homegrown cannabis is the best
homegrown cannabis is the best

7 Reasons Why Homegrown Cannabis is the Best Weed You Will Ever Smoke in Your Life

Why does homegrown weed taste and smoke the best?

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Sep 6, 2023

homegrown cannabis is the best

I first caught the growing bug back when I was a dumb sixteen-year-old. Managed to sprout about 20 plants behind the garage one summer before my old-school dad found them. He wasn't thrilled, to put it mildly. We didn't talk about it, but all those little green ladies got uprooted and thrown in the trash next day.


It wasn't until my twenties after moving out that I really dove into the cultivation game. Those first successful harvests producing fat, frosty nugs convinced me - I was going to grow my own bud from then on. And after honing my skills over the years, I'm here to tell you homegrown is the absolute best cannabis you can smoke. Here's why:


Reason 1: Your Positive Energy


When you nurture plants from seed to harvest, every step is infused with care and good vibrations. As you trim and cure those buds with patience and gratitude, all that energy transfers over. We know from experiments that even just talking nicely to plants helps them grow. So imagine what channeling all your positive intentions can do! Homegrown cannabis captures that metaphysical essence you impart.


This means that if you grow a plant to ease a particular ailment, you’re actually helping to shape your expectation of the experience. Furthermore, your brain registered every time you gave your plants love and helped them flourish. This is why when you smoke your own weed, it hits differently. Because it’s already vibing at your frequency.


Reason 2: Delayed Gratification


Growing cannabis trains your mind in the lost art of delayed gratification. You learn to pour effort, research, and diligence into a long-term vision. The process requires patience as those seeds sprout, leaves reach for the light, and crystals form. But the payoff after curing a perfect batch is so worth it. You learn good things come to those who wait and work.


I found that this skill translated into other areas of my life. It showed me that everything has their time and when I learned this, I stopped trying to force reality and simply allowed it to grow. Cannabis also gives you a lot of other life lessons, but I decided on seven reasons and this I think has the greatest ROI.


Reason 3: It's Way Cheaper


Once you get setup after the initial equipment investments, home growing your own cannabis is just pennies on the dollar. With a little know-how you can churn out far more bud for way less than dispensary prices. As long as you avoid costly mistakes, you can dial-in an efficient system producing maximum flower at minimal expense.

For starters, if you have a relatively secure back yard, you could easily grow 3-4 plants without any major hiccup. As I’ve written before, just keep it a secret. Remember not everyone is as stoked about cannabis as you are. Therefore, if you keep it your secret, you should be able to cultivate without any problems time and time again.


Out door cultivation, while it can bring with it issues of pests, provides the best bang for your buck. It’s essentially you needing to have good soil, water and sunlight, and the plant will take care of itself. Of course, you could be brewing your own teas and what not to help the growth, but the plant can handle it all by herself!


Reason 4: Bonus Charras!


The best part of harvesting as any connoisseur knows - finger hash from sticky trichome glands! After a long trim session your scissors will be caked in precious kief. Gather up those resin glands and you've got great smokeable hash and concentrate fodder. The plant provides more than just flower to enjoy.


These are those “hidden benefits” of growing. You get a lot of extra stuff, and eventually, that adds up. I had a buddy of mine who had a large coffee tin full of kief. He would randomly scoop out some, press it with a pollen press, and then make his makeshift hash on demand. Since it was a bunch of different strains, the combination created its own unique blend. We called it “Frankenstein Hash” and it was surely a beast.


Reason 5: Cured to Your Specs


With homegrown you control the curing process from start to finish. No guessing how the shop cured their latest batch - you dial in the precise duration and conditions for optimal terpenes and smoothness. Get to know your strains' ideal cure length down to a science. And you oversee storage and preservation.


This is excellent because eventually you’ll learn your own preferences. And with this, you can begin experiment with “long cured” and “short cured”, you can also make bubble hash from the leaf, which is always nice!


Reason 6: Sense of Accomplishment


When you smoke a big joint of your homegrown bud, you instantly feel that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You envision the journey from seed to smoke, and think "I made this!" All the care given comes back tenfold. That pride and happiness infuses the whole experience.


It’s about reaching your goal, knowing that you put in time and effort to help bring this bud into your life and there is definitely something that moves on the inside of a grower after their first successful harvest. I think, this is one of the reasons why it becomes so addictive to grow cannabis.


Reason 7: Sharing the Fruits of Your Labor


Once you get consistent results, there's no better feeling than gifting buds to friends. Seeing them enjoy the bounty of your harvest bonds you together. Spreading the cannabis you lovingly grew can form an amazing community. Before you know it, your pals will be sharing their homegrown too!


It’s great when you have a small community of growers sharing, that way you also don’t get bored of the same strains and you and your friends can get organized to grow different strains, some for dabs, others for tinctures – you can get wild!



I don't know about you, but reasons like those are why I'll always grow my own. The connections formed with plants, the gratification of a job done right, the quality and savings - homegrown cannabis brings it all together. Once you grow your own, you see that the best weed you'll ever smoke starts from a little seed in your hands. The journey is the destination!


Cannabis embodies this phrase perfectly and I hope that after reading these seven reasons, you too feel inspired to get some dirt and plant a seed!





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