Best Hangover Cannabis Strains
Best Hangover Cannabis Strains

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Hangovers

Marijuana For a Hangover Is Wonderful

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DanaSmith on Friday Sep 22, 2017

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Hangovers

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The festive season is around the corner, and this means that you’ll be attending lots of parties. We all know what happens next, because we’ve all been there.


Forget about the Tylenol or Advil – cannabis is your best friend when it comes to dealing with nasty hangovers. Lighting up a bowl will help you recover from feeling like a garbage can, it’ll stop the nausea, and help you enjoy your food.


Choose from these 10 best strains for dealing with hangovers:


green crack strain

  1. Green Crack is a stimulating sativa that will have you feeling brand new. This energizing strain will kick drowsiness and sluggishness right out the door, having you feeling good in no time. Green Crack packs a punch, so don’t go overboard when medicating with this one.


trainwreck strain

  1. Trainwreck will make you feel anything but like you just got hit by a train. A potent hybrid, Trainwreck knocks migraines and headaches out of the park while delivering a euphoric and happy high. Give yourself a few hours at home relaxing after toking with Train Wreck because it’s a pretty powerful strain.


alaska thunder fuck strain

  1. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a fast-acting sativa that is extremely effective in treating hangovers. If you tend to experience fatigue coupled with head-banging migraines, Alaskan Thunder Fuck will fix you up real good while making you feel more relaxed, happy, uplifted, and euphoric.


jack herer cannabis

  1. Jack Herer will do more than just pick you up from a nasty hangover. Jack Herer is one of the most reliable strains for anyone who needs a good all-around boost but especially so for hangovers. Delivering a clear-headed and upbeat high, Jack Herer is also effective in alleviating pain without a couch lock. If you still have to do errands while hungover, this strain will get the job done.


nothern lights strain

  1. Northern Lights is the answer if hangovers are preventing you from getting some much-needed rest. This is a classic, timeless indica that will relax both body and mind. Being one of the purest indicas around, Northern Lights will send you off into a tranquil and healing slumber, plus you’ll wake up feeling like a whole new person thanks to this amazing strain. Northern Lights isn’t just good for helping you fall asleep – it’ll help you get rid of those nasty headaches too.


chemdawg strain

  1. Chemdawg is an excellent hybrid that will help you regain a sense of mental clarity and enable you to calmly make it to the real world with ease. Expect your body aches to disappear while your head can function more effectively after medicating with Chemdawg. Some users report an increased appetite after smoking this strain, so be prepared with your favorite hangover feast for the ultimate in hangover cures! 


super silver haze strain

  1. Super Silver Haze is energizing and uplifting, but it also is powerful in eliminating a pounding head. This award-winning strain has won High Times Cannabis Cup awards three years in a row, so you can be sure that you’re medicating with some dependable top-shelf stuff here. Super Silver Haze will have you feeling happy and uplifted, which is ideal for those who tend to suffer from hangover-induced anxiety.


purple kush strain

  1. Purple Kush is known as one of the world’s most powerful indica strains. With an average THC content of 15%, Purple Kush is not recommended for beginners. Purple Kush is a top choice for killing a hangover through the good old method: eat and sleep. This strain is known for inducing the munchies and making you sleepy, so choose if you’ll give in to the food and go to bed or just go to bed.


nyc diesel strain

  1. NYC Diesel is another award-winning strain that is perfect for hangovers. NYC Diesel is widely used for the treatment of nausea, so it’ll help you keep your food in after you down a greasy meal first thing in the morning. NYC Diesel delivers a euphoric, relaxed, and happy high – you can’t go wrong with this one.


berry white cannabis

  1. Berry White is the answer if you’re struggling with nausea, insomnia, and pain altogether. This delicious indica offers quick relief by delivering almost immediate euphoria and an uplifted feel. Consuming Berry White in high doses will give you a strong body high, but if you’re after complete relaxation go ahead and smoke lots of this one.


What are your favorite strains to help you cope with a hangover?




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