what to do when high on edibles
what to do when high on edibles

You Just Ate an Edible, Now What Do You Do? - 5 Creative Ideas to Try While High on Cannabis Edibles

Top edible activities to keep you busy during your high

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

what to do on edibles

Top Edible-Activities to keep you occupied during your high

The other day, I decided to buy and edible from my local head shop. The idea was to take a day and simply unwind in a manner that is more immersive than merely smoking a joint. The entire week, that edible sat in my fridge. And this past weekend, I had the pleasure of eating it along with my wife.

As with any edible experience, my first had only 1/4 of the chocolate bar. This particular edible had 90 grams of THC per bar, and it looked like a twix. In other words, there were two chocolate bars of 90 grams of THC each. I split one in half and gave the other half to my significant other.

We decided to wait for an hour before we take the other half just to make sure that the edible isn't stronger than we anticipated. An hour later, I could feel the mild effects of the edible and we both decided to eat the other half.

Roughly 30 minutes later I could feel the deeper effects of the edible kick in, and this feeling inspired this article. As usual, I was heavy, lazy, sleepy, hungry…and maybe just a little bit horny too. Nonetheless, I decided that it might be a good idea to help stoners across the world discover some of the top activities to do while in this “state of stoned”.


And therefore, here’s my completely subjective list of “Top Edible Activities” to do while you’re tripping on edibles.


Meditation and Deep Breathing on Edibles


Cannabis edibles plus meditation and conscious breathing - this powerful pairing unlocks states of mindfulness and inner peace like no other. With eyes closed following your dose, turn attention inwards as the spirit of the plant awakens your consciousness to boundless truth.

Begin with long, deep inhales, envisioning breathing vital energy into every cell of your physical form. Hold the breath gently, then exhale slowly, releasing all tension down to your toes.

Continue this cycle as you drift into presence. The plant's wisdom swirls through your energetic field, harmonizing body and spirit as one.

Now bring awareness to your heartbeat, feeling its steady rhythm. This primal drumbeat marks the continuum of life you share with all beings across all eras. You are ageless eternal consciousness having a temporary human experience.

With compassion, observe the stream of thoughts arise and dissolve like clouds. Do not judge or engage them. Simply witness reality manifesting. You are the impartial sky observing the weather of mind and emotion.

Deeper still, dive into the space between breaths and heartbeats. Here unfolds the field of infinite potentiality, pure creativity, and divine love - the essence of what you are. Bathe in this boundless source energy until ego mind dissolves completely.

By synergizing edibles, breathwork, and meditation, we quiet conditioned habits to hear the sacred self whisper. This is the true magic - not fleeting highs, but recognizing eternal truth revealed behind illusion. The present moment unfolds perfection. We need only rejoice at the glimpse behind veil of consciousness granted by this ancient plant teacher.

Sex and Edibles

There was a reason why I mentioned sex in the opening parts of this article. If you and your significant other both consume roughly the same amount of edible, and you both happen to be in the mood - then sex is an exquisite option to pass the time.

Not only will you two both connect on a mental and spiritual plane, you'll experience the physical sensations at a much deeper and profound level. This is because when you're tripping on and edible, you're typically feeling a deep bodily sensation. Depending on the strain, the sensation could be more intense or less.

No matter how you look at it though, the edible will increase the duration of the act itself and if you and your partner can both connect mentally in this moment, you may even deepen the whole sexual experience and enrich your relationship.

However, when it comes with edibles you can't really predict what will happen and therefore sex might not always be on the table. You may very well only have enough energy or motivation to do one or two of the activities on this list, because sex is a significant investment of energy.

Nonetheless, if you do have a partner who also enjoys edibles and you both are in the mood, try cannabis and having sex, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Enhancing Music Appreciation with Edibles

Music is made infinitely more immersive and emotionally resonant when experienced under the influence of cannabis edibles. But rather than just putting on familiar songs, try dedicating your elevated headspace to truly absorbing a full album start to finish.

Get comfortable in a favorite listening spot, cue up a masterpiece record on quality speakers or headphones, have some waters and snacks on hand, and press play from the opening track through the finale.

As your edible dosage kicks in, allow your enhanced consciousness to mindfully follow each movement and melody like never before. Appreciate layers of instrumentation and vocals previously unnoticed. Feel the theme and emotions deeply.

Resist the urge to multitask or distract yourself. Just sit back transported wholly into the artist's vision. Let your imagination conjure vivid visions for each song.

Immerse all senses until you become one with the music. The edible experience makes your mind porous, able to imprint new music more profoundly. Each tone tickles your neurons, each lyric elicits epiphany.

Albums often tell an intentional story or convey a central mood. But our ADD culture rarely takes time to fully absorb this flow. Edibles give you that luxury - to meditate on every note as the artists intended.

Don't just hear the music, feel it reverberate through your body like a ritual. Dance your unique movements if called to. Through cannabis, sound becomes tangible energy massaging the soul.

