cannabis shadow government
cannabis shadow government

Politics, Cannabis and the Shadow Government

Your Vote Never Mattered, Consumption Will Create Change

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Nov 29, 2016

Politics, Cannabis and the Shadow Government



Okay, roughly a three weeks has gone by since the US elections ended which resulted in Trump becoming the next president of the US. To be completely honest, I was apathetic of the entire political circus that was being shoved down my throat on every conceivable media outlet on the planet. I created the title of this article prior to the results of the election and was going to do an entire spiel about how politics is rigged to create the illusion of choice to pacify the masses while a shadow government makes all the important decisions.



Now, in the wake of the results and with millions of Americans being butt hurt over the final rulings, I think it’s even more appropriate to write about this topic than before.



So, bare with me as I rant about all of the things that cannabis activists have known for a long time and now, the rest of America are becoming aware of.



The Illusion of Choice



Firstly, the only reason you are ‘allowed’ to vote is because our corporate overlords (formerly known as monarchs) realized that when you give people the ability to ‘vote’ on their oppressors…err…leaders, you instantly reduce the risk of getting beheaded.



Prior to the ‘illusion of choice’ protocol, we were being forced to accept whatever the ruling class shoved down our throats. This, for the ruling class, didn’t work out especially when the population grew tired of the bullshit being shoved down their throats. In most cases, either violent protest or ‘chopping of heads’ would result to this tactic.



Thus, as a smart overlord, you needed to create a system where the ‘lil guy’ could feel like they have some say in the matter on how things are run. And so, they were given the option to ‘vote’.



Now with voting, the underlings could feel important, like they have some power to elect their rulers and would take some responsibility on the results of their decisions. This instantly pacified the rage of the underlings. A win for the overlords.



However, when you take a closer look at this system, you realize that your choice is limited. You either had to choose left or right. Any other choice is vilified by the establishment. Rules are set in place to make other options more difficult to attain. In addition, placing the population on opposite sides of the political system allows them to bicker among themselves, allowing the ruling class to continue to tug on the strings of control.



Now with left and right fighting, the overlords can make important decisions behind closed doors and advance their agendas without the resistance they had under the previous system of monarchy.



I compare this to Free Range and Factory Farming. While one of the groups (free range) seem to be happier, the end result is always the same…both go to the slaughter.



The results of this particular election reinforced everything I stated above and now one side is upset.




Something Cannabis users have known for a LONG time now



How does cannabis fit into this equation? Apart from being more popular than both candidates on the ballot, cannabis activists have long known about the existence of the shadow government. We know because we have done research on the history of cannabis. We know that it was because of particular corporate interests that cannabis was made illegal. We know that the government systematically lied about the negative effects of cannabis. We know that the CIA under MKULTRA conducted experiments of mind control and deemed cannabis as an ‘inoculant to mind control’. We understood that it wasn’t the politicians that were making the real decisions in this country (and the world), but the corporate ruling class that have hijacked government.



See, when you actually open up Pandora’s box when it comes to cannabis, you can clearly see that there are entities at work that operate out of public sight. For us, elections and all the political promises is merely circus, or more modernly coined as a “reality show”.



Now that an actual reality show star is going to be the president of the US, it’s only an affirmation of our previous beliefs. It’s almost like the establishment is mocking those who are savvy enough to realize that it’s all bullshit.



Seeing that more than half of the US admits to smoking weed in the past year, that there could be a correlation that more than half of the US didn’t participate in the election. That’s right, people became so apathetic about the ‘powers that be’ that they merely said; “whatever” and continued with their lives.



Now, political activists would say, “It’s because of those who didn’t vote that the current state of politics is where it’s at”. However, I respond to this, “Why should I vote when my choices are fabricated to suit the status quo regardless of how I vote?” It’s like if someone comes to your home, takes your baby and says; “Do we put your kid in the blender or in the microwave?” The correct response is, “neither you psychopath, eat lead!”



Not voting isn’t the same as ‘not caring’. On the contrary, it’s knowing that you have been duped into a system of pseudo-freedom or tyranny masquerading as democracy.



This is something that many cannabis users are aware of, and we know that the only real power we have is “where we spend our money”. Your vote is not as powerful as your choice of consumption.




How to Destroy the Shadow Government



Okay, so you’re not happy that Trump won. Or perhaps you are. The fact of the matter is that regardless who is the current face of the theater, everyone is a puppet in government. Even Trump will have to bend to the shadow government or else he’d go the way of Kennedy.



Politics is just the distractor folks. If you want REAL CHANGE, you need to wake up and realize that ONLY YOU can make it happen.



You cannot fight the system, you cannot beat the system from within. The only way to destroy the system is to create a new one and make it grow.



I spoke to a buddy of mine about the current protests happening all over the US. The “Not my President” is merely pandering to the political machine, playing right into their hands. These people fall under the notion of a “benevolent government paradigm”. In other words, they believe that government is the solution to their problems when in reality, most of their problems were caused by thus said government.



What would happen if the people, instead of protesting with noise and destruction, would rather use all of their energy to build a better system? What would have happened if they took all those millions upon millions of dollars donated to their political puppets, and rather spent it on purchasing land and building a society more to their liking?



Every major city in the US started with one person saying, “I’m going to build here”. Why can’t we start creating new towns, new cities and new ways of living?



What would happen if a group of people got together, pitched in their money and build a community that is reflective of their own belief systems? If they created sustainable houses, community grow operations and simply stopped participating in the “system”?



What would happen if those people shifted from using the dollar and switched to crypto-currency instead? Hell, you could even take that very community, register it as an LLC and conduct virtual business to support the growth of the community. As we know, corporations and businesses have unprecedented freedoms, in fact, more than your average citizen does. So, why not game the system in your favor?



The point is, you could complain until you turn blue in the face, but unless you actually do something to start building your tolerable, inclusive society…shit will not change.



But then again…that costs work and if you’ve been raised to suck on the teet of government, it’s hard to take responsibility and actually do something.



Hopefully, as more people realize that politics is just a show, more people will conclude that doing something is better than shouting about it.







What did you think?

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