Bushmills With Honey Bananas
Bushmills With Honey Bananas

Weed and Whiskey 8 - Honey Bananas With Honey Blended

If you like honey, then this weed and whiskey is for you.

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Oaktree on Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

In today's Weed and Whiskey we are going to look at an economy, blended whiskey that has a smooth blended taste.  We are using a nice Irish blended whiskey that is smooth on the wallet and the tongue.  Bushmills blended whiskey is a blend of their original triple distilled malt whiskey and a lighter grain whiskey.  It has won awards around the world (over 30 this year) and has a nice rich taste.

The color you notice is a medium honey, to lighter honey color. The flavors will tickle your nose as you sniff it.  You will notice honey, vanilla, green apples and even hints raspberries. The new opened bottle is fresh and inviting, but there's a bit of edginess to it as the younger alcohol mixed gives it some fire above and beyond what you expect.  Once you are pass the sniff test, the whiskey hits the mouth and the honey is lighter, with green grass and a grapefruit pitch. That is edginess, after that, you can taste the vanilla. It is a nice clean and crisp whiskey with fire as it settles in the stomach.  You will feel the burn from the throat and into the nose quicker than some other whiskeys we have tested and paired up on this site.  That again, is the immature spirit mixed into the triple distilled mix

The finish is a little bit chalky, almost a green tea acidic, white pepper maybe, and - again - honey. As far as branded entry level whiskies go, this is a great choice to start your career on  It gives you a fine statement on what a blended whiskey tastes like without breaking the bank.  The fire has some kick to it, so be ready for that nostrils to feel the burn as well as the chest.  The dominant notes of honey and fruit make it a safe choice for an introduction into whiskey. Bushmills has Black Bush blended whiskey that has more body and  more smoke to it, but that is a step up from beginner.


The strain I wanted to pair it up with was Honey Boo Boo.  Honey Boo Boo is a great strain but hard to find in most areas, so I decided to go with Honey Bananas.  It is bread from Strawberry Banana and Honey Boo Boo, yet is much easier to find.  This strain has a very sweet, fruity aroma mixed in with strong honey after tones.  We do have a nice sweetness to compliment our blended whiskey as well.   Honey is a nice after tone to our whiskey and will serve as a nice after tone to our weed here.  Plus, the sweetness of the strawberry and banana pedigree will help tame that fire in the immature whiskey blend.  

This is a hybrid strain that will make you feel relaxed and happy, a nice place to be when trying the mixed blended Bushmills whiskey. 

Remember, we also do the whiskey first, pour about two finders worth into a nice whiskey glass.  Don't rush the sniff taste on this one, enjoy the mixed blend.  One great feature of mixed blends is the aromas tend to be more complex than the single malts.  So enjoy the honey, fruit, and vanilla key tones in this whiskey.

Take a nice sip, let it sit in your mouth for a few moments and try and taste the flavors on your tongue.

After you have swallowed, enjoy the fire as it comes into your throat, nose , and chest.

Add the puff off Honey Bananas and enjoy a nice fruity experience.


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