420 seed challenge
420 seed challenge

The 420 Plant-a-Seed-a-Thon Challenge #420SeedChallenge

How many marijuana seeds can you plant this 4/20?

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Apr 19, 2021

420 Plant a Seed-a-Thon! #420SeedChallenge

4/20 seed challenge

420 is around the corner and with the way things are going – it seems that it will be stifled by COVID for a second year in a row!


What a bummer!


It’s simply not the same to smoke weed on a camera with people pretending to be in the same space – as lighting up with your peers, vibing off each other’s energy and engaging in person-to-person interaction.


Sure – we could spark up a revolution and simply defy the authorities – get together and smoke in mass giving the ultimate “Fuck You!” to the man.


But let’s be honest – that’s probably a bit too much work.


While it’s true – the near “Hitlarian” approach to COVID-19 has made life difficult for everyone, it also presents several interesting opportunities.


For example; what would happen if this 420, instead of sparking up and just getting stoned as usual you take a stroll with a few cannabis seeds and plant them in random places.


Preferably government offices!


  An Old Concept with a New Twist


Overgrow the government is not a new concept at all. Except, overgrow the government is a method as opposed to an event. It’s perhaps the reason why it never became popular enough to make a significant impact on the institutions of prohibition.


This is because the concept was birthed in an era before the internet. Growers would grow, but considering that it’s an illegal substance…




…this would make secrecy one of the primary traits of successful growers. You don’t want to attract too much attention because if you do – you might end up in jail.


These days, it’s very different. While the law is still primarily “opposed to” cannabis, this is quickly changing. The vast majority of people don’t consider cannabis to be a dangerous drug as dictated by policy.


More importantly – the majority of people believe that the drug war is far more detrimental to the fabric of society than cannabis.


BEWARE of the Power Grabs!


I don’t know about you – but I don’t think there’s a single political “leader” I trust. All of the government institutions have failed us, used our data against us, created policies to control us.


Then came COVID and they decided that it was the perfect time to reveal just how fascist they can actually be. We are forced to trust them because “they know best” and the “experts say” – but these experts just so happen to subscribe to the official narrative.


Any other narrative immediately gets suppressed by giant tech companies who have a great stake in how this all plays out. Not to mention Big Pharma and the old Government Establishment that retook power and the media that panders to the people with the biggest bank accounts.


And what about cannabis?


President Joe Biden does not like cannabis. He’s always been against it and now he’s “too busy” to just give a green light to an entire industry that could help relieve a bunch of the issues caused by their tyrannical responses to COVID.


But where does this leave us?


I tell you where this leaves us!


Let’s get a little Rebellious…


Right now, we’re in a world where the discussion of Nazi-like Vaccine Passports are being discussed. Essentially, this will create a 2-tiered society of those who have Vaccines and those who don’t.


If you have the passport, you’ll be allowed to participate in social events, and if you don’t – well, I think we’ve all seen enough dystopian films to see where this is going.


Seeing that there’s not much we can do to stop these mega corporations and institutionalized government agencies from passing their will over that of the people.


I propose that indeed we double down on – OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT.


It’s bullshit that the majority of Americans are in favor of cannabis and it is still illegal on a federal level. Cannabis is more popular than the president for Fucks’ Sake!


What happens with it remaining illegal? Well – we the same corrosive policies continue to affect the marginalized, fueling money to cartels, creating international conflict and making everything less safe for everyone involved.


Which brings me to what we can do.


Plant the Seed and Over Grow the Greed this 420 in the #420SeedChallenge


I say we don’t go out in mass and spark up but rather sneak about and plant some seeds. Make sure that they can survive without human contact – meaning, they should be able to have water, sun and enough biodiversity to hide them in plain sight.


This is how it would work.


Wake up and do whatever you normally do

Smoke some weed at one point

Take some seeds and go for a stroll or drive or bike ride

Find a dank spot to plant some seeds that won’t easily get spot and has a high chance of survival

Plant those bitches!

Go home or find a few more spots


Imagine if for one day out of every year millions of stoners from around the globe simply goes about and plants 5-10 seeds. Sure, the vast majority will probably not make it – but there will be plenty that will slip through the cracks.


When you make Weed as abundant as…well…weeds – you make it essentially a free commodity. As it should be!


Don’t punk out! Put your activism into action!


This is more than a mere rebellious act – it’s a global ritual of defiance to tyranny.


If you still think that there is benevolence in government – then you haven’t been paying attention. The government is neither benevolent nor malevolent, but merely run by people. People who have allegiances to their donors and help shape policy around their institutional interests.


While planting a seed on 420 may not be directly addressing the myriad of problems plaguing the world. It will serve to remind you that you are not alone when you see some wild-weed grow in a place you know you didn’t plant.


It will unify us in cause and remind us that no matter how thick the jungle – the ganja will grow. No matter how much they “clamp down on your rights” – let the weed plant become the silent symbol of liberty – untamable and always free!


Plant those seeds this 420 and then just write “Done” with the hashtag #420SeedChallenge.








What did you think?

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