popular cannabis strains
popular cannabis strains

15 Most Popular Cannabis Strains Of All Time

What are the most popular marijuana strains?

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

15 Most Popular Cannabis Strains Of All Time

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There are easily almost a thousand (possibly even more) strains of cannabis out there today. What a time to be alive, considering that sometime in the history of cannabis there was just one strain to choose from: a landrace.


With all the choices out there, we’ve decided to make a list of the greatest cannabis strains of all time. This list includes sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Despite the fact that there are new strains popping up virtually every week, there will always be legendary strains that will never go out of style. These marijuana strains are recognized worldwide for various characteristics such as quality, medicinal benefits, effects, popularity, and potency, and more.


If you’re new to the world of cannabis and need a little help navigating the deliciously overwhelming world of strains, this list is a great place to start!


Without further ado, in no particular order:


blue dream marijuana

Blue Dream is a name that you’ve probably heard of, even if you’ve never used pot before. Yes, it’s that special a strain. Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid originating from California that is considered legendary in the world of cannabis. With a THC content reaching as much as 18% and a strong sativa-leaning effect, Blue Dream balances a nice cerebral buzz with a mild indica couchlock. It’s a great daytime hybrid strain, an excellent choice for social use, and many users report feeling productive with Blue Dream. It’s also easy to find, Blue Dream is available in virtually almost every city that sells legal pot.


green crack strain

Green Crack is potent sativa that is well-known for deliver a laser-sharp focus that lasts the whole day. The best part is that even if Green Crack keeps you up, it won’t leave you feeling tired or worn out. Expect a strong sense of clarity with Green Crack; it’s no surprise that many choose this strain as the ideal companion for wake-and-bake. Although the effects of Green Crack are generally that of a stereotypical sativa, once you try it you’ll understand why it’s just downright awesome. Delicious mango-like fruity flavors and a heightened sense of energy are just some of the things that make Green Crack a favorite for many.


girl scout cookies marijuana

 Girl Scout Cookies is an amazing hybrid that has won the hearts of both newbie and veteran smokers alike. In fact, Girl Scout Cookies is considered by many as one of the best strains in California – and in the world. This award-winning strain offers a delicious sense of euphoria and relaxes the whole body from within. Its psychoactive effects are in a class of its own; many describe the high from Girl Scout Cookies as one that makes you feel like time just seems to fly by. A sweet aroma with earthy undertones makes Girl Scout Cookies a delight to medicate with.


north lights marijuana

Northern Lights is a native from Northern California whose effects are renowned worldwide. In fact, no “best cannabis strains of all time” list would be complete without a mention of Northern Lights. Hailed for being one of the purest indicas out there, Northern Lights offers a deep sense of relaxation that can be felt from smoking the first few sweet and spicy puffs. For those who have trouble sleeping or relaxing, you can’t go wrong with Northern Lights. Many patients also depend on Northern Lights for its ability to treat chronic pain and stress. Northern Lights should definitely have a place in everyone’s “medicine cabinet”.


bllueberry marijuana

Blueberry is a true A-list strain, an award-winning classic that everyone needs to try at least once. Blueberry has a long, rich history dating back to the 70’s and over time its genetics have continued to evolve but remains to be one of the quintessential cannabis strains around. Users love its sweet blueberry flavor and the long-lasting blissful, euphoric high it delivers. Few other strains can hold a candle to Blueberry’s amazing properties. Medically, it’s widely used for treating pain and stress.


hindi kush

Hindu Kush is a landrace strain originating in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. Hailed as a pure indica, Hindu Kush is considered cannabis royalty.  Subtle sweet and earthy aromas will lull you to an intense state of relaxation that you should surrender to in order to appreciate this strain. Many use Hindu Kush for its meditative and relaxing effects, which make it the perfect antidote to stress and anxiety.



cannatonic marijuana

Cannatonic is a strain that’s completely on a league of its own. Cannatonic is widely acclaimed for its medicinal properties thanks to its high CBD content; in fact, this strain holds the record for some of the highest CBD content ever in the world. In some cases, Cannatonic’s CBD tests to as much as 17% so while it won’t give you the psychoactive buzz of THC, it will treat stress and anxiety unlike any other. Cannatonic is the go-to choice for patients suffering from epilepsy, pain, and numerous other chronic ailments. Cannatonic’s subtle effects but far-reaching medicinal properties make it an excellent choice for first-time users, or seniors who want to explore the world of cannabis without getting too stoned.


grandaddy purple marijuana

Grandaddy Purple was one of the very first strains to emerge as purple, which then evolved into a trend of others in a similar hue. But that’s not why Granddaddy Purple is so great: this indica dominant strain is renowned for its flavor, medicinal properties, and a heavenly body-mind high that will lull you into a deep slumber.


sour diesel marijuana

Sour Diesel is an invigorating sativa that takes its name from its diesel-like, pungy aroma. Users love Sour Diesel for its fast-acting effects, a dreamy and energizing mental buzz, and long-lasting relief from depression, pain, and stress. Sour Diesel has been around since the early 90’s, but we’re pretty sure that it’ll never go out of style.


strawberry cough marijuana

Strawberry Cough is a potent sativa known for its delicious strawberry taste combined with earthy tones. One of the unique properties is its dual effect, which means that while its sativa genetics will help you improve concentration and focus, Strawberry Cough can also relax both body and mind. It’s a great choice for daytime medication, and will cause you to feel a sense of bubbliness and happiness that you may have never felt before.


white widow marijuana

White Widow is one of the world’s most famous cannabis strains, and for good reason. Originating from the Netherlands, White Widow is name that has been tossed around many of Amsterdam’s coffee shops. Medicinally, patients use White Widow for its efficacy in knocking pain, stress, and depression out of the park. White Widow is a balanced hybrid that makes it valuable among both recreational and medicinal users alike.


durban poison marijuana

Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace from Africa. Because of its world-class genetics, Durban Poison is frequently used in breeding projects. This strain has a unique sweet licorice-like flavor and strong intoxicating but energizing properties. Durban Poison is the strain of choice for many users looking for a creative and productive buzz, and we all love how it uplifts you both in body and in mind. Many turn to Durban Poison for a fix when they need a little help staying motivated when trying to make it through a busy day.


super lemon haze marijuana

Super Lemon Haze is one of the very few strains in the world that has won two back-to-back Cannabis Cup Awards. What makes Super Lemon Haze so legendary is its tasty citrus flavors, and a buzz that will have you feeling energetic and active – don’t be surprised if it causes you to bounce off the walls with a strong head high. If you need some motivation for just about anything, you can count on Super Lemon Haze to do the job.


og kush marijuana

OG Kush, also given the nickname as the Queen of California, is one of the strongest strains in the world. She is the flower of choice for smokers of all kinds in the West Coast, and has won several dozen Cannabis Cups. OG Kush also has extremely varied phenotypes, much more so than any other cannabis strain in the world. She has mothered numerous other fantastic strains, but if you have genetics like OG Kush you just can’t go wrong. When it comes to the effects of OG Kush, users love it for its ability to induce happiness. It’s also a strong relaxant, and a good choice for evening use. OG Kush does a terrific job of treating anxiety, stress, anger management, and PTSD issues.


chemdawg marijuana

Chemdawg is a wildly popular hybrid whose THC levels can reach as high as 20%. Chemdawg’s body buzz is one of its distinct properties, although for medical patients looking to treat pain, depression, anxiety, migraines, and a lack of appetite, this strain takes the cake. Chemdawg has also spawned a whole generation of equally amazing strains which are Cannabis Cup-worthy in their own right. Its smell is reminiscent of diesel, but Chemdawg also produces fruity phenotypes.


What are the top strains of all time in your opinion? Share with us in the comments below!









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