Cactus six shooter strains
Cactus six shooter strains

An Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Cannabis Strain All Pre-Loaded in One Vape Pen? - Cactus Six Shooter Review

Can you take a puff of a mixture of indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis in one decive?

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Reginald Reefer on Saturday Aug 5, 2023

cactus six shoorter review

I’ve been smoking cannabis for over twenty years. I’ve tried it in many different forms, but I typically go back to smoking flower mainly because I enjoy growing, and I love the whole ritual of rolling. However, over the past week I decided to buy a few devices and test them out.


“It’s been a while”, I thought – so I went to a friend who owns a headshop, asked him for a few of his devices and started vaping.


The device that caught my attention most was the “Cactus Six Shooter” which was a 3-in-1 vaporizer with three different strains in it. It’s also Delta-11 Live Resin.


The three strains I had was OG Kush (Indica), Gorilla Glue (Hybrid) and Bruce Banner (Sativa) with each chamber having 2 grams, hence the “six shooter”.


The day I got it, I decided to only take a few tokes from the Gorilla Glue and it gave me a very pleasant high for a few hours. I also only had to take 2 hits for it to last for quite some time.


Throughout the rest of the week, I decided to test the different strains at different times to see which would be the most effective way of using these different strains to maximize productivity, sleep, appetite, etc.


In this article, I’m going to provide a detailed breakdown of these experiments and hopefully this could help new stoners in finding the best combination of strains to maximize their personal development.


So without any further delay – let’s dive into the review!


3-in-1 convenience


Let’s start by saying that this was the first time I purchased a 3-in-1 device, where it had 2 grams of three different strains. This to me was quite ingenious, especially for new tokers who don’t quite know yet which strains they prefer.


The way the device works is quite simple. You have a small switch at the bottom that has three settings. On the far left, you have your indica, on the far right the sativa and smack dab in the middle we have the hybrid strain.


Once it’s in place, you simply turn it on, and take your hit. Simple!


This was something that was worth mentioning.


Now let’s start talking about the different effects of each of the strains.


Indica – OG Kush


This classic will never die – unless of course we create too many hybrid strains and breed it out of existence. I didn’t start off with this strain as I purchased the device in the afternoon and didn’t want to get all “couch-lockey” and thus decided to start with the hybrid instead.


Nonetheless, later that night, right before bed I decided to try the “night time strain”. I took my first hit, and then a second. I coughed a bit, but all in all it was quite smooth. It took about 15 minutes for my body to start to relax and it only got more intense over time (nothing of concern).


I simply laid back, my mind started wandering, my body was relaxed. It was a definite pleasurable experience. After about 20 minutes I dozed off and had a wonderful rest.


HOWEVER, the next day, I partook too much of the Indica strain (4 hits total) and once again the body high set in, except, this time I could also feel my mouth drying out a bit more. I forgot just how much cottonmouth an indica strain could produce.


I went for some water, and then dozed off. However, at 3 AM, my cotton mouth came back and I had to get a drink of water. Getting out of bed I immediately felt that deep sedated feeling. I was wobbly and “thick”. I got some water, and crashed in a matter of minutes.


Ultimately, I understood that you don’t want to overdo the Indica before bed as this might actually be a bit counterproductive to getting a full night’s sleep. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a “nighttime strain” for a reason.


Very good body high, very fast acting…and if you just close your eyes and allow your thoughts to dance in your mind – you’ll quickly sleep.


All in all, a wonderful experience!


Hybrid Strain – Gorilla Glue


Also a great strain, the Gorilla Glue was the first hit I experienced from this device. It hit smooth, the high was pleasant – not too cerebral and not too corporal. It was a nice blend right in the middle. I found this to be a perfect strain for “day smoking” as it didn’t get my mind racing as a sativa would, but also got me relaxed enough to concentrate and get shit done.


I think most people should start off with hybrid strains, especially if they are new to the world of cannabis. It’s probably the best bet to have a great experience, without getting any of the polarizing effects of Sativa or Indica strains.


Nonetheless, this was definitely one of those strains I would continue to smoke if I want to get some work done!


Sativa Strain – Burce Banner

By far the most “fun” strain and it definitely gets you energized and ready to do stuff – just not work related stuff. At least for me, the Sativa strain got me giddy and energized, but my mind was wandering too much to concentrate on something like writing.


Rather, I was compelled to grab my guitar or go for a walk or something. I didn’t want to be locked in a house. I wanted out!


Therefore, I realized that while Sativa strains are technically “daytime strains”, they might not be the best for productivity. They are great for things like;


  • Working out

  • Being creative

  • Enjoying time socializing

  • Outdoorsy stuff!


Sativa strains are also typically responsible for people feeling that spike of anxiety from being “too high” and considering that your mind will wander a lot, it’s best to take one hit, wait about fifteen minutes and gauge your mental state.


Nonetheless, I absolutely enjoyed this one too – it was definitely a powerhouse of a strain. Good ol’ Bruce never fails to Hulk on you…


After one week of use


Now, let’s talk about best practices. Obviously, this is some pure subjective stuff…but I would think my 20+ years of toking experience would add some weight to my opinion.


Firstly, I’d like to address a modern reefer madness idea that “the more potent the weed the more dangerous!”


While I’m sure there may be some potential risks we aren’t aware of yet, the truth of the matter is that my cannabis consumption dropped dramatically since I purchased the “Six Shooter”. I don’t need to take many tokes throughout the day. In fact, the shit is so strong I decided to not smoke in the mornings until I finish my work.


I don’t want to get side tracked from my activities and while cannabis is a great drug (yes I call it a drug), it’s definitely something that has the potential to interfere with whatever activities you got going on – especially if it’s deep concentration on boring stuff.


Nonetheless, the fact that the weed is stronger than the average stuff I buy from my local hookup, means that I consume far less cannabis. Sure it’s more potent, but similar to hard liquor, you don’t need much to get you going.


Therefore, the only people who might potentially experience negative side effects are those who excessively smoke high potency devices. As for myself personally, I’ve definitely seen a drop in frequency of consumption since using it. In fact, I haven’t even smoked a joint in over a week.


Next, with a device like this you really have an “on-the-go-solution” for virtually any situation. If you need to sleep/relax, take a few hits of indica. If you need to just take the edge off – the hybrid works. If you want to be social and get out, take the Sativa.


All of it conveniently fits into your pocket as the device itself is very small. Costing only $50 USD (or $37 on discount), this Delta-9 device definitely has bang for its buck. For the average stoner, this one purchase could last you a few weeks. For the mild smoker – it could even last you for up to a month!


Many people agree with me when they say that this device is awesome. Here are some customer reviews:


strain reviews on

As you can see that the Six Shooter is a crowd pleasure and for good reason. It’s cost effective, it’s portable, it’s got a wide range of “high” and is perfect for someone who just wants to get into cannabis toking without the smoke.


The Sticky Bottom line


Will I ever drop flower? Of course not. I like to grow weed, but I do appreciate new cannatech coming to the market like the Six Shooter. If you haven’t tried this yet, hopefully this “review” can set you on the right path!





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