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How Full Scale Legalization Will Help The Economy

Legalize It And Lets Put The Money To Good Use

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Jun 6, 2016

How Full Scale Marijuana Legalization will help the Economy


3 Ways Full Scale Cannabis Legalization will Help the Economy from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


International markets are ever shifting, however the economy of late has not been as stable as some might think it is. There are thousands of people who find themselves without a stable source of income.


There are many factors involved that produces this outcome, of which I will not get into, however there is a solution that is staring everyone in their face that could bring some stability to a volatile economy.


Cannabis Related Jobs



One of the first things that legalized cannabis would do is open up a whole new job market. This isn’t just jobs working with marijuana, as the industry has expanded to something truly versatile. Nowadays you can be anything from a grower, dispensary owner, delivery service, chef, lawyer, ad agent, sales, research and development and much more.


The cannabis industry has opened the flood gates and while you might not specifically work with marijuana, you can be associate with the industry. I for one work with plenty of marijuana collectives, agencies, businesses across the world. While I’m not directly involved with cultivation, a large portion of my paycheck comes from the Marijuana industry.



Cannabis Taxes

Under our current system, cannabis is not being taxed. That means 100% of the profits go back to the people who dare to defy the laws and traffic “drugs”. Legalization would take the market into the public eye and all sales would generate taxes. These taxes would be funneled back into the state and can be used on everything from education, infrastructure, healthcare and much more.



Cannabis Products

More specifically, we have seen over the past few years an explosion of cannabis related products. Just like any normal market, there will be certain “brands” that will become massive, creating more jobs, more tax revenue and more options for the consumers. These cannabis products will create an entire market of their own.



International Trade

A legalized market will open the doors for international trade. Many countries will outsource their cannabis production to third world companies and buy shipments. This will create international commerce that will benefit everyone involved.



Hemp Everything

The first part of this article was solely focused on recreational/medical marijuana. Hemp on the other hand is where the real money will be. From being able to replace all plastics, paper and even become a substitute for oil, you can imagine the amount of revenue this industry will generate annually.


Not to mention you can make up to 50,000 unique products from hemp, including food, clothing, housing and even cars. They even found that solar panels laced with hemp fibers generated more electricity.


There is an endless potential to the Hemp market and once this is legalized it will disrupt several industries around the world. In fact, some even argue that this is the very reason why marijuana is illegal. It is the ace up the sleeve of humanity that can even the playing field in relation to giant corporations that currently sit on multi-billion- dollar monopolies such as oil, timber and plastics.


Of course there will always be snags along the way, however by legalizing marijuana you are creating opportunity, something that is desperately needed by so many people around the world.



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