tips for taking cannabis oil
tips for taking cannabis oil

Tips For Taking Cannabis Oil As Medicine For The First Time

Things You Should Know The First Time You Take Cannabis Oil

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Mar 7, 2017

Tips For Taking Cannabis Oil As Medicine For The First Time




You’re now ready to try using cannabis oil. Whether you’ve tried administering cannabis through other forms in the past or not, using cannabis oil is a completely different experience. In fact, for many it’s the best way to medicate, especially if you are suffering from cancer, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation-related conditions.



Here are some tips to help ensure that you have a pleasurable experience trying cannabis oil for the first time:




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  1. Dosage


Cannabis oil can be VERY strong, and it can get even the most seasoned of stoners dislodged from reality. It is EXTREMELY important that you take slow and small doses until you become more comfortable with it, and are more familiar with how it reacts to your body. No one dosage will be suitable for everyone, because cannabis affects everyone differently. If you use a vaporizer, start with a 10-second inhale, then wait 3-5 minutes until you can feel the effects. In fact, if it’s your first time, it’s likely that you’ll feel the effects in just two minutes or so.



Another option is to use an oral syringe and fill up empty capsules to take cannabis oil. For first timers, you may want to fill up just 1/3 or ½ the capsule to start with and wait 30 minutes for the effects; since taking cannabis orally normally takes a while. Using pills can help you become more precise with dosage and be consistent the next time you take it.



As you continue using cannabis oil regularly, you’ll build a tolerance.



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  1. Environment


Just like with smoking pot for the first time, choosing the right environment is crucial. If you have to be around people, choose those whom you trust. Ideally, you should be in the safe confines of your own home. It would also be helpful if you have someone with you who is comfortable and knowledgeable with cannabis just in case you start to feel paranoia and anxiety. These things can make or break the experience with cannabis oil.




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  1. Full stomach


Cannabis oil shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach. Make sure that you eat some healthy food 1-2 hours before you ingest it. Stay away from alcohol when taking cannabis oil or this could make you feel nauseous. If you also suffer from extreme anxiety already, don’t consume coffee a few hours before you take cannabis oil.





  1. Prepare ginger tea


Consuming cannabis oil makes some people feel nauseous, even if you aren’t drinking booze with it. As a remedy, keep some ginger tea handy because it’s one of the best natural antidotes for nausea and upset stomach. Making your own ginger tea can also be quite a pleasant experience.



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  1. Stay calm


If you feel that you’ve taken too much, try to remain calm as much as possible. If you’re home, lay down on your bed or the couch, put the lights down low, listen to some good music, and keep in mind that it will all eventually fade away.




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  1. Keep your goal in mind


You may experience some unwanted effects the first time you take cannabis oil, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying it another time. The reason you’re taking it is that you are medicating, so keep this in mind as you wait for the effects to subside if you aren’t used to it. Remember that it’s all temporary, and the oil is doing your body a lot of good.



Other things to remember



If you are using cannabis oil to treat cancer, you will also have to make some lifestyle changes. Cancer won’t grow in an oxygenated alkaline body, so make sure that you consume an alkaline-rich diet with loads of green vegetables. The presence of live plant proteins can also help prevent the growth of cancer.


juicing raw cannabis


Juicing raw cannabis, fruit, and vegetables is another effective way of keeping your body alkaline. Try to avoid consuming dairy and meat products since the proteins in these food can contribute to the growth of cancer cells. Don’t drink any soda and keep sugar completely out of your diet. Most importantly, quit smoking cigarettes all at once if you do – it’s the number 1 lifestyle change that you need to make because it is an extremely carcinogenic habit.










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