Pumpkin bong
Pumpkin bong

The Pumpkin Bong - The New Way to Get High This Fall

How do you make a bong out of a pumpkin?

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DanaSmith on Thursday Sep 22, 2022

what is a pumpkin bong

Pumpkin Bong: Try This Unique And Fun Way Of Getting High This Fall


There is no other food that is more famous than pumpkins during the fall.


It’s associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving, making it one of the most festive icons of the seasons. But there’s more to using pumpkins than simply carving them out for display, or for making pumpkin-spice lattes – you can actually make a bong out of pumpkins!


Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. This novel way of getting high is one for the adults only. But using “organic” mediums for smoking is nothing new: smoking out of an apple has been around for many decades now.


Follow these tips below to learn everything you need to carve a bong or even a rig, out of the humble pumpkin.


What You’ll Need


  • One large pumpkin

  • An ice pick, barbecue stick, or screwdriver (for poking holes)

  • Lighter

  • Knife or other carving tool

  • Spoon


Some pumpkins will work better than others when it comes to making a bong out of them. Look for pumpkins that have height since it’s more important than roundness. Height is crucial for having adequate space for a mouthpiece and a downstem. When you’re at the pumpkin patch, simply look for a pumpkin that you can easily imagine turning into a bong. Don’t use pumpkins that are too large since it will be hard to puff from; handheld sizes will be more convenient.




*Use the spoon and knife to remove the slimy fibers and seeds within the pumpkin. These are known as the placental tissue of the fruit. There’s no real need to get rid of the pumpkin’s entire contents since you’ll need some of that pumpkin meat to create a tight air flow within the bong.


It isn’t advisable to get rid of the entire cavity. You want it to be a little air tight inside for better rips. Additionally, leaving some of the pumpkin meat in there will give your puffs some of that delicious pumpkin flavor.


Also cut the top of the pumpkin. Make the hole wide enough so you can clean the pumpkin’s insides with ease though you don’t want it to be too wide that it could affect the downstem or mouthpiece holes. Tip: cut with a circular incision and avoid making zig-zag patterns on the top. Circular incisions result in a cleaner surface area while reducing air exposure. Once you have cut the top and cleaned the pumpkin, put the top back on.


*Use the knife to carve a shallow bowl-shaped hole near the top of the pumpkin. While carving, be sure not to break the meat and make a hole. If this happens, cover it up with some tape and start over in another area.


Use the poking tool of your choice to make a small hole into the center of the shallow bowl. It should be a narrow bowl so that you can avoid sucking the flower when you take a puff.


1. Punch a small hole on another side of the pumpkin. The center of the hole should have access to this carb, and it shouldn’t be too far from the bowl. This hole will be critical to helping regulate the airflow while you smoke as well as the temperatures and burning within the pumpkin.


2. Create another hole which will serve as your mouthpiece. This should be located opposite the bowl, and on the top half of the fruit. If you are struggling to identify the right locations for these holes, just imagine how these would be situated when you’re smoking with an actual bong.


If you already have a glass downstem or remains from an old, unused or broken bong, add it to the mouthpiece. Press the downstem onto the pumpkin flesh, ensuring that it’s tight and secure in the pumpkin so that you can avoid sucking air.


*Test your bong by sucking the mouthpiece and using the carb. Observe how the air flows through; ideally, pressure should noticeably increase. The sound of your mouthpiece sucking should be heard from the bowl.


If you need to make any changes, punch through again. Perhaps some excess pumpkin guts need to be removed too. If there is water or moisture that builds up on the holes you’ve made, wipe them off using a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.


*Once everything is set, load up your bowl with weed. You might want to try adding a little water inside the pumpkin to result in a much smoother toke. However, if you are looking to use the pumpkin as a dab rig or a bowl, then there’s no need to add any water.


Optional Tips


If you want to dab out of the pumpkin, just use a titanium nail instead of a downstem or a normal bowl. Just make sure that the nail is placed at the correct angle and don’t add any water.


Smoking out of a pumpkin bong is a unique experience. You can use it as often as you like but be sure to check your pumpkin for signs of rot – then it’s time to throw it out! Impress your friends this fall with the novelty of smoking from a pumpkin.





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