Malawi Gold
Malawi Gold

Malawi Gold - The Gold Standard Strain for Sativa Lovers?

Malawi Gold strain review and how it is getting so hot so fast!

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Malawi Gold - The Gold Standard Strain for Sativa Lovers?

Malawi gold strain

Malawi Gold, popularly referred to as Malawian cannabis, is one of the most extremely rare Sativa strains. It is predominantly grown in Malawi and exported to the west. For a very long time, Malawi Gold has been regarded as the finest marijuana strains to be grown on the African continent. Its rarity in the west adds to its allure. Consumers of this weed strain say that it got them feeling mentally uplifted and more focused on their work. The effects of Malawi Gold cause enthusiasts to search for this product. Some even go as far as visiting Malawi in search of the fabled drug.


Origin of Malawi Gold

This rare strain is originally from Africa. The best Malawi gold strain was traced back to the Salima region in Malawi.

In Salima, it is grown at the top of a high plateau. It is one of the top export products in the country, preservation is easy because the crop has extreme resistance to mold due to the hot and humid climate of Malawi.

In Malawi, it is commonly referred to as Ganja. The plant is used to create local hair food products. The oil is also extracted from the seeds to cure eye infections and toothache.

The genetic origin of the plant has not been determined.


Cultivation of Malawi Gold

The seeds of the plant can withstand various weather conditions and as such, they are easy to cultivate.

As mentioned earlier the best place for the outdoor growing of Malawi gold strain is done in Salima, Malawi. Farmers who have tried to grow the crop outside its usual habitat have experienced a  less than moderate-quality harvest.

The best way to plant Malawi gold in other parts of the world is indoors or in a warm greenhouse. However, the farmer has to be experienced to get the expected results from the plant.

When cultivated indoors, the farmers induce the flowering phase after a week or at most two weeks of the vegetative phase. It must not exceed two weeks because the plant has a rapid and enormous growth rate.

Indoor cultivation of the Malawi gold strain is about 10 to 12 weeks. The farmer can expect a total harvest of 625g per square meter.

To cultivate Malawi gold outdoors or in greenhouses, the recommended planting period is late October to early November. The yield expected at the harvest period can be about 850 to 1000g per plant stand.

A plant of Malawi gold can grow as high as 60cm (2ft).

The harvest period falls between April to May.

Due to the rapid growth rate of the Malawian cannabis plant, farmers use trellis-nets and other farming practices to control the growth of the plants


Characteristics of Malawi Gold

This rare strain is often considered a treat—a rare one at that. Its sweet and spicy buds make up for whatever harsh taste that could be tasted or smelled by a novice smoker after the buds have been ignited. It is important to state that the smoke of the Malawian weed is unlike that of other cannabis strains, it is smooth and has a lemon note which can be detected in its aftertaste—after it has been exhaled. Like other endearing Sativa strains, Malawi gold is desired for its ability to kick in quickly at an intense rate.



A regular Malawian cannabis plant has long tapered nugs. The plant itself is shaped like a Christmas tree during its vegetative to the flowering phase. Its fluffy appearance is a result of its uneven lead structure, A touch of the plant buds is incredibly sticky because it is composed of a high amount of trichome. You can as well say that it has a resemblance to the classic Thai Sativa strains.



The weed has a unique aroma that is unlike that of other cannabis buds. Some say the easiest way to describe the aroma is that it reminds them of some high-quality brands of candies. It has a fruity, citrus odor.



The herb has a rare flavor that is often hard to find in the cannabis world. When eaten, or inhaled as edibles or smoke respectively, the user will detect traces of berries, nuts, and sometimes coffee grounds.


Effects of Malawi Gold

Once the Malawi gold product has been ignited, it only takes a few moments for the effects to kick in. At the peak of the effects, the user is energized, clear-headed, and can still go about their daily activities. The effects feel like a fresh wave of cerebral energy that is guaranteed to leave the user laser-focused.

The seeds of the plant can withstand various weather conditions and as such, they are easy to cultivate.

Experienced users liken the strain to a morning cup of coffee. It is best to consume in the morning, as it increases the user's sense of awareness and keeps them alert.

Creatives use Malawi gold to get inspired for their current jobs. Artisans can also use Malawi gold for a fresh burst of strength to do their manual jobs.

New users of cannabis are advised to take care when using Malawi gold. The strain can induce minimal anxiety and paranoia in sensitive users and novice consumers. Experts suggest that little quantity of Malawi gold should be used at a time, till the user is certain of their threshold.


Medical Benefits of Malawi Gold

This strain has an intense therapeutic quality. Its rarity prevents it's from being as mainstream as it ought to be.

Malawi gold is a classic Sativa strain which when used can provide relief from stress, depression, and chronic fatigue.

Medical personnel prescribes Malawi gold strains for patients suffering from pains including headaches and intense migraines. Mental disorders like ADHD can be managed effectively with this strain. Malawian weed helps the user to retain focus in stressful moments.



Malawi Gold is better used by experienced cannabis users that can withstand the psychoactive effects. You can also use the drug to get motivation or purpose after a bleary night. With a long last energizing high like that induced by Malawi gold, it is not surprising that it is in high demand, despite its scarcity.








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