growing weed with no money
growing weed with no money

I Want to Start Growing Weed But I Have No Money or Experience?

How can you start growing marijuana with no money, experience, or time?

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Joseph Billions on Saturday May 9, 2020

Cheap Marijuana Grow: How to Grow Marijuana on a Small Budget

how do you grow marijuana with no money

After seeing Google searches surge for "how to grow weed" during this pademic recession, has started a new series on how to get started growing cannabis, including preparing your first grow room, basic tips to get started growing, and more!

For many cannabis enthusiasts, growing their marijuana is a major deal as it can be one of the most satisfying experiences they can enjoy. However, the desire to start your grow operation can be hindered by one major thing, the cost of setting up. Cannabis growth can be a very expensive operation as there are several things needed especially if you are setting up for the first time. From lighting to temperature to humidity to seeds, everything costs money, and if you want quality buds, you might have to spend some money. The good news is that there are a few ways for you to save costs on setting up your cannabis cultivation without getting shitty buds.

To help you with this we will be looking at ways you can save money on your grow room essentials such as seeds, lights, ventilation, heating among other things.


While getting your seeds, you need to be careful in this aspect because the seeds you get will determine the genetics of your plant. What this means is that cheap seeds might not necessarily give you good buds at the end of the day so you might want to explore some averagely priced seeds with quality genetics. This is because even if you end up using cheap products later, it will not affect the health of your plants. The auto-flowering strains might work well for you in this aspect as they help you save time and subsequently money with their rapid growth and substantive yields.

Grow Medium

Using soil as your grow medium is very much advised if you are on a budget because it is simple and inexpensive. Compared to the soilless mediums which require some setup and are expensive, using soil allows you to save cost on extra nutrients especially if it is of good quality. You can also choose to experiment with some natural manure methods to supply your plants with enough nutrients.


If your grow area is large, you will have to spend more money because your plants need all the light they can get to grow healthy which means you will have to buy several. But if your grow area is sizeable, you might not spend so much on getting lights. To save some money, you can get used lamps which will cost cheaper than new ones and get new bulbs attached. You can also save some money on power costs by getting LED light which is initially expensive but save money in the long run. If you are considering something cheaper, fluorescent lights are available but they consume more energy while the HPS lights offer UV spectrum but emit a lot of heat which means you will have to spend more on cooling.


It is important to give your plants sufficient ventilation and air circulation because your grow lights are bound to emit some heat and the plants will also transpire while generating a lot of smell. This means you need to ensure that your grow room has a lot of fresh air and no odor, and an effective way to achieve this is with the use of fans and carbon filters. You can get some used fans that are still in good condition at a cheaper price and make your carbon filter at home to save cost.


There are periods when the temperature of your grow area will drop and you will need to provide extra heating. At times like this, mostly at night, you will need to bring up the temperature by getting extra heating equipment like a thermostat which will allow you to reduce or increase the heating of the area.

Grow Tents

If you have a grow room, you might need to get reflectors to get the most out of the lighting to save costs on lighting. However, you might just decide to get a grow tents to save yourself the cost of some things as these tents come outfitted with reflectors and also have space to put in the essentials you need for cultivation. Getting a grow tent might even turn out to be cheaper than outfitting a grow area yourself; it also helps with discretion and saving on space especially if you are not growing much. There are a few inexpensive ones you will find based on your budget that can serve you well.

You will find out that there are several ways of saving money on things if you have a limited budget, all you need to do is put in the effort to make adequate research on what you can get based on the budget you have. Also, if you put in a little bit of effort, you will find some great bargains for good equipment, especially on e-bay.








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