Lion Paw cannabis strain
Lion Paw cannabis strain

Is the Lion Paw Marijuana Strain, aka Chiesel, Worth the Hype?

What is the Lion Paw cannabis strain?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Oct 7, 2021

Strain Review: Lion Paw, aka Chiesel Weed

lions paw marijuana strain

One of the most striking things about cannabis is the versatility it offers with its numerous strains. You can enjoy your cannabis by testing various themes until you find the ones you like. Another way of searching for the perfect strain is to read about the different strains available and then try them out while looking for what you read. 


The details of the strain

Strain name: Lion Paw, also known as Chiesel

Breeder: the J-Trees of family origins. 

The height varies depending on the growing process.

The flowering stage is 56-63 days. 

The Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis etc. ratio is at 50 Sativa/ 50 Indica

There are nearly 200 words that describe the origin of the strain and what it looks like, and how it will grow. 


The Lion Paw 

This marijuana is from the Lion Ridge Family farm and is also a phenotype of the viral “Chiesel strain” categorized as Diesel x Big Buddha Cheese. However, this strain is distinct from the famous Chiesel strain because its lineage can be traced to Chem 91, known as the Vermont Diesel. 

There are three Chiesel phenotypes offered to the Lion Ridge Family Farm over ten years ago by J-Trees, and they include: Chiesel 4, Chiesel 12, with Chiesel 18, and Chiesel 12 is now known as Lion Paw. The Lion Paw strain has become the most potent, flavorful, dynamic, and aromatic option. 

Lion Paw is also a great yielder regardless of if it is indoors, mixed-light, or Sungrown. The crop yields very dense, beautiful bud formations with dark orange hairs. 

This incredible hybrid strain offers thick and firm stalks that have large indica types of leaves. Note that this strain is a heat-tolerant one, and it produces even more in the Ukiah valley since the temperature is over 100 degrees in summer.

Lion Paw can be viewed as being cold-hardy; it accommodates some light frosts while uncovered and will always create deep purple leaves with a bit of purple at the lowery area when the growth happens in cold extension.

Although your Sungrown Chiesel crops can get you to about 12 ft. if it is not tapped, generally, the Lion Paws is much more compact, bushier, and wider, hence why many people prefer it to other strains. When kept indoors, they will have a more compact height and can stretch even broader and shorter than Sour Diesel users who enjoy stretching up high. 


The taste (lit up and unburned)

Whenever you encounter a new strain, the first question you probably ask is, “What does it taste like?” Well, when it is unburned, the first taste to get to your palate is an earthy gas taste, with the terpenes leaving a cooling sensation in your mouth. 

You will also taste pine and menthol-based sensation in your lungs and throat than with a fruity after-taste. The taste is about the same but with a more robust diesel flavor taking over your mouth when it is lit up.


The scent (heated and unburned)

The Lion paw strain is organically grown, so the first thing that will grab your attention is the powerful scent that hits your nose for the first time. The smell is a mix of heavy dirt, earth, and gas, which Chem 91 is famous for. Then these are followed by a citrus-based fruit funk that will remind you of cheese. When you burn your strain, you will get the diesel scent that will stand out for a while.


What do dried and crumbled bud looks like?

Yes, I know you are curious about the look and feel of the dried buds. They are dense in appearance, very light in color, look compact but frosty. The buds also have dark orange hairs that are impossible to miss. Try getting the buds so you have a direct experience feeling, touching and tasting it.


The speed of high onset

The Lion paw is powerful! Its robust feel makes it possible for high onset to come immediately. Since this is a potent strain, you are advised to go easy when you take it first. Also, please ascertain your tolerance level when you try new cannabis strains and take an amount that will be just right for you. 


Long-lasting high

If you purchase excellent weed, you want to ensure that it gives you high and long-lasting highs. The Lion Paw is incredibly good with offering long-lasting highs as its test to be as high as 30% THC regardless of if it is grown outdoors or indoors. 


Unrivaled types of high

Two words capture the feeling you get when you are high on Lion paw, and those words are: incredibly uplifting! You will feel a long-lasting euphoric and inspiring feeling which will be like nothing you’ve ever had before. 

Remember that this is a 50/50 Sativa train that works in the daytime as well as nighttime. If you use it in the day, you will feel uplifted, highly creative, and keen on ensuring peak productivity. It can also work as an excellent nightcap that relaxes your muscles, thus feeling relaxed as you slip into the dream world. 


Medical qualities 

The Lion Paw also gives medical services that are not full-blown on the island. It helps induce hunger, relieves pain, boosts sleep, and it is a muscle relaxant. Lion Paw can provide relief from anxiety while promoting the user’s sense of happiness and well-being. 


Bottom Line

So now you know all about the Lion Paw strain, are you willing to give it a try? You should and afterward go ahead to explore other strains for a more balanced and exciting cannabis experience. There are many exciting cannabis strains you can try out there but since you have just discovered Lion paw, use this review as a motivation to go for it. 

Some people develop a love for a particular cannabis strain only after giving it a try at different times. From the details in this review, it is evident that the Lion paw is a top-tier strain, and you deserve such a top-tier marijuana experience at all times.








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