In our fractured digital era, listening to full albums attentively is a sacred ceremony. Edibles help strip away distraction so music's mystical essence shines. Your spirit will thank you for the sonic nourishment.

Enhancing Bathtime with Edibles


For deep bodily relaxation and mental escape, combining bathing with cannabis edibles creates an sublimely soothing ritual. As the edible effects build, slide into a warm scented soak and leave all cares behind.

Draw a hot bath, but not scalding. Light some candles or incense, play calming music, and scatter flowers or epsom salts. Consider adding a few drops of cannabis or essential oils - lavender is perfect for mellow moods.

Once your edible starts hitting, sink into the water mindfully. Feel the heat envelop you in a comforting aquatic embrace. Your skin's cannabis-enhanced nerves send ripples of tranquility straight to your brain.

Now simply exist in this temple of steamy chill. Let your mind float freely as your body becomes pacified beyond all tension. However long the tub stays warm, that's your time to cleanse mind and spirit.

Add a cold beverage within reach, an eye mask, perhaps a bath pillow. Try some deep breathing exercises between sips and soaks. Lather up with exfoliating scrubs and soothing masks infused with herbs, clay or CBD.

However you customize it, bathing plus edibles is a heavenly escape. Our ancient ancestors knew the restorative power of water. Cannabis makes this therapy all the more sublime.

Once you emerge after an hour or more of soaking, a profound peace remains. Edibles break cycles of anxiety when combined with self-care rituals. You're guaranteed to sleep soundly after this spa treatment.

Unleashing Creativity with Edibles

Cannabis edibles are renowned for sparking artistic inspiration, allowing free-flowing creativity beyond censorship of the analytical mind. By surrendering to THC's influence, we give the muse direct access to our imaginations.

So next time you ingest an edible with intention to create, start by setting an open, playful mood. Gather your favorite music, art supplies, instruments and dive in with no expectations.

Play ambient music conducive to letting the subconscious percolate. Doodle, swirl paint, scribble words without judging the outcome. Strum randomly and see what melodies emerge.

Let the edible guide your hand as images, textures, sounds instinctively spill out. Don't force perfection - this is raw unfiltered expression direct from the soul.

Society's conditioning blocks our creative instincts. Edibles dissolve those constraints so our natural creative essence flows unimpeded.

Trust in the process and resist self-criticism. Creation is the goal itself, not technical mastery. You can refine later if desired. For now, just explore this liberated headspace.

The most profound art is that which accesses collective consciousness beyond the individual self. Edibles show us glimpses of this domain by softening our ingrained mental patterns and biases.

To go with the THC flow is to channel truth far greater than "you" or "I". Universal creativity simply borrowing your body as a conduit for its own expression.

After an edible-fueled jam or painting session, review what emerged from your unfettered mind. You may surprise yourself by accessing inspiring new styles and content.

By getting out of your own way, you make space for inspiration to flood in. Edibles help dissolve barriers so the creative spirit can surge unobstructed. Open up and see what you're capable of.

Elevating Kitchen Chemistry with Edibles

For stoners, few pastimes pair better than edibles plus cooking and feasting. Planning an elaborate multi-course meal with friends, timed perfectly with your edible, combines communal joy, flavorful food, and THC synergy.

Get a crew together and assign each person a dish - appetizers, entrees, desserts, whatever complements. Have everyone prepare their creation, bringing the fruits of their labor to a designated chef's kitchen.

After all arrive, take your pre-meal edible dose and spark some joints to pass the time while its magic takes effect. Put on music that facilitates easy conversation and good vibes.

Soon, the edible euphoria takes hold alongside divine munchies. Now it's time to unveil the feast! From charcuterie to tapas, curries to tandoori, pasta primavera to baby back ribs - dinner diversification ensures satisfaction.

This communal cooking experience bonds you on chemical and human levels. The meal progression allows you to appreciate each ingredient and technique while staving off edible overconsumption. Share cooking tips and secrets between courses.

Toast with infused elixirs but conserve your appetite. Let the edible enhancement open up the subtle notes of texture and spice in each dish. Savor every morsel alongside tokes rather than rushing.

By the final dessert course, you'll be sailing on an equilibrium of sustainably high, perfectly full, and warmth of friendship. An edible feast becomes a true nourishment for body and soul.

Clearing the table together in cheerful chatter completes this caring ceremony. Even the biggest munchies cravings meet their match with this celebratory smorgasbord strategy. Just be sure no one nods off in their plate before you're finished!

The Sticky Bottom Line


At the end of the day, any activity is OK to do while tripping on edibles. However, certain activities simply have that certain “something extra” When it comes to edibles. The activities that I've listed above or meant to be used as inspiration. With a little bit of planning, you can take a typical edible experience and turn it into some that would stay with for years and years.

The idea of cannabis is not only to get high. If you're using cannabis with this capacity, encourage you to see it for what it truly is- a tool of consciousness.

Cannabis is not the end goal, it is simply another vehicle for us to enjoy and experience life in a different configuration. I hope that you try one of these activities and if you do why don't you let me know comment section wherever you're reading this.





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