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Red Eyes

Why getting stoned gives you red eyes… and how to deal with it

Are Red Eyes Bad For You?

Posted by DanaSmith on Wednesday Feb 15, 2017
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Are Red Eyes Bad For You?



Why getting stoned gives you red eyes… and how to deal with it


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My assumption is that there are 3 other companies benefiting from marijuana legalization:


  1. Taco Bell

  2. Netflix

  3. Clear Eyes


One of the classic tell-tale signs of being stoned is the red eye. While it’s considered to be a common occurrence some people are completely immune to it. Chances are, if you’re a chronic smoker, you’ll eventually develop a resistance to red eyes after smoking unless you belong to the minority who have a cannabis allergy and manifest red eyes during exposure to the stuff.



In fact, the main reason why the eyes become red after smoking pot is also the same reason why marijuana is used as treatment for glaucoma. Consuming THC lowers blood pressure, which then results in the dilation of capillaries and blood vessels. When the ocular capillaries dilate, blood flow to the eyes are increased and intraocular pressure is then reduced. The added blood flow results in red eyes while the pressure decrease benefits patients who are suffering from glaucoma.



In other words, red eyes isn’t actually a sign that something is going wrong in your body.



These reactions also explain the different reactions that people get when they smoke with strains containing varying levels of THC. Smoking a strain with a low THC content can result in mild red eyes, if any at all. But smoking a strain that is high in THC can lead to bloodshot eyes.  



Red eyes can happen anytime you consume THC, even if you don’t smoke it. Eating edibles can also give you red eyes, because it’s the cannabinoids that are responsible for giving you that colored glassy stare. Thankfully, red eyes only usually last for a while - a few hours max, unless you’ve smoked 5 joints.



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How To Deal With Red Eyes



Red eyes shouldn’t be a big deal. A few drops of Clear Eyes should do the trick, and this is also why most potheads already know to add this essential tool to their marijuana kits. However, many stoners also prefer to be as discreet as possible. Here are some ways you can manage or reduce red eyes effectively:




  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and reduce the dryness in the eyes that commonly accompanies bloodshot eyes after smoking.


  • If you’re just staying at home, let the red eyes do its thing and it’ll go away on its own eventually. There are no side effects, it won’t get you sick, and it won’t make you feel bad.


  • When you get the munchies, opt for food that constrict the blood vessels. Good examples include coffee and chocolate.


  • If you’re heading outside during the day, just put on some sunglasses to keep your hit discreet even during social encounters. For many, red eyes persist when exposed to the sun, so this trick benefits daytime smokers.





  • Try these natural remedies:


  • Soak two cotton balls in rose water, then place them on closed eyes for 15 minutes. If you don’t have any rose water, cucumbers make a good substitute.


           ​Place an ice pack on top of your eyelids for 5 minutes on each eye.


  • Boil fennel seeds in water, cool the mixture in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, then gently wash your eyes with it.



Red eyes are no big deal!



What are your favorite ways for dealing with red eyes? Share with us in the comments below!











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