weed and whiskey
weed and whiskey

Weed and Whiskey (9th Edition) - Is That Manure On Your Breath?

Be Ready For This Peat Scotch and OG Pearl

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Oaktree on Thursday Apr 7, 2016

Today, we are going back to our peat scotch, or to put it mildly, a scotch that has a very strong smell and taste to it of peat, as in manure and dirt, all rolled together.   Some of my followers and readers know that I am no fan of peat scotch or Islay single malt scotches.  Why?  To be honest to me, they are so earthy and smoky, they actually DO taste like manure and dirt.  You can almost feel the straw in your teeth as if you are walking about the sheep flats....but I digress.

Putting personal taste aside, there is a huge fan base for Islay peat scotch, or peat based scotch.  Laphroaig 10yo is a full-bodied, smoky scotch, with a some hidden sweetness and saltiness, amid the seaweedy, peaty characters.  The scotch has a very warm finish and will make you forget about any cold feeling you may have in your body.  To those that have never tried a peat scotch, be prepared, the odor and taste is very different than non peat scotches.  As one person tells me, "When I drink a peat scotch, which I love, my wife won't let me sleep in bed for two days since my breath stinks so bad..."

As one online review aptly puts it:


This is a whisky that can be a challenge from the first whiff upon opening the bottle. If you give it a chance...and you should...you will find it fully rewarding. One of the most unique a flavorful drams of whisky you will ever taste


but if you are used to single malt scotches that don't use iodine or peat, you review will look something like this:


Absolutely awful. I'm used to Glenlivet and MaCallan, but this experiment was like taking a taste of pure iodine. Really grossed me out and took awhile to get the taste out of my mouth. Smelled and tasted like some industrial waste.


So, what type of weed strain would we put with such a smoky, earthy scotch?  I really unique niche of scotch loves likes this much smoke and odor.   Well, it does have huge smoke, but also flavors of lemon, pear, mango, salt, seaweed, and iodine.


The easy choice here may be to chose and edible like Salty Blonde Brownies below.  Just to use the food substance to wash down the peat moss and odor. 

We do need a strain to smoke, since this is Weed and Whiskey #9, so how about we smoke some OG’s Pearl. OG Pearl is roughly an 80% indica strain from Washington that has a strong body-focused effect.  Need quick stress relief in your life or want a relaxing evening at home, this is your pick. OG’s Pearl is the result of crossing the strains Frankenstein and Lemon OG Kush.  It is very earthy and pungent, like our Islay scotch, but also has a sweet pear like after taste as some have described.  Some have described it as having a fruity spice after taste, which you will lunge for after swallowing this heavy duty scotch.

As always, remember to smell (sorry) the scotch in the glass, trying to pick up flavors with your nose.  Then a swirl and leave it in the mouth for a few seconds.  The odor and taste will be pungent, so prepare for the swallow.  The heat will fill you up and give you a smooth warm feeling. 

Remember to have a bowl ready on this one, and fire up a nice big hit to get into the lungs and compare the heat from the scotch and the OG Pearl.

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