drug policy.


In navigating this problem, it becomes apparent that the intersection of politics, public opinion, and evolving social norms plays a significant role in shaping the administration's stance on cannabis. Representative Dean Phillips' call for Biden to experience cannabis firsthand serves not only as a provocative challenge but also as a symbolic gesture to prompt a reconsideration of the policies that differentiate between substances with varying degrees of societal acceptance. As the nation grapples with the ongoing discourse on drug policy reform, understanding Biden's position on cannabis within the context of a permissive alcohol policy becomes essential in comprehending the complexities of modern drug regulation.


Dean Phillips' Advocacy for Drug Policy Reform


In the realm of drug policy reform, Representative Dean Phillips emerges as a vocal advocate for change, particularly concerning marijuana legalization and addressing the consequences of cannabis-related criminalization. The congressman's unwavering commitment to these issues reflects a broader push to reshape the nation's approach to drug regulation, moving beyond the traditional narratives surrounding cannabis.


Phillips, in his bid for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, consistently champions federal marijuana legalization. This advocacy stems from recognising the shifting public sentiment toward cannabis and a desire to align federal policies with the evolving attitudes across various states. By scrutinizing Phillips' proposals and legislative efforts, we gain insight into the potential trajectory of drug policy reform nationally.


Central to Phillips' advocacy is the call for relief for individuals who have been criminalized for cannabis possession. He emphasizes the need to address the disproportionate impact of cannabis-related convictions on marginalized communities, echoing a broader movement for criminal justice reform. This subheading explores the specifics of Phillips' proposals, shedding light on the potential societal and legal ramifications of his envisioned changes to the current drug policy landscape. As the nation grapples with questions of equity and justice in drug-related offenses, Phillips' initiatives become a focal point in the ongoing discourse surrounding comprehensive drug policy reform.


Ohio Elections and the Disconnect with Biden


The aftermath of the recent Ohio elections has laid bare a growing schism between President Joe Biden and a substantial segment of the Democratic voter base, a sentiment underscored by Representative Dean Phillips. A telling exit poll from Ohio has unveiled a stark disparity in opinions, particularly among voters who endorsed the legalization of abortion and cannabis. Notably, only 25% of these voters supported a potential re-election bid by Joe Biden, suggesting a notable fracture within the Democratic constituency.


Dean Phillips, in his critical assessment of Biden's dwindling support among Democrats, draws attention to what he perceives as a divergence between the entrenched political establishment in Washington, D.C., and the evolving sentiments of the broader American public. This subheading scrutinizes the nuances of the exit poll results, dissecting the contributing factors behind Biden's diminishing appeal across key demographics. As the political landscape transforms, comprehending the implications of these findings becomes paramount in unraveling the intricate dynamics within the Democratic Party and, by extension, the broader spectrum of American political allegiances.


Bottom Line


Representative Dean Phillips' unconventional challenge to President Joe Biden, urging him to experience cannabis firsthand, underscores the deep-seated disparities in U.S. drug policy. The juxtaposition of a lenient approach to alcohol and strict penalties for cannabis use exposes a perceived hypocrisy that Phillips aims to address. The article highlights Phillips' broader advocacy for comprehensive drug policy reform, emphasizing federal marijuana legalization and relief for those affected by cannabis-related criminalization. Furthermore, the critique of Biden's diminishing support among Democrats, especially in the context of the recent Ohio elections, points to a widening gap between the political establishment and the evolving sentiments of the American public. This multifaceted exploration sheds light on the intricate dynamics shaping drug policy, political allegiances, and societal attitudes in the contemporary American landscape.





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