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run out of cannabis

What To Do When You Run Out Of Weed

Run Out of Cannabis? No More Marijuana?

Posted by:
Reginald Reefer on Thursday Sep 21, 2017

What To Do When You Run Out Of Weed


Every now and then you’ll run out of weed. I know, you’re thinking, “I live in a legal state, of course I’ll always have cannabis on hand”, however sometimes life just happens. Perhaps you were traveling and got back home late…too tired to go out to buy weed. Perhaps, the app you use to order your weed isn’t working…I don’t know…but eventually one day you’ll run out of weed. 

For people living in prohibition states, there are a number of reasons why you could run out of weed including, the dealer didn’t answer his phone, the scene is just dry or law enforcement threw a wrench in the illegal market. 

What do you do when you run out of weed?


Start Checking Grinders

Most cannabis consumers have grinders. For those of you who do, this should be your first stop in checking whether you have some left over bud or not. Typically, you should have enough kief in your grinder to get a few solid tokes. 

Also, you should check the blades of the grinder. I once had a grinder that was so packed with hash I smoked for three days from that alone…and boy were they powerful tokes. 



Scrape your Pipes

Another trick that works decently well is scraping your pipes for resin. Now, this isn’t the best of tokes but it can certainly take that edge off. Go through your bongs, pipes and all other smoking devices and scrape that sucker dry. Then, compress it all into a ball and you’ve got yourself a decent smoke for a while. 

Granted, this method tastes like ass and will hardly give you a buzz, but it’s enough to just sit back, enjoy some low THC resin and get through the dry spell. 


The Roach Graveyard

For those who you who like to smoke joints, never finish your roaches. Rather, make a roach graveyard by storing them in a jar. Whenever I smoke blunts, joints or anything similar…I always save the roaches for my “rainy days”. 

Once you run out, and if you have collected enough roaches…you could easily get a bunch of joints from the stash. These joints typically get the job done as they are “Frankenstein joints”, containing different strains and coated with resin. 

If you do a good enough job at saving your roaches, you will never go dry again. Honestly, sometimes I just roll roaches into joints because I like the heaviness of the high. 


Call up everyone who smokes

Odds are, if you’re in a jam…a friend with weed might be the friend you need. I’m fortunate enough to live next to other smokers, so whenever I run out of weed…I simply walk over to my neighbor’s house and ask them for a “bowl”. It’s the modern equivalent of asking for a “cup of flower”. Most cool stoners will either smoke you out or give you a bud to pass the time. They know that whenever they run out of cannabis, they can always walk over to your place…so it’s an investment of sorts. 


Check your Jacket Pockets

Once I was delightfully surprised to find an ounce in an old jacket I had. It must have been sitting there for months and once day, when I was dry…I went on a scavenger hunt to see if there was a hidden stash somewhere. Low and behold, I stumbled on the ounce and felt like a kid on Christmas. Check your pockets, if you wore clothes to a festival or something similar…odds are there might be some bud hidden away somewhere. 

This doesn’t always pan out…but at least you’re doing something about your current state of weedlessness. 


Old Dabs Work too

I have an electronic vaporizer for dabbing…it works well. When I run out of weed, I check the bowls to see if some of the wax stuck. Granted, this is a low dose of THC once more, similar to scraping your bowls, but it works. I rolled up a few of the blackened dabs and put it in a pipe and smoked it…and while I wasn’t fantastically high…it did manage to take off the edge. 

If all else fails…

If you simply can’t find weed anywhere…then my friend…you’ll have to endure the dry spell a bit. It’s not that bad either…I mean, it’s better to have weed on you but it’s also okay to not have weed. There are times that I willfully stop smoking weed for a few days or even weeks to reset my tolerance. While the first two days of your Weed Fast might not be as “fun”, you’ll quickly be okay with not smoking. 

The beautiful thing about cannabis is that while you might have a psychological inclination to want to smoke…it’s about as hard to quit as quitting coffee. Sure, it’s nice to have a warm cup of joe in the morning, but it’s not essential. 




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