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preroll tips

What Should You Look for When Buying Cannabis Pre-Rolls? (Buyer's Guide)

Tips for Buying Marijuana Pre-Rolls: What Should You Be Looking For When Buying Pre-Rolls?

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DanaSmith on Thursday May 19, 2022


Whether you’re new to the world of marijuana or you just want to try something new, pre-rolls are awesome.


In essence, pre-rolls are joints that are already professionally rolled, usually by a machine. These are sold individually or by packs, but most importantly they make it so much easier and simpler to enjoy a good smoke. The work’s been cut out for you; everyone can enjoy pre-rolls including people who already know how to roll a joint.


Pre-rolls are amazing for so many reasons. They are so convenient to consume, which are perfect for beginners but it’s no surprise that even seasoned cannabis users love them too. You save time when consuming them too, plus they come in a wide array of sizes and strains to choose from. They also come in various price ranges, from affordable and budget-friendly, to high-end and even luxurious.


With so many pre-rolled joints available on the market, how do you choose one that’s right for you? Fret no more, check out our handy guide below:


  • Type of pre-roll: Pre-rolls may be made from flower, shake, or a mixture of both. Shake is basically small bits of cannabis flower that has fallen off the bud; these are what you’ll find in the floors of cannabis dispensaries or the mason jars that hold your bud.


Some manufacturers make pre-rolls out of the shake taken from a variety of strains then automate the joint making process with machines, resulting in these perfect cones to smoke. But just because a cone is filled with shake doesn’t mean that the quality is bad; you just have to make sure that the shake doesn’t contain any leaves or stems.


  • Buy from a reputable manufacturer: Not only will you have peace of mind that you know exactly what went into each pre roll cone, but reputable cannabis manufacturers will be completely transparent and provide you with information on how they grow or process their cannabis.


If organic cannabis is important to you, then seek those out. For others, they prefer craft grown cannabis or marijuana that has been grown in a certain area. There’s no right or wrong answer – it all boils down to personal preferences. If you’re shelling out serious dough on luxury pre-rolls, the smartest thing to do would be to look out for those that are worth spending on. This usually means companies that provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA).


  • Strain: Check the strain used in the pre-roll. Each cannabis strain has its own profile of effects, but again it will boil down to your own personal preferences. If you are after an uplifting and energizing high that won’t make you sleepy, opt for an sativa strain. On the other hand, if you want something to help you wind down at the end of the day or help you go to sleep, opt for an indica.


Hybrids offer the best of both words, but it’s always recommended to do your own research. You may have also had experience with a strain that you loved in the past – check out your dispensary for pre-rolls of this strain, or perhaps a budtender can recommend something similar that you would like.


  • Ask your budtender: If you’re a newbie to cannabis, budtenders are your best friend. They can provide trustworthy and up-to-date inside information on the best pre-rolls in the market based on your needs, preferences, and budget. It’s always better to get the advice of someone knowledgeable in the industry rather than spending your hard-earned money on questionable pre-rolls sold on the black market because you never really know what goes into them.


  • Use your nose: By taking a good sniff from the top of the pre-roll container, you can have a pretty good idea if it’s quality weed that they used inside it. The mix of fresh terpenes (citrus, floral, strong weed smells) and a potent aroma is all you need to know that you are getting premium bud inside each cone.


However, if your nose is having a hard time deciphering the aroma, you may be getting into a dry or old cannabis batch. Furthermore, if you detect a woodsy smell that reminds you of tree bark, this could also mean that there are bits of stems that may have been used in the mix.



Enjoying Your Pre-Roll


There’s no hidden or special technique needed to enjoy your pre-rolls. Just light it up correctly the way you would light a cigarette, ensuring that the entire cylinder is evenly lit. Afterwards, put it between your lips and take a few puffs to strengthen the burn.


That’s all it takes! If you can’t finish your pre-roll, simply snuff it out carefully and save it for a later time.


Storing Your Pre-Roll


If you are buying several pre-rolls or a package of multiple sticks, you want to ensure that they are kept fresh for future consumption. Place them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. If you have a spare mason jar at home where you can tuck them in then keep them in a close, this is even better.


Other options include cigar tubes, if you have some lying around, since these are already built to be airtight. You may also have a Ziplock, glass Tupperware, or any other glass jar – these work perfectly fine in keeping the air out. Just ensure that the pre-rolls are protected from being squished if you intend to travel with it.








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