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recreational marijuana

5 Reasons You Should Try Recreational Cannabis

Should I Try Recreational Marijuana?

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DanaSmith on Sunday Sep 3, 2017

Not A Patient? Here’s Why You Should Smoke Cannabis Recreationally

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You don’t have to suffer from an ailment to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. While many people out there already use the plant for recreational purposes, there’s still a significant part of the population that isn’t aware of the non-medical benefits of cannabis.



While people are relying on cannabis to treat almost everything from asthma to cancer, recreational use still tends to get a bad rep from the stigma that surrounds its use. If you haven’t considered using cannabis recreationally, here’s why you should:



  1. Become more sociable and develop closer relationships with friends: Cannabis can help you get rid of inhibitions that would otherwise make you shy and unattached around friends or in social situations. In fact, cannabis is used by people to treat and manage social anxiety. Whether you’re introverted, have social anxiety or not, cannabis can help you develop a closer bond in ways that a sober you wouldn’t be able to do.



  1. Enhance your creativity: Say goodbye to creativity blocks when using cannabis. Unlike other psychoactive drugs that have side effects, cannabis can safely help you unlock your creativity and push your boundaries in ways that you couldn’t do before. Cannabis is especially helpful for artistic minds and can even help inspire your creative efforts no matter what they are. Using cannabis has been known to encourage people to explore new thought processes and ideas by taking you to another dimension.



  1. Improve intimacy with your partner: Cannabis alone can help bring you and your partner closer together. It has even inspired the development of cannabis-infused sex products such as lube for couples that love getting high together. There are also dating sites that help 420-friendly people find their (higher) half. Many couples find that cannabis helps them not only develop a stronger bond with their partners but it also helps to open up emotionally. Studies also show that couples who use cannabis are less likely to be engaged in domestic violence – not really a surprise, because we all know that people who use pot are chill, right?



  1. Stress relief: Unless you’re a monk, it’s likely that things stress you out once in a while or even on a regular basis. You’re lucky if you only get stressed occasionally – for a majority of the American population, stress is debilitating. Because stress contributes to inflammation and many other illnesses, it’s at your own best interest to manage stress as naturally and safely as possible. Thankfully, you can rely on cannabis to do exactly that. Whether work, family responsibilities, money, the economy, or the current state of American politics is stressing you out, turning to cannabis is a much safer alternative than alcohol or other drugs.



  1. Self-awareness, spirituality, and introspection: The psychoactive compounds in cannabis can stimulate neurotransmitters that enable you to become more self-aware and spiritual. The euphoric experience that cannabis brings about is close to what many feel like could be described as “nirvana”, and this is why more people are combining cannabis with spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation. Cannabis not only strengthens your physical body, but it can also take you to a higher level spiritually.



  1. Enjoy food more: Cannabis heightens the senses, this is why it’s so good to enjoy the munchies when you’ve had a few tokes. No matter what food you love, everything just tastes so much better stoned. Sweet, salty, savory, spicy, umami…. it all gets 100% better because of pot.



  1. Increase energy and productivity: Using cannabis can give you the motivation to become more productive in general. Whether you’re struggling with finding the energy to go to work or hit the gym, a good sativa strain can uplift you and help you power through the day. The trick is to avoid consuming too much – microdosing is an effective technique if you need a boost in energy, otherwise you’d be too stoned to function.



  1. Appreciate the simple things in life: Even the most mundane activities such as listening to music or spending time outdoors becomes so much more fulfilling after smoking some pot. Cannabis can help you see things through a different perspective – pretty much everything just feels better when you have a good buzz.


What do you love doing when you’re high? Share with us in the comments below!












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