5 Strains for Dystonia Muscle Spasms

5 Strains for Dystonia Muscle Spasms

Muscle Spasms and Medical Cannabis

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

5 Strains for Dystonia Muscle Spasms



Dystonia muscle spasms are a kind of movement disorder causing the muscles to contract uncontrollably. Dystonia affects different body parts, causing patients to make involuntary movements such as twisting, abnormal postures, and repetitive movements.



This type of movement disorder can affect either the entire body, one muscle, or a whole muscle group. Symptoms can be mild or severe but in most cases the symptoms of dystonia progresses through various stages. Dystonia is characterized by cramps in the foot, a dragging leg, uncontrollable blinking, involuntary pulling of the neck, and speech difficulties. The symptoms are exacerbated by stress and fatigue.



Patients with dystonia can turn to cannabis to naturally treat the symptoms of this disease. These are the top 5 strains for treating dystonia muscle spasms:


grand daddy purple

  • Granddaddy Purple is a popular indica hailing from California. This strain is a joy to medicate with thanks to its delicious berry and grape aromas. Granddaddy Purple delivers an extremely pleasurable high, relaxing the body and mind while sending you into a state of euphoria and release. This strain is perfect for nighttime medication and will send you into a state of deep slumber especially if your muscle spasms prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. However, many users report that Granddaddy Purple gives them the munchies, so make sure that you’ve got some healthy snacks on hand when medicating with this strain.



northern lights

  • Northern Lights is one of the purest indicas in the market, and has achieved a legendary status among medical and recreational users alike. Northern Lights is highly recommended for nighttime medication because of its potent indica properties, helping you heal from deep sleep while treating dystonia muscle spasms. Because it’s so relaxing, Northern Lights is one of the most common strains for the treatment of insomnia. Avoid using too much of this strain if you tend to get paranoia or headaches.



maui waui strain

  • Maui Wowie is a popular sativa strain, loved by patients for its tropical flavors and excellent stress-relieving properties. Maui Wowie is one of the best sativas for treating dystonia muscle spasms, especially if you need to medicate during the day and stay productive. This strain hails from the volcanic soils of Hawaii, and has been a well-loved medicinal strain ever since. Medicating with Maui Wowie will deliver uplifting feelings, happiness, euphoria, and positive energy; making this strain highly suitable especially if you suffer from depression. Maui Wowie is also effective at knocking stress and fatigue right out of the park, making it useful for nipping muscle spasms at the bud by preventing its triggers.



super sour diesel

  • Super Sour Diesel is one of the most potent sativas around, thanks to its parent strains, Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. This strain delivers a strong head high, just like its parent strains, and also has a pungent diesel-like flavor. Super Sour Diesel is a great choice for daytime medication since it’ll help you stay awake while delivering feelings of relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and increased energy. However, don’t use Super Sour Diesel if you also suffer from headaches; some users report that this strain may exacerbate headaches. Use moderately until you’re sure that you’re not prone to potential side effects from Super Sour Diesel.



afghan kush

  • Afghan Kush is a top choice for patients looking for a relaxing high. This landrace strain can provide long-lasting relief, sometimes up to two hours straight. Afghan Kush is widely used for the treating of muscle spasms and chronic pain, while sending you off into a state of deep slumber without any interruptions. The THC and CBD levels in Afghan Kush are equally high, making it a highly prized strain for medicinal uses. Afghan Kush also makes for a really delicious smoke thanks to its mango aroma. Plus points for it not being harsh on the throat at all. Afghan Kush is also used to treat stress, depression, lack of appetite, and pain.


Cannabis topicals are also excellent for treating muscle spasms. Simply rub it directly to the spastic muscle, then wait around half an hour for relief. Massage the muscle regularly and move it around to improve circulation.


What are your favorite cannabis treatments for muscle spasms? Share with us in the comments below!










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