cannabis strains for crohns disease
cannabis strains for crohns disease

Cannabis Strains for Crohn’s Disease

Try These Marijuana Strains For Crohn's Disease

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DanaSmith on Tuesday Apr 11, 2017

Cannabis Strains for Crohn’s Disease

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Crohn’s disease, also known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), is an inflammatory condition in the digestive tract. It affects adults as young as 35, and while it isn’t a fatal condition it can severely affect your quality of life. Crohn’s disease is characterized by uncontrollable rectal bleeding, constantly feeling like you need to move your bowels, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and more.


Crohn’s disease can also cause major financial burden because medications and treatment is expensive. Almost half of all legal marijuana states already include Crohn’s disease as a qualifying condition for medical pot. Cannabis is an incredible natural alternative to many of the severe symptoms brought about by this condition especially nausea, cramps, and loss of appetite.


Patients with Crohn’s disease are recommended to try cannabis as part of their health regimen. If left untreated, Crohn’s disease can lead to bowel cancer. At its roots, Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory condition, one major aspect of health that cannabis has been proven to help with.


Here are the top 5 strains that work best for Crohn’s disease:

og kush strain

  • OG Kush is a terrific strain for pain relief and nausea, certainly one of the best strains for medical purposes. This strain has a potent THC content as some varieties contain as much as 27%, so this is best used when you are medicating in the comforts of your own home. Many patients of Crohn’s disease also appreciate that OG Kush delivers a euphoric and happy high, which definitely comes in handy if you are experiencing severe symptoms of this condition. OG Kush is also widely used to combat depression while helping people who also suffer from stress and anxiety. Patients use OG Kush to also help with lack of appetite and insomnia.



charolettes web strain

  • Charlotte’s Web is world-famous for its pain-killing properties, making it ideal for sufferers of any inflammation especially Crohn’s disease. Charlotte’s Web is known for its high CBD content; ideal for patients who don’t want to experience any psychoactive effects from cannabis or who need to medicate in the daytime at work. First time users of Charlotte’s Web are advised to increase usage gradually because this can affect people differently. Many first-time patients experience a headache; it’s recommended to microdose with this strain for the first few times.


g13 strain

  • G13 is a potent indica strain that deliver a strong body high unlike any other. One of the special attributes of G13 is that many patients consider it to be an excellent indica for daytime use because of its ability to ease body pain and inflammation while still enabling you to have a clear-headed high to get stuff done. Unlike other strong indicas, G13 won’t give you a heavy feeling or physical fatigue; it’s one of the most uplifting indicas around. G13 is also used to help with stress, depression, lack of appetite, and insomnia.



super sour diesel

  • Super Sour Diesel is a world-famous sativa that is known for knocking pain right out of the park. It’s one of the most uplifting and energizing strains out there, which makes it excellent for those suffering from a painful episode because of Crohn’s disease. Super Sour Diesel also delivers a strong cerebral high, which new users may find intimidating but if you medicate with small amounts at a time you’ll find that you can build up your tolerance in no time. Super Sour Diesel is an all-around feel good strain. Patients also use Super Sour Diesel to combat stress, fatigue, and depression.



bubble gum strain

  • Bubblegum is one of the more mysterious strains because little is known about its genetics although one thing’s for sure: this is an excellent medical strain for pain and inflammation. Bubblegum is an uplifting hybrid that of course smells like delicious bubblegum, but don’t underestimate its therapeutic benefits. Patients of Crohn’s disease use Bubblegum for pain and depression, and many other users also find it beneficial for lack of appetite, stress, and insomnia.


When it comes to medicating with cannabis, you can experiment with these strains until you find one or two that work for you. Some patients find great relief in medicating by alternating 2 different strains.


Have you used cannabis to treat Crohn’s Disease? Which strain did you find works well for you?



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