hot weather and getting high on cannabis
hot weather and getting high on cannabis

How Does the Summer Heat Affect Your Cannabis High?

Does the hot Summer weather help or hurt your ability to get high on weed?

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DanaSmith on Sunday Jul 17, 2022

hot weather cannabis high

The Effect of Summer Heat On Your Cannabis High


The warm outdoor temperatures this summer are an invitation to get high and enjoy all your favorite hot weather activities. But let’s be real: weed is damn good any time of the year, even during the winter.


But did you know that blazing hot temperatures has an impact on your cannabis high – in more ways than one? Summer heat is notorious for weakening weed and degrading it, but it’s also interesting to note that when you consume during this time of year, it can help you stay cool.


Read on below to learn all about what you should be doing with your bud this summer.


Weed Has a Cooling Ability


Several studies have shown that marijuana can cool the body’s temperature, which comes in handy especially during heat waves this summer. Researchers discovered that THC interacts with vanilloid receptors.


According to Emma Chasen, cofounder of Eminent Consulting and a cannabis educator: “Cannabis can alter your body temperature as many compounds act as homeostatic agents, helping the body to achieve balance.”


“Cannabinoids can engage with the endocannabinoid system in the hypothalamus and influence temperature regulation, while also engaging with the vanilloid receptor family (TRPA-1, TRPM8, etc),” Chasen tells Medmen. “The vanilloid receptors modulate our sensation of heat and pain and therefore, when engaged by cannabinoids may help to numb our sensation of feeling hot,” she says.


She does warn that while cannabis can help your body cool down, don’t rely on cannabis solely. “When using cannabis in the summer, it is still important to recognize that it may not prevent you from overheating,” she explains. “You still need to drink plenty of water and take breaks from the hot sun,” she adds.


Other research points to the ability of one to increase tolerance THC’s cooling effects in the body, based on animal studies. This can explain why some of us shiver when we’re high, wanting to do nothing more than crawl under a blanket and snuggle up to relax.


Consider Administration Routes That Act Much Quicker


In order to benefit from the cooling properties of marijuana, it’s best to consume through products that are known to have a quicker onset. This means that summer may not be the best time to partake in edibles.


Instead, try cannabis beverages and cocktails. The hot heat is the perfect time to experiment and indulge in these delicious craft beverages provided that they are made with nanoemulsion technology, ensuring that you feel its effects much faster – often within just a few minutes. These will help you stay hydrated and cool in no time.


You may also want to take sublingual tinctures, vapes, and even cannabis concentrates (for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts) to help activate the cooling response much faster.


Store Your Vape Gadgets Properly


High-quality cannabis vapes don’t come cheap, so be sure that they are always stored properly. This is especially crucial in the summer because when vape devices are exposed to extreme temperatures, this can cause it to leaks, cracks, malfunctioning, and even weakening of the cannabis oil.


Even a mild change in temperature can risk the glass cartridges shattering and breaking. Always keep your vapes in cool room temperatures and in a well-ventilated place, ideally in 70F temperatures.


Make Sure Your Edibles Are Stored In The Right Place


Keeping edible products in your kitchen or pantry may be a good idea the rest of the year, but you may have to rethink it if there are risks for heat waves in your area. Edible chocolates and candies can be prone to melting, and high heat can make the THC effect almost useless.


Edibles should always be kept in a cool, dark place in an air-tight container. Exposure to sunlight can damage its overall quality and potency. If you’ve purchased edibles in bulk, you may want to consider freezing some of them if you won’t be consuming them anytime soon since it can extend the shelf life without significantly affecting quality, potency, or flavor. However, if it’s time to consume the edibles, allow it to defrost slowly because any sudden changes in temperature will affect its taste and consistency.


Keep Your Bud Away from The Heat


Simply storing your weed in ziplocks or plastic bags the rest of the year may be fine, but during the summer you may have to shift up your storage strategy. Sunlight and heat are among the biggest enemies of bud, so it’s worth looking into buying an airtight glass container.


Remember that airtight plastic can cause buds to sweat, so glass is always recommended especially for long-term storage. Specially made products for marijuana such as air-tight glass jars that block out ultraviolet rays are great if you have the budget to do so, particularly if your home has several windows. Keep it in a closet and only reach out for it if it’s time to hit a puff or two.


If you have a big bulk of bud this summer, you may also want to consider humidity packs. These are already available in different humidity levels, ensuring that the quality of your bud stays fresh beyond summer.



Note: These rules also apply to CBD products. Just like THC, CBD is prone to degradation in the summer heat. Keep your CBD oils in a cool, place; these products are not cheap and only a few minutes of ensuring they are stored properly will make sure your investment is protected from the effects of the hot sun.








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