seeds or clones for growing weed
seeds or clones for growing weed

Seeds or Clones - What is the Best Way to Start Growing Weed?

Starting your cannabis grow soon? Should you start with seeds or clones?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

Starting a Cannabis Grow, Clones, or Seeds?

seeds or clones

The art of growing cannabis is usually started with either seeds or clones. A farmer has to decide on which of these methods by considering the pros and cons of each one.

Reports gotten over the years have been mixed. Some claim using clones is more efficient and cheaper, while the use of seeds, though reliable and easy, might be slow.

In the next paragraphs, the use of cannabis seeds and cannabis plant clones or cuttings will be discussed and compared. All for you to have the necessary information you need to choose which of the two to begin your cannabis crop with.

Seeds and Clones have unique qualities over each other, however, neither is perfect. Both have their downsides.

The main objective of a cannabis farmer is to produce plants with cannabinoid-rich buds. This can be met using either of these techniques, they just go through varied paths to get this result.


Starting with Cannabis Seeds

This is popular among home growers. Countries around the world that have cannabis reforms make recommended seeds accessible and legal to purchase. Here, the farmer sows a selected variety of cannabis seeds. These seeds must always have a high germination rate. Experienced farmers say that the best seeds are reliable, easy, and accessible, so far a trusted seed bank is contacted. The growing with seeds method is popularly regarded as the purest way to start a weed farm. There's this sense of deep satisfaction that a farmer feels when it is time to harvest the crop. Some of the benefits of starting your cannabis farm with seeds include:



Seeds are readily available in registered cannabis dispensaries in cannabis-legalized states. The internet has also improved the way things are done. Cannabis seeds can now be ordered online from established seed banks that have online stores.

Seed banks like Royal Queen Seeds discreetly ship cannabis packages to customers who placed online orders. This means an individual can order from the comfort of their homes and also receive their packages without stepping outside, except to receive the mailed package in the mailbox. It is totally legal to order, possess and collect these cannabis seeds in various states in the country.


New Batch of Genetics

Starting with seeds means that your result will have new DNA packages that might make them more resistant to pests and diseases. With time, you get to master the delicate art of growing cannabis properly from seeds. Some experienced growers move further by breeding their favorite female strains with a valuable male, this way they'll have thousands of new seeds at the end of each growing season.


High-Quality Feminized Seeds

Starting with seeds provides you with the opportunity to purchase high-quality feminized seeds which produce very dank flowers. The result is a sticky, cannabinoid-rich bud that is envied by other farmers.

Having a chance to select feminized seeds saves the grower a lot of time that would have been spent on getting rid of males and hermies plants.


The downsides of starting your cannabis farm with seeds include:

Poor Germination Rate

Not all planted seeds germinate. Some seeds are inactive duds that can never germinate regardless of the cultivation practice used. Purchasing your seeds from respected seed banks increases your chances of having active seeds. To be on the safer side it is always recommended to start a grow with more than one seed in a hole.


Longer Duration

Starting with seeds means a longer duration from the start to the finish of the cultivation. Germination occurs between the first few days to a week. Another week or two is needed for the plant to become a proper seedling. Add that the seedling could die or be inactive and then the farmer may have to replant.



Seeds obtained from the same plant possess different genetic codes. When growing, the plants will show differences in their phenotypic qualities. There will be variations in color, flavor, aroma, height, and even yield. It is difficult to produce results with uniform qualities when seeds are used.


Starting With Cannabis Clones

Clones or cuttings are obtained from a common plant. They are always expected to be exact replicas of their vegetative mother plants. When a stem cut is obtained, the grower has to root the cutting before putting it in soil or hydroponic medium.

The benefits of starting with clones are:

Zero Variation

Clones are present as exact copies of the parent plant. A female clone will produce a female plant. There is a zero chance of producing plants with varying sexes, as experience in starting with regular seeds.

Lesser Amount Of Time Taken

With stem cuttings, the germination to the seedling stage is completely skipped. The only process is to root the clone and the plant is immediately ready to grow.

Some of the downsides of starting with clones are:

Hard to get

Unlike seeds which can be bought online and in registered dispensaries, it can be very hard to find stem cuts from an active vegetating plant. Especially for home growers.

If you live in a cannabis prohibited state, it is illegal to possess clones, and shipping of these packages can attract penalties.

They can be very fragile

Stem cuts require delicate care. A mistake on the grower's party could cause the clone to die before it takes root. All factors must be kept at optimal levels to ensure the productivity of the clone.

Bad Traits

If the parent plant has a bad trait, the clones also develop their bad trait. Some of these traits don't become evident until a few clones have been raised.



Growers who choose to use seeds prefer to go the long way. They wait for germination to occur through to the vegetative and flowering phases. Those who use clones go through a shortened method, as the clones are cuttings from a mother plant's stem. These cuttings only have to take root in the soil and pick up growing stages.

New cannabis cultivators, as well as seasoned growers, learn and utilize both methods for future experimental purposes. All these help them get maximized results on their farm plots.








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