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OnePath Medical

Online Medical Marijuana Cards For DC, New York, and Maryland?

Cannabis Startup OnePath Medical Brings TeleMedicine To Patients

Posted by christalcann on Tuesday Jul 11, 2017
  5374 Views  /    4 Lights sits down with new startup OnePath Medical and how online cananbis cards are coming to the East Coast.



1.  How did OnePath Get Started and When?


OnePath Medical is a software platform that enables people on the East Coast to legally access medical marijuana in their state. The DC based startup was founded in the beginning of 2017. The founders of OnePath Medical, Joshua and Sam, were initially were trying to get their card in Washington DC and discovered how difficult it can be for people who aren’t familiar with the process.


“We are tech guys who discovered how complicated the process was and that it could use some automation and explanation. We started this company bring technology into the medical cannabis market and make life easier for people in our community like us.”



2.  Why did you decide to serve medical marijuana recommendations in the states of DC, New York, and Maryland.?  Why not California or Mass?  Why is telemedicine restricted to certain areas?


The legal medical marijuana industry has been very fruitful in most states on the West Coast, but seems to be moving very slowly on the East. In many states, such as California, basic ailments qualify you to get your medical marijuana card and help to keep people away from the black market.


In contract, states such as New Jersey, and Delaware have very strict guidelines for patients to get their cards. You’d have to be diagnosed with Cancer, HIV, other very serious illnesses. But where does that leave people who don’t have such severe illnesses but prefer alternative medicine over opioids to treat stomach aches, headaches, or trouble sleeping?


Well luckily there are some amazing states on the East Coast that are just as easy to get a medical marijuana card as in California and the west, but many people just don’t know it. States like DC, Maryland, and New York are not as strict as the others.


OnePath Medical got its start in Washington D.C. since the Nation’s Capital has a cannabis friendly market. OnePath has helped hundreds of patients in just a short amount of time obtain medical marijuana not only through their web-based software, but they link you to the dispensaries full circle all through the platform.


One challenge is that telemedicine (meeting with a doctor through video to get approved) is not allowed in every state. Sam and Joshua were aware of the hurdles and built in an option to book local in-office appointments for the states where telemedicine approvals are prohibited, so OnePath can operate in all 50 states once they allow medical cannabis.



3.  How long does the process take and what should a person expect as far as time and costs?


The process to get a card depends on which state they are in. The consultations are instant, but cards can come in the mail anywhere from one day up to 2 weeks.





4.  Do you recommend a dispensary once the person is approved?


Another thing that sets OnePath apart is that unlike other doctors who are finished with the patient once their recommendation is issued, they go further to recommend and connect you with a dispensary near you immediately after you are approved|. They’ve made a plethora of partnerships so a lot of time new patients who go through OnePath can receive exclusive deals.



5.  How old do you have to be to apply?


You can be approved if you are 18 years or older.



6. What conditions are covered in those 3 states?


There are a broad range of symptoms which qualify that the doctor will approve. Ultimately any debilitating, chronic, or severe condition that is ongoing such:



7.  How long is each doctor's recommendation good for?

Your recommendation is good for one year.



8. Is it safe and secure, doing it online?

Yes. All OnePath Medical data is encrypted with SSL Certificates and housed in Industry Leading Data Protection servers. Your information is never shared with any third party and your medical records are maintained in a secure HIPAA compliant encrypted system. Your health insurance company, employer, or any other entity does not have access to your information. All our data is regularly backed up offsite, and secured against 256-bit encryption.










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