dry oil or vape oil
dry oil or vape oil

Dry vs. Oil Vaporizers - Which is Better Bang for Your Buck?

Dry vaporizing is hot right now but is oil vaporizing better?

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DanaSmith on Monday May 2, 2022

dry oil or vape oil pens

Vaporizing cannabis has quickly become the preferred consumption method for many.

Also known as vaping, it’s easy to see why people like it as compared to smoking. Both vaporizers are:


Discreet and portable: Vape pens are discreet compared to using bowls or even a joint. The smoke produced is minimal and smaller, allowing individuals to vape even indoors without having to worry about the smell. The exception here are desktop vaporizers, which are meant to be used the way its name sounds: on desks or tables.


Rechargeable: Except for disposable vape pens, other vaporizers are rechargeable. This is beneficial for heavy consumers who want to have peace of mind that you’ll never run out of juice when you need it.


Easy to use: Vape pens are designed to be easy to use. Some may be more complex in design, but you can easily learn how to use them after a few tries. There are also some models on the market that have more options to learn such as the temperature controls, though they are still fairly easy to learn. Meanwhile, others simply require clicking a button a few times to smoke, while some will automatically shut off to save battery.


Smooth smoke experience: Many enjoy using vapes because they offer a smoother smoke compared to the harsh experience of burning cannabis flower when smoking a bowl, joint, or a bong.


Temperature controls: Consumers who want more control over their smoking experience can choose devices that come with temperature controls. It helps to customize the temperature or wattage settings so that you can modify based on your own vaping style.


Smoke Cloud


Vaping results in smaller, thinner smoke clouds whereas bongs or joints result in massive smoke clouds. This is another reason why vapes are more discreet. If you are used to bongs and joints, it may take a few puffs for you to achieve the same high that you did with a bong, but all the other benefits simply outweigh this.




Most of the terpenes are still preserved when you vape cannabis, which is why it offers a more delightful and delicious smoke experience. Terpenes are aromatic compounds in plants that are responsible for the flavor and aroma; they tend to get burned off when you smoke herb the traditional way.




With all these benefits, it’s clear that vaping is simply a really easy way to enjoy your medicine. Whether you need to twist a cartridge on or grind up some flower first, vaping eliminates the need for sometimes messy joint rolling, cleaning glass pipes, and what not. Simply purchase the device and cannabis form that you need and enjoy!


Portable vapes can be categorized into dry versus oil. When shopping around for your first vape, you’ll encounter these two, so it’s good to know about the differences of each.


Differences Between Dry & Oil Vaporizers


Heating Chamber / Vape Cartridge


The heating chamber of dry herb vapes can only contain ground cannabis flower, while the cartridge for oil concentrates can only hold oil. However, you might also notice that there are some devices designed for versatility since there are vaporizers out there that can be used with oil, herbs, and wax.


In addition, oil vape cartridges are usually meant for replacing and interchanging (with the exception of disposable pens which are designed for one-time use) while the chambers of dry herb vapes can be used for many years. Always be sure to use the right type of cannabis form for the vaporizer.


Loading Process


Both oil and dry herb vapes have different chambers or cartridge loading processes. To vape oil, consumers can buy pre-filled cartridges or refill them on their own. For herb vapes, the cannabis flower has to be ground up then placed in the chamber.




Dry herb vaporizers require much more power compared to heating oil (or wax). This is why herb vaporizers tend to have bigger batteries and are bulkier, which make them less portable for many. And since dry herb consumes so much more power quicker, they need to be charged more than oil vape batteries.




While vapes in general are low maintenance, it’s important to occasionally clean the mouthpiece as well as the filter screen for dry herb vapes. Burning too much flower at a time can leave a lot of buildup and residue which should be removed before your next smoke, else you risk inhaling all these contaminants into your respiratory system.


On the other hand, oil vape cartridges don’t require the same kind of maintenance since once the oil has run out, you simply replace it. If you are using refillable cartridges, it’s important to clean the mouthpiece out once in a while.


Other Things To Keep In Mind


If you end up buying a dry herb vaporizer, it would also be wise to invest in a good grinder so that your buds are ground up evenly. Filter screens should be cleaned or even changed regularly to maximize airflow and a smooth vape experience. And if it’s your first time to use a dry herb vape, always start using it with the lowest heat setting then gradually work your way up.


If you use oil vapes, also start with the lowest heat setting until you’re used to it. Buy carts that are designed for the device or battery, and store the pen upright when not in use so that the oil is prevented from leaking.




Now that you know the similarities and differences between both vaporizers, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the correct vaporizer for you. Each cannabis vaper will have their own personal preferences though it may take some time to discover which of these is perfect for you.





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