gas mask bongs
gas mask bongs

Gas Mask Bong - Is It Worth Getting One?

What is a gas mask bong and why do they work better than other bongs?

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The Undercover Stoner on Sunday Sep 12, 2021

Gas Mask Bongs: Is It Worth Getting One?

gas mask bongs that work

Although the use of cannabis or marijuana remains controversial to this date, it’s never been more popular. Aside from the general population’s growing awareness about the medicinal properties of the plant, especially its non-psychoactive compound, cannabidiol (CBD), more countries and states are also reforming their laws to decriminalize the use of marijuana.  

Following the legalization and regulation of marijuana for both medical and recreational uses, its production continues to rise steadily. 

On the recreational side, it has brought about new ways for users to elevate their smoking experience. With this, more specialty shops and retailers are coming up with attractive yet functional add-ons, which may appeal to both casual smokers and cannabis lovers. 

As a result, a steady supply of accessories, such as decorative grinders, handcrafted rolling papers, stylish lighters, and gas mask bongs are making their way to more corner stores, head shops, and even music and art festivals. 

Meet The Gas Mask Bong

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your weed, using a gas mask bong may be worth a try. Gas mask bongs or weed gas masks may be popular as novelty items but they get the job done and may even give a stronger high through ‘hotboxing’ or smoking in an enclosed space to get higher smoke concentrations. 

Gas mask bongs are simple contraptions that you strap your head into and light up to take a hit, similar to how you’d use a glass bong but with a tighter enclosure. They’re primarily gas masks with adjustable straps and transparent eye lenses with an added detachable bong on its mouthpiece for a hands-free experience.

The entire contraption is quite simple. The adjustable straps are used to fasten the mask tightly onto your head, which prevents the smoke from escaping through gaps, while the transparent eye lenses will help you see what’s going on around you. On the other hand, the detachable bong, similar to any water pipe, is where you’ll be taking the hit. 

Getting Higher With Less Stash 

Using a gas mask bong is similar to a regular bong, except that you have to slide the entire mask onto your head. First, you need to prepare your bong by filling it with water. Then fill the bowl with ground buds. You can choose to manually break up the marijuana into smaller pieces by hand, removing the seeds and stems, or you may use a grinder for convenience and better quality.

Second, be familiar with the mask. Gas masks may come with different straps and buckles so it’s ideal to test them out first to make sure you won’t have a hard time putting them on and taking them off. It’s also a must to take off jewelry such as nose piercings or earrings to avoid tugging on them while putting on the mask. 

Finally, slide the mask onto your head, fasten the straps, and pull to tighten. Make sure that the edges fit properly to avoid any smoke from seeping out. Once your mask is placed snugly, it’s time to take a hit. Ignite the bowl with a lighter and clear the chamber by inhaling slowly. Keep in mind to only take in what you can handle. Most gas mask bongs come with an exit valve while some have small holes, which you can use to exhale smoke. When you’re done, simply disconnect the bong and remove the mask.


Compared to a conventional glass bong, using a gas mask bong may offer more benefits. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Portable

Glass bongs can be very delicate to carry as they’re prone to breakages. On the contrary, most gas mask bongs use non-fragile materials. Silicone masks and acrylic bongs are durable and lightweight, which makes them easy to carry with you wherever you go. 

  • Detachable

Gas mask bongs have detachable parts that are easy to clean and store conveniently. Plus, they can be used separately, so using a plain gas mask or just the bong on its own won’t be a problem.

  • Fun Designs

Perhaps what makes a gas mask bong a popular novelty item is because it’s highly customizable. You can find masks made from popular movie themes and remarkable characters, from Star Wars-themed Darth Vader masks to every Marvel superhero you can think of, the choices are endless. 

  • Better High

Perhaps the top reason why many people try out gas mask bongs is that they help increase the high through hotboxing. Although there’s no scientific backing, some users believe that smoking in an unventilated space or using a mask may intensify the effects of marijuana by reducing oxygen. After constraining the brain’s oxygen supply, users expect to get a better high coming out of the hot box.


Like any product, using a gas mask bong may also have its downsides. If you’ve been thinking to buy your first gas mask bong, make sure to take these into account too:

  • Irritation

One disadvantage of using a gas mask bong is the irritation it may cause on your face, particularly your eyes. Since the gas mask is air-tight, smoke gets trapped inside, causing some particles to come into contact with your eyes. Due to the heavy smoke, some symptoms may include dry eyes and excessive tearing. However, you can avoid this by just closing your eyes during use.

  • Limited Use

Because of the higher smoke concentrations, gas mask bongs are not ideal for daily use. It’s also not for longer smoking sessions. This means that it can’t be your go-to paraphernalia if that’s what you’re looking for. Since it’s more of a novelty item, recreational users often buy one to add to their unique collection.

  • Impractical For Sharing

If you prefer to share smoking with friends, using a gas mask bong may be inconvenient and impractical. Unlike joints and regular glass bongs, passing along a gas mask bong can be challenging and time-consuming because you have to remove the mask and unfasten its buckles each time.

Is It Worth Getting? 

The gas mask bong is a novelty item that can be a great addition to your paraphernalia collection if you have one. Using it has its advantages such as its portability, high customizability, and unique designs. And of course, it may give you a better high. However, it’s not practical for sharing and is also best for occasional use only. The poor ventilation may also irritate the skin and eyes. 

Overall, getting a gas mask bong will depend entirely on the quality of smoke you want and how often you do it. If you love unique paraphernalia and want to get the most of your stash and not waste smoke, but do not mind the few inconveniences, getting a gas mask bong may be well worth it. 








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