Weed Workout
Weed Workout

3 Reasons To Add Weed To Your Gym Workout

Higher Metabolism, Recovery, and Focus On Long Cardio Day

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Oaktree on Saturday Mar 19, 2016



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We all know how important exercising is for our health. We hear endless reports from medical journals, fitness gurus and your annoying Facebook friends; about how great getting a workout is for you. But is setting your alarm before the sun is even up, or sitting in an hour of traffic worth the torture your trainer or group ex instructor has in store for you? The answer is "Yes", if you supplement your workout with the right stuff!


I’m not talking about supplements from GNC, or the ones the juice-head guy that still wears his varsity letterman jacket to the gym takes.  I’m talking about all natural, grade-A, ganja, dank, cannabis, tha killa! AKA Weed! Here are 3 reasons why you need to add weed to your workout!


1) Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or reduce your body fat to get a six pack or ripped arms you need to speed up your metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories. According to the leading scientists who do this shit for a living claim “after the age of 21 your body metabolism can decrease up to 10% every decade.”


By smoking weed BEFORE you workout, you can actually boost up your metabolism! According to a study in Men’s Journal “The compounds THCV and cannabidiol found in marijuana may help raise metabolism, speed fat loss, and lower cholesterol.”


Fuck you Atkin’s diet, you need to jump on the Sea Weed Diet!


2) So you smoke an L before your workout session, you jump on the treadmill behind the hot chick in yoga pants and get your playlist going on your wireless Beat headphones. But 2 minutes into your body is saying “What the fuck are you doing to me!” you try to drown out your inner voice by increasing the volume in your headphones – it works until Ms. Yoga pants finishes her workout, now you got the guy that doesn’t wear deodorant in front of you for the next 20 minutes. We all go through it, it’s a LACK OF FOCUS. Let’s be honest, you can think of 100 better things to do rather than working out, well maybe just 1 which is too sit on your couch and watch Sportscenter on ESPN.


Weed in any form may be the answer! Whether you’re using a vaporizer, eating edibles or rolling up a fatty it can actually keep you “in the zone” through your whole workout! According to scientists “Many long-distance runners admit to using vaporizers or edibles before participating in a marathon, because the cannabis enables them to remove the monotony and stay in a steady rhythmic zone for keeping at a competitive running speed.” If Arnold does it, it must be right! Get in the zone!


3) How many times have your woken up the next day after your workout and are sore as fuck! Can’t sit on the toilet, can’t get your leg over the tub, your mad that you have to wear pants to work because you have to bend over to put them on!


You could whip up a huge breakfast to get the essential proteins to minimize your soreness, but you snoozed six times and have 10 minutes before you get fired. Best thing you can do according to Outside Magazine correspondent Gordy Megroz is to smoke to help muscle recovery. He tried multiple workouts under the supervision of a physiologist and noted that after a hard run, or doing heavy weight squats he saw a "substantial performance gain," by smoking post workout. So go ahead light one up, cause Ms. Yoga pants doesn’t take any days off!


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