Smooth Butter Bear
Smooth Butter Bear

Weed and Whisky #7 - Smooth Butter For Your Toast

Do you like butter? How about Liquid Butter With Some Macallan 10?

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Oaktree on Wednesday Mar 9, 2016

Weed and Whisky #7 - Smooth Butter For Your Toast


In today's latest episode of Weed and Whiskey, we take a fresh look at fresh butter.  That's right, we are going smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth, get me some warm toast, butter.  This is one of those reviews that you hope to have the rest of the day off because the buttery taste of this awesome scotch and the pure liquid butter of this strain go so well together, life after the pairing is just not as important, so take the afternoon off.

Today's whiskey is a pure gold yellow color that is clean, with aromas of butter, pine, an a slight vanilla.  When this Macallan 10 hits your throat it is silky and smooth like honey.  This single malt that is aged for 10 years is an exceptional scotch.  While the Macallan 18 and 12 get most of the headlines, this 10 year old scotch is impressive and comes with a very reasonable price tag.  Aged in fine oak barrels, this scotch is light colored with a smooth oak butter finish that is not bitter or harsh like other oak barrel scotches. Some have said this is the best "below $40" scotch in the world. 

This "fine oak" scotch is actually matured in bourbon and sherry oak casks.  The combination creates a beautiful honey colored, buttery flavored single malt scotch.   Macallan makes first class beverages and this is no exception.

The stain of marijuana that fits the bill is obviously Liquid Butter.  This strain is popular on the West Coast and can be found in Los Angles, Huntington Beach, and Anaheim.  The liquid butter strain is a beautiful indica dominant strain that has a slight taste of butter on the tongue on the exhale, very smooth and silky as a smoke product, and packs a punch to knock you into butter heaven, just like our scotch.    This strain has powerful muscle relaxing effects and is also great for stimulating the appetite.

There is also a piney smell to it that will imitate the scotch as well, a slight pine or forest aroma, hence how well it matches up to Macallan 10. 

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Remember, that whiskey always comes first.  Take the Macallan 10 and enjoy a sniff of the aroma as you swirl it around a bit.  Do you smell the butter or pine aromas?  It is one of the more beautiful scotches out there to hold up to the light. 

Now try it on the tongue and mouth, enjoy the silky smooth honey burn and then the rich vanilla feeling on the swallow.   The butter burn should be up through your throat and nose by now.

Now enjoy a puff of Liquid Butter cannabis and let the richness of the whiskey and weed blend for full on enjoyment.  The richness of both the whiskey and weed should make you feel "full", and you will hear you couch and bed calling you for full relaxation.




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