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The 9 Best Cannabis Innovations You Must Try In 2018

The Best Cannabis Products of 2018 Are Here Already

Posted by DanaSmith on Wednesday Dec 27, 2017

The 9 Cannabis Innovations You Must Try In 2018



The legal cannabis industry moves at such a quick pace that if you blink an eye, you might just miss something. But 2017 was one helluva year for the cannabis community: alongside new legalization policies both locally and internationally, technology and innovations in the market make it more exciting than ever both for patients and recreational users alike.


If you’ve missed it, here are some of the best cannabis innovations to hit the shelves this year. If you haven’t tried them, make it your resolution to do so in the new year!


  1. Cannabis Powder: In early November, THC Design launched the first California free-flowing encapsulated cannabis powder during the High Times Harvest Cup SoCal 2017 held at San Bernardino. Called THC Design MIX, the powder is a water-soluble cannabis extract that allows you to easily infuse and mix the powder with your favorite food and drink without the hassles of making the powder yourself. Or infusing for that matter. THC Design takes the hassles out of making edibles, offering a new, exciting way to enjoy your medicine.



  1.  PenSimple: Say goodbye to the days of using messy grinders and cleaning up: PenSimple was borne out of the founder’s personal problem of having to clean up your herbs. Through PenSimple, users can now precisely dispense ground cannabis with just the push of a button – effortless, clean, and easy! PenSimple is designed to be portable, compact, and efficient. For us, this is pretty much everything we could have wanted in a modern-day grinder. (Click here to read our interview with PenSimple!)



  1. Levo Oil Home Infusion Machine: Definitely one of the most sensational cannabis tech developments of this year is the Levo Oil Home Infusion Machine. This one had many in the startup community asking themselves: “Why didn’t I think of that?” The smart people behind Levo just solved a massive problem that many of us face when creating our own edibles or infusions at home. The Colorado company has made it so simple for any home cook to turn into a cannabis chef through the creation of an infusion machine slash kitchen appliance that easily belongs on the shelves of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Just choose a strain and infuse your herbs in butter or oil within a few minutes, without the mess. And with a price tag of $199, what’s not to love?



  1. Brewbudz Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods: Coffee and cannabis go together like ketchup and fries. These two substances are a match made in heaven, but instead of having to make your own infused coffee, BrewBudz takes care of the work for you. BrewBudz has created Keurig-based pods that contain coffee and tea so that medicinal and recreational users can ingest their medicine without having to use edibles, which are often made sugary and sweet – basically unhealthy. BrewBudz designed a delicious and heathy product, as well as one that’s 100% natural and fully compostable so it’s good for the earth too. (Click here to read our interview with BrewBudz!)



  1. GrowBuddy App: With more states rolling out new legalization rules, more people can now reap the benefits of growing their own pot at home. But we all know that growing your own cannabis is no easy task. There are so many things to take into consideration and remember. However, the free GrowBuddy app is one of the best “gadgets” around. Although they’ve been around for a few years now, in 2017 they added new features so it should definitely be in your to-try list. GrowBuddy should be the companion app for anyone who wishes to grow their own plants, in order to get the most ROI from the time and energy they put in. The app has everything you need and will tell you important information about lighting, nutrition, both indoor and outdoor growing, hydroponics, seeds, growing, and so much more! It’s also equipped with enhanced social features so that you can share your own growing experiences with thousands of other hobby and professional growers out there. Nurture your green thumb next year with Grow Buddy!


  1. Microdosing-Friendly Products: As the trend of microdosing continues to grow, more medical and recreational users are seeing the benefits of consuming small amounts of cannabis. In the past, particularly with recreational users, the idea was just to get as stoned as possible by consuming as much weed as one could take. Well, the tables have turned; people are changing their consumption habits as the benefits of microdosing continues to grow – and companies are listening. Microdosing-friendly products and edibles are now hitting the shelves, making it easier than ever to medicate discreetly with small doses without having to get blasted. Some of these companies include:


  • Satori Chocolate Bites: available in 2mg THC in each piece, while raisin versions are available in 1mg per piece
  • Kiva Confections is an edibles brand that is already well-known for their line of microdosing products. They just released a line of mints that contain 2.5mg of THC, available in different flavors.
  • CannaAthlete is a fairly new brand to hit the cannabis market. They’ve developed an ingenious Activation Spray that contains 1mg of THC in each spray.




  1. Pax 3 Vaporizer: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different vaporizers to choose from. But one name stands out among the rest: the Pax Labs handheld vape. Their 3rd version has been nicknamed as the iPhone of vapes, and we can see why. Anyone who enjoys vaping will find the Pax 3 vape to be an essential lifestyle gadget that makes vaping quick, easy, and discreet. Available in black, rose gold, gold, and silver, the Pax 3 can cater to your unique style. That’s not all there is to it: it heats up in just 20 seconds, and can vape both concentrates instead of just flower. Additionally, the half-pack oven means that users no longer need to load a massive bowl because it’s much more efficient plus capable of maximizing terpene profiles. The Pax 3 vape is equipped with multiple strength settings, so you can blast the heat up once the load has partially been smoked. Its Vapor smartphone app also lets you do clever things such as dimming the lights or increasing the heat.


  1. LEAF Plug and Plant Grow System: A toy for the serious home grower: Meet the LEAF Plug and Plant Grow System, which lets you start your own cannabis grow just by using a 4x2 foot box. This high-tech miniature grow house fits two plants, which can then yield up to 5 ounces of cannabis. It’s equipped with an autonomous climate control system as well as an automatic nutrient dosing system, so you can spend your days doing your thing while the system takes care of your bud. It’s not cheap: at $3,000 a pop, the LEAF Plug and Plant Grow System may not be for the average toker but more of a refined user or patient interested in growing their own supply. But it also comes equipped with a BIOS 200W LED system to make sure that your plants are exposed to the exact correct amount of light each day. It also features a mounted HD camera so that you can view the plants at any time. Oh, and it can also grow other vegetables such as kale, wheatgrass, and tomatoes so it’s not just for pot!



  1. Nova Decarboxylator: Another excellent invention for home cookers is the Nova Decarboxylator, made by Ardent Cannabis. This device efficiently heats cannabis to activate THC and other compounds, a process that’s necessary in making infused edibles yet a process that’s tricky and complicated when done at home, especially if you’re a newbie. Nova Decarboxylator makes it easy to decarb your bud: all you need to do is place the flower into the device, press the start button, and then wait 90 to 120 minutes. It’s equipped with high-powered sensors and a precision heating system to ensure that your cannabis is heated efficiently while maximizing the activation of THC to make the best possible homemade edibles, tinctures, and infusions.


  1. Lean Green Wizard: You don’t have to go broke just to enjoy the best cannabis inventions of the year. At just $24.99, the Lean Green Wizard is a cost-effective but smart little device for everyone who still loves hitting a blunt. The Lean Green Wizard makes filling cones easy through a 4-piece grinder and a tilling tower to make packing cones intuitive and simple. To use the device, load up the pre-roll in the tower, then pack the herb from the tray at its top. Use the “wand” to pack the roll as tightly as you want and voila! Mess-free cones. Any excess weed that doesn’t make it to the cone is caught in the loading tray, so you no longer have to clean up a mess and wonder if any weed spilled off the table.


What are your favorite cannabis innovations of the year? Share with us in the comments below!










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