cannabis and nausea
cannabis and nausea

Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Nausea

Cannabis After Chemo Works Wonders For Sickness

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Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Nausea

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Using cannabis to treat nausea is one of the most well-documented and established cases of the plant’s medical use. Whether it’s morning sickness from pregnancy or nausea from chemotherapy treatment, cannabis is an effective, natural treatment that can instantly make you feel better.


Common medications prescribed to treat nausea, such as ondanestron, metoclopramide, and promethazine can cause serious side effects. These include dizziness, increased heartbeat, shortness of breath, headaches, fever, and weakness. Promethazine has been known to cause involuntary twitching throughout the body. Taking too much metoclopramide can even contribute to heart failure and nerve damage. Patients no longer need to worry about any side effects when using cannabis for nausea – it will even make you feel good!


Vomiting and nausea are common side effects of medications, or they can also be symptoms of an underlying disease. This is why cannabis should be included in every first-aid kit. Both THC and CBD have valuable properties that can provide quick relief from nausea. Smoking or vaping cannabis is the fastest way to obtain relief from nausea. Consuming edibles isn’t recommended for this medical use since this method takes 30-45 minutes to take effect.


Medical cannabis is also used to prevent motion sickness, because the most common side effects of motion sickness are nausea and vomiting. Individuals who are prone to experiencing motion sickness can also benefit from medicating before boarding without worrying about harmful side effects. Dymenhydrinate is commonly prescribed to treat motion sickness although it has extreme side effects including loss of consciousness or seizures. Medical cannabis is a perfectly safe alternative.


If you are looking to use cannabis to treat nausea, check out these top strains which are known for their efficacy in treating nausea:


  • OG Kush is a potent high THC strain; OG Kush delivers a uplifting and euphoric high that can ease nausea and vomiting. OG Kush is an excellent strain for those suffering from terminal diseases and depression because it’s one of the most popular happiness-inducing strains around. Depending where you source your cannabis, the OG Kush you get can have stronger indica or sativa effects. OG Kush has a more cerebral hit and is excellent for evening use.



  • Jack Herer has gained recognition among patients because of its numerous medical applications. In fact during the mid 1990’s this strain was sold by Dutch pharmacies because it was recognized as a top-shelf medical-grade strain. It’s a potent sativa that will give you a clear-headed and delicious high which is perfect for daytime use. Jack Herer is known for its appetite-inducing benefits as well, which is why it’s also widely used by cancer patients.



  • NYC Diesel is widely recognized for its many medical uses, especially for nausea. This strain has garnered international recognition and has even won 9 Cannabis Cup Awards. NYC Diesel delivers a strong, energizing high loved by patients for daytime use. If you are also suffering from body aches and depression, NYC Diesel is highly recommended. This strain is also beneficial in stimulating appetite among chemotherapy patients who have a difficult time keeping food down or have completely lost their appetite as a side effect.




  • Chemdawg is consistently placed in the cannabis hall of fame thanks to the many crosses that it’s produced. Chemdawg is also a popular choice among patients because it delivers fast-acting relief from nausea and vomiting. This strain is recommended for individuals with previous experience using cannabis since it’s pretty potent. Chemdawg delivers a cerebral high together with a heavy-bodied sensation. Users have also reported that Chemdawg does a fantastic job of relaxing the entire body without the couchlock. Because of its excellent cerebral high, Chemdawg is a good choice for medical users.



  • Berry White, also known as White Berry and Blue Widow, is an indica dominant strain. Medical patients suffering from nausea love the uplifting and happy high that Berry White gives, which makes it easier to cope with conditions that may trigger nausea. One of the best characteristics of this strain is that it has minimal side effects except for a mild case of cotton mouth and dry eyes, which can easily be remedied. Berry White is a good choice for depression and insomnia, and also makes a terrific choice for evening medication.



What strains have you used to treat nausea? Share with us in the comments below!









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