medical cannabis for cats and dogs
medical cannabis for cats and dogs

Will Fido and Fluffy Get High? - Is Medical Cannabis for Dogs and Cats Worth a Shot?

Should you try medical marijuana for your cat or dog?

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alishabee on Wednesday Jun 23, 2021

Medical Cannabis for Dogs and Cats: Is It Worth a Try?

cannabis for cats and dogs

The industry for medical cannabis for pets is magically blossoming. The number of dogs and/or cats parents looking into the use of cannabis for their pets is growing each day.

Each day, at least one parent walks into a dispensary to enquire about the perfect CBD products for their pets, while a significant number of these parents are actively researching the testing policies, right ingredients, and consumer stories related to the use of medical cannabis for dogs and cats.

As more pet owners are being drawn into the cannabis world for pets, more companies are springing up to meet the increased demand for medical marijuana for pets. These businesses are selling CBD oils, capsules, topical and other treats that appeal to dogs and cats. Many of these products are developed with dog-safe or cat-safe ingredients. Coconut oil is an example of such an ingredient.


Is it safe to give cannabis to dogs and cats?

Like humans, pets also get sick. Studies show that CBD is a potential treatment for managing ailments in cats and dogs.

Marijuana plants have a lot of different cannabinoids, the two major compounds, THC and CBD offer a wealth of therapeutic benefits, most of which have not been fully researched.

CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, appears to put out a calming effect in pets. In the same way, it reduces nervousness and stress in humans. It induces a relaxed state in the pets. However, the studies carried out on this are few and it may be too early to conclude.


Cannabis for Cats and Dogs

Unlike humans, let's are unable to enjoy cannabis in a generally safe manner. You and I can make the mistake of overindulging because at most we'll feel extremely tired and sleep it off. This same mistake in cats and dogs would be expensive.

For now, the number of experiments done to fully establish the effects of THC in pets is few. Gathered evidence, for now,w shows that these animals experience the effects of cannabinoids faster than humans. A little dose of cannabis is enough to elicit these reactions.

Dogs and Cats are unable to consume the average joint that you do. An average roll has around 150mg of THC. This is more than enough to induce psychoactive effects in pets when inhaled passively. Enough reason to keep your medical-grade THC-filled stash far away from your pet's reach.


Can cats and dogs get high on cannabis?

Yes, they can. Although it is not advisable.

I recently witnessed moments of panic when a dog owner had his dog accidentally consume a large amount of marijuana. If it wasn't for the quick response of the vet, the consequences might have been severe.

It is one thing to feed your pet the right dosage of cannabis, and it is an entirely different thing for your pet to ingest a large quantity of marijuana. The effects of this can be severe enough to cause the death of the pet.

Luckily, medical cannabis is now legalized in most states in the U.S, it is now easy to purchase the right products for your pets.


How to know if your cat or dog is high on cannabis.

The Food and Drug Administration released a list of symptoms that would be observed if a pet has been exposed to cannabis. If any of the following is observed, contact above immediately.

  • Depression

  • Agitation

  • Lethargy

  • Heavy drooling

  • Tremors

  • Vomiting


The Endocannabinoid system in Cats and Dogs

Animals also have an ECS. The ECS helps mammals and other animals to balance their internal systems; it plays a regulatory role to keep the internal environment in a state of homeostasis.

When ingested, cannabinoids work in synergy with the ECS receptors present throughout the body of the animal.

The endocannabinoid system has two main receptors, namely CB1 and CB2. When CBD or THC molecules enter into the ECS, they imitate the internal cannabinoid molecules. They bind to the right receptors and induce changes in the body.

Your pets experience a temporary change in their mood and biology when they are fed cannabis products. This temporary change is only worth it if your pet is suffering from a certain ailment, if not it might have dire health consequences in some cases.


Effects of Cannabis on Dogs and Cats

In Dogs

The use of medical marijuana in dogs experimented in dogs with age-related degeneration of joints. The results obtained indicated that the drug significantly reduced the level of pain felt by the dogs. The fun fact is there were no side effects all through the research.

More studies look promising also.


In Cats

Currently, I am unable to ascertain if any trial has been carried out to check out the effect of CBD in cats.

Vets and owners can only rely on prior information gotten from anecdotal accounts when it comes to feeding our cats cannabinoid molecules.

The facts are that medical marijuana reduces an animal's aggression, boosts appetite, and decreases anxiety and stress. (Like I stated earlier)


Is it legal to feed medical cannabis to a dog or cat?

Yes, it is. This however depends on where you find yourself.

Not all countries or states have legalized the use of medical cannabis. If you find yourself in a country that has legalized this non-psychoactive drug, then you can legally give your pet medical marijuana. If not, do not attempt to give your pet.

The cannabis reform movement is gaining momentum, in no time, most of the areas in the world will have this drug licensed.


Last words: The future of medical cannabis for Cats and Dogs

For any progress to be made, the use of medical marijuana for our dogs and feline companions needs to be extensively researched.

Veterinarians and other scientists need to start considering the use of medical cannabis to manage serious disease conditions in dogs and cats. This will boost the amount of research being done, it will also open the market to new products. Things like skin allergies and rashes in cats and dogs could be in the future for CBD.

I strongly advise that you try your best to keep your leaves aways from THC to prevent toxic reactions. CBD is the best option. Also, do well to ask for a better opinion from vets before giving your cats or dogs medical marijuana.








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