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You Just Got Caught with Cannabis in Your Bag at the Airport, Now What?

by Lemon Knowles | 12:00am

The dynamic and often contradictory legal landscape surrounding marijuana use can turn a routine journey into a legal quagmire. "What Happens If You’re Caught Flying With Weed" aims to unravel the complexities individuals may encounter when carrying marijuana on a plane


Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Your Hair? Does It Help Grow Hair or Lead to Hair Loss?

by Laurie Lyons | Tuesday Dec 5, 2023

Concerning its impact on hair, there are conflicting accounts among regular smokers. Some assert that marijuana thickens their hair, while others report no notable changes, either positive or negative. On the flip side, there is evidence indicating that the use of marijuana might occasionally be associated with hair loss.


It's Your Genetics, Not the Weed - Cannabis Use Disorder May Be More About Your DNA Than Too Much Marijuana Says Yale Study

by Laurel Leaf | Tuesday Dec 5, 2023

The study, recently published in Nature Genetics, has brought to light a potential genetic nexus between cannabis addiction and an elevated susceptibility to various medical conditions. The study involves an extensive analysis of genes sourced from a diverse cohort of over a million individuals worldwide.


Crossing State Lines to Buy Much Cheaper Weed? You Bet, 90% of Virginia MMJ Patients Get Their Cannabis from Other Sources

by alishabee | Monday Dec 4, 2023

Delving deeper into the consumer landscape, the report unveils that a significant 90% of medical cannabis patients in Virginia are resorting to sources outside the state's regulated medical market. Many are turning to an "unregulated, but not necessarily illicit, market," emphasising the challenges in meeting demand within the current framework.


You Can Only Grow One, Should You Cultivate Hemp or Marijuana? - Feds Tell Farmers to Pick a Plant, But Not Both!

by Chiara C | Monday Dec 4, 2023

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is instructing hemp farmers in multiple states that they must choose between cultivating cannabis or hemp, not both, as reported by Politico. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp agriculture, numerous farmers across the nation saw it as a promising avenue for profitability. With the ongoing expansion of marijuana legalization, some hemp farmers view opportunities in participating in cannabis programs regulated by their respective states.


The Clash of Cannabis Advocates - Marijuana Moms vs. Daddy Downer Rages on in Chicago

by Reginald Reefer | Sunday Dec 3, 2023

In Illinois, a coalition of female legislators and activists who spearheaded legalizing recreational cannabis now face public attacks by a district attorney irrationally blaming the plant for fueling violent crimes and mental health crises. These influential "Marijuana Moms" helped pass the state's pioneering 2019 adult-use bill after years building public and political momentum. The law mandated strict safety regulations while allowing access for consenting adult use and expanding medical access.


What is Black Cannabis and Can You Smoke It? Do You Get High?

by Chiara C | Saturday Dec 2, 2023

The prevailing climate heavily influences the alteration of color in plants. Cannabis cultivated in the warm Mediterranean typically displays a vibrant green color, while plants grown in cooler climates tend to produce compounds resulting in a purple hue.


Dating a Narcissist, Try an Ayahuasca Weekend Getaway! - New Study Finds Ayahuasca Lowers Narcissistic Behaviors and Patterns

by Joseph Billions | Saturday Dec 2, 2023

A recent study, released earlier this year proposes that ayahuasca may serve as a remedy for excessive self-love. Published in the Journal of Personality Disorders in April, the research is based on a three-month analysis involving over 300 adults. The study indicates that "ceremonial use of ayahuasca" led to self-reported alterations in narcissism.


Hemp Heaven vs. Hemp Hell - Why is the USDA Treating Certain Hemp Farmers Differently?

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Dec 1, 2023

A peculiar regulatory crackdown has blindsided hemp farmers in certain states, costing them licenses and livelihoods after entering newly legal state cannabis industries. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees hemp cultivation regulation nationally per the 2018 Farm Bill's provisions removing non-psychoactive hemp from Controlled Substances Act purview. While 33 states administer their own USDA-approved hemp oversight programs with licenses, a few rely on direct USDA management, including Vermont and Mississippi. Under this federal licensing, home cultivators like Sam Bellavance successfully grew boutique hemp crops for years, benefiting regional access to CBD medicines. But recently, a frightening pattern emerged.


Same Old Banana in the Tailpipe for the SAFER Banking Act - Sen. Schumer Says He Needs Major Republican Support to Pass Bill

by HighChi | Thursday Nov 30, 2023

The SAFER Banking Act underwent two Senate hearings this year, with approval during a significant markup hearing in September. However, before Schumer can bring the bill to a floor vote, he seeks the backing of "10 or 11 Republican" senators, as he shared with Yahoo News. Achieving 60 votes is crucial to overcoming Senate cloture rules and passing the legislation in the upper chamber of Congress